Class 12 Assamese Solutions – সাহিত্য সৌৰভ

Class 12 Assamese Solutions – সাহিত্য সৌৰভ, Class 12 Assamese Question Answer, HS 2nd year Assamese notes, অসমীয়া class 12 can be of great value to excel in the examination. Assam Board AHSEC Class 12th Assamese Solutions gives you a better knowledge of all the chapters. You can get solutions to questions of both basic and advanced levels. One of the best ways to excel in your board exams is through practicing Class 12 Assamese Solutions.

Class 12 Assamese Solution
Class 12 Assamese Solutions

SCERT Solutions provided are as per the Latest CBSE Curriculum and covers all the questions from the Assam Board SCERT Textbooks. Access the detailed solutions provided here and get a good grip on the subject. Access the Class 12th SCERT Solutions of Assamese in Page Format. Make use of them during your practice and score well in the exams.

SCERT Class 12 Assamese Solutions

Assam Board Class 12 Assamese Solutions covers all the exercise questions in SCERT Textbooks. The solutions provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams. All the Class 12th Assam Board Solutions provided here are provided by subject experts as per the Latest NCERT Guidelines. You can click on the Chapterwise SCERT Solutions for Class 12th Assamese and download them for practice.

HS 2nd Year Assamese Question Answer

12th Class SCERT Solutions for the Assamese gives you an in-depth understanding of all the concepts. Go through the SCERT Solutions for Class 12th Assamese Solutions to be familiar with different kinds of questions. Boost your exam preparation with the study materials provided here.

Sl. No.ContentsLink
Unit 1 নিৰ্বাচিত গদ্য
Chapter 1মোৰ মাতৃমোখ দৰ্শনOpen
Chapter 2মগনিয়াৰOpen
Chapter 3 আনন্দৰাম বৰুৱাOpen
Chapter 4হস্তিবিদ্যাৰ্ণৱ পুথিOpen
Chapter 5ভাৰতীয় আদৰ্শত বৈৰাগ্যOpen
Chapter 6চিঠিOpen
Chapter 7অসমীয়া চলচ্চিত্রৰ গতিধাৰাOpen
Chapter 8বৈজ্ঞানিক মানসিকতা কিদৰে গঢ়িব পাৰোOpen
Unit 2নিৰ্বাচিত পদ্য
Chapter 1বৰগীতOpen
Chapter 2বিশ্ব খনিকৰOpen
Chapter 3মিলনOpen
Chapter 4জনতাৰ আহ্বানOpen
Chapter 5কাঠমিস্ত্ৰীৰ ঘৰOpen
Chapter 6আঘোণৰ কুঁৱলীOpen
Chapter 7উভতি নহাৰ কবিতাOpen
Chapter 8কৰুণতমOpen
Unit 3কৈশোৰ কাল আৰু মূল্যবোধৰ শিক্ষা
Chapter 1মূল্যবোধৰ শিক্ষাOpen
Chapter 2কৈশোৰ কাল আৰু ইয়াৰ উপযোগী শিক্ষাOpen


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Advantages of Class 12th Assam Board SCERT Solutions

You will have tremendous benefits in solving SCERT Class 12th Solutions for Assamese. Some of the notable benefits include

  • SCERT Class 12 Assamese Solutions provided help you get command on the subject.
  • Refer to the Chapter wise Solutions and clear all your queries and revise the syllabus.
  • Solve your homework and assignments within time with our Class 12th SCERT Solutions Assamese.
  • Step by step approach provided for the solutions helps you get more confidence while attempting the exam.
  • Build Strong foundation skills on the subject using our Assam Board Class 12 Solutions for Assamese.


  1. Where can I get Assam Board Class 12th Assamese Solutions Chapter Wise?

You can get Assam Board Class 12th Assamese Solutions Chapter wise on Dev Library. Use them as a reference during your preparation and score well.

  1. Which is the best site to get the Assam Board Class 12th Assamese Solutions?

Dev Library is a genuine and trustworthy site that offers reliable information regarding Assam Board Class 12 Assamese Solutions.

  1. How to learn 12th Class Assam Board Assamese?

You can learn Assam Board Class 12th Assamese Solutions by practicing through our quick links. Make the most out of these resources and prepare accordingly.

We hope the Assam Board Solutions for Class 12 Assamese provided on this page helps in your board exam preparation. If you have any questions, ping us through the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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