Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Chapter 5 Footprints Without Feet

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Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Chapter 5 Footprints Without Feet The answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters NCERT Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Chapter 5 Footprints Without Feet and select need one.

Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Chapter 5 Footprints Without Feet

Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Chapter 5 Footprints Without Feet Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here.

Footprints Without Feet

Chapter – 5



Very Short Type Questions Answer

Q.1. Who was Griffin?

Ans. Griffin was a scientist. 

Q.2. Whose house did Griffin set on fire?

Ans. Griffin set on fire his landlord’s house. 

Q.3.What type of man was Griffin?

Ans. Griffin was a brilliant scientist as well as a lawless person. 

Q.4. “Soon, with shoes, an overcoat and a wide- brimmed hat, he became a fully dressed visible person”. 

(a) Where was this man getting dressed?

Ans. This man was getting dressed in a big London store. 

(b) Explain ‘fully dressed and visible person’

Ans. The invisible man became visible when fully dressed. 

(c) Name the person, the speaker is talking about?

Ans. Griffin is the person that the speaker is talking about. 

(d) How did the invisible man first become visible?

Ans. He became visible when he dressed with warm clothes, an over-coat, shoes and wide-brimmed hat inside the London store. 

Q.5. “Further footprints followed one after another, descending the steps and progressing down the street. The boy’s followed, fascinated, until the muddy impressions became fainter and fainter, and at last disappeared altogether.”

(a) Who was gazing at these footprints and where were the steps?

Ans. Two boys were gazing the footsteps on the steps of a house. 

(b) What can be inferred about the person from the footprints?

Ans. It can be inferred about the person from the footprints that the person was invisible. 

(c) What surprised the two boys?

Ans. A pair of travelling footprints, without an actual person making them, surprised the boys. 

(d) Where were the footprints heading?

Ans. The footprints were heading towards the street. 

Q.6. How did Griffin become invisible?

Ans. Griffin became invisible by swallowing certain rare drugs. 

8. Who was Mrs. Hall?

Ans. Mrs. Hall was the landlord’s wife in Iping. 

9. Which is referred to as the ‘centre of the theatre world’ in the story?

Ans. Drury lane is referred to as the centre of the theatre world’ in the story.



Read and find out

1. How did the invisible man first become visible?

Ans: The invisible man because visible first in a store. When he wore a dress he became visible.

2. Why was he wandering the streets?

Ans: Griffin set fire to his landlord’s house and ran away becoming invisible. To remain to be unseen he was wandering the streets.

3.Why does Mrs. Hall find the scientist eccentric?

Ans: Mrs. Hall wanted to be friendly with the scientist. But he didn’t show any interest. Rather he said that he wanted to have solitude. So he was eccentric.

4.What curious episode occurs in the study?

Ans: One early morning the clergyman and his wife woke up hearing some unusual sound in their study. They come to the study but found no one there. But the desk was open and the money there was gone.

5.What other extra ordinary things happen at the inn?

Ans: Some extra ordinary things happened at the Inn. One morning the landlord and his wife found the door of the stranger’s room open. They went in but found no one in the room. Suddenly the stranger’s hat began dancing. Then the chair became alive and attacked them. 

Think about it

1. “Griffin was rather a lawless person.” comment. 

Ans: In fact, Griffin was a lawless person. He did not hesitate to set fire to the landlord’s House just to take revenge. Then he ran away. Next he took clothes from a store like a thief. Thereafter, he hit the shopkeeper and took his money. He also stole the clergyman’s money. He did not care for others. He hit the constable and Mrs Hall also. All these prove that he was a lawless person. 

2. How would you assess Griffin as a scientist?

Ans: No doubt, Griffin was a scientist. He made experiments and introduced the ways of making human body invisible. But this invention was not meant for any well being of mankind. A trus scientist works for the betterment of mankind. But he did it with evil intentions.

Talk about it

1.Would you like to become invisible? What advantages and disadvantages do you foresee, if you did?

Ans:Yes, I like to become visible again whenever I wish. The advantages and disadvantages are given below.

(i) Advantages:- Evil things can be checked, wrong – doers can be caught. 

(ii) Disadvantages:- Disorder will prevail in society, there will be confusion everywhere. 

2. Are there forces around us that are invisible, for example, magnetism? Are there aspects of matter that are ‘invisible’ or not visible to the naked eye? What would the world be like if you could see such forces or such aspects of matter?

Ans: Yes, there are lost of forces and things around us that are Invisible. There are aspects of matter that are not visible to our naked eye. The world would be a place of horror if these become visible. Man will go mad if they can see all the mechanisms of the earth with their naked eyes.

3. What makes glass or water transparent (what is the scientific explanation for this)? Do you think it would be scientifically possible for a man to become invisible, or transparent? (keep in mind that writers of science fiction have often turned out to be prophetic in their imagination)

Ans: The quality of being able to allow light to pass through them makes glass and water treatment.

I don’t think that it would be scientifically impossible for a man to become invisible or transparent. But it is very difficult.

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