Class 10 English Chapter 6 His First Flight

Class 10 English Chapter 6 His First Flight The answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters NCERT Class 10 English Chapter 6 His First Flight and select need one.

Class 10 English Chapter 6 His First Flight

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Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 10 English Chapter 6 His First Flight Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here…

His First Flight (Two Stories About flying)

Chapter – 6



Before you read

1. A young seagull is afraid to fly. How does he conquer his fear? 

Ans: The young seagull tried again and again and at last conquered his fear. 

Thinking about the text

1. Why Was The young seagull afraid to fly? Do you think all young birds are afraid to make their first flight, or are some birds more timid than others? Do you think a human baby also finds it a challenge to take its first steps? 

Ans: The young seagull was afraid to fly because it was its first flight. It is a well-known fact that doing something for the first time is challenging. Therefore, all young birds must be afraid to make their first flights. Similarly, a human baby would also find it a challenge to take its first step.

2. “The sight of the food maddened him”. What does this suggest? What compelled the young seagull to finally fly? 

Ans: He was not given food so that he himself could try to fly to reach her mother for food. When he saw his mother tearing a fish that lay at her feet, he felt all the more hungry. He, too, loved to tear the food that way. It was only his hunger that compelled the young seagull to finally fly.

3. “They were beckoning to him, calling shrilly, “Why did the sea gull’s father and mother threaten him and cajole him to fly? 

Ans: The seagull’s father and mother threatened him and cajoled him to fly because if he did not do so he would have to starve and die. So he must fly. 

4. Have you ever had a similar experience, where your parents encouraged you to do something that you were too scared to try? Discuss this in pairs or groups. 

Ans: Yes, I had a similar experience while learning to ride a bicycle in my school days. In my initial attempts, I fell down every time and developed a fear of cycling in my mind which was difficult to overcome. No amount of provoking and cajoling could let me try it again, but my father encouraged me to overcome the fear and helped me as he was adamant about my learning cycling. He took me to a raised, open ground near our house and made me sit, and asked me to put my hands on the handle and feet on the paddle. Since the ground was a slope, I sped down and enjoyed it greatly. This ended my fear and developed my confidence. Thus, I overcame my fear of cycling and started riding a cycle every day.

5. In the case of a bird flying, it seems a natural act, and a foregone conclusions that it should succeed. In the examples you have given in answer to the previous question. Was your success guaranteed, or was it important for you to try, regardless of a possibility of failure? 

Ans: No, my success was not guaranteed and it was important for me to try. Father insisted on. 


We have just read about the first flight of a young seagull. Your teacher will now divide the class into groups. Each group will work on one of the following topics. Prepare a presentation with your group members and then present it to the entire class. 

* Progression of Models of Airplanes. 

* Progression of models of Motor cars. 

* Birds and their Wing Span. 

* Migratory birds – Tracing Their Flights. 

Ans: Do yourself in the class. 

Comprehension Questions and Answers

Q:- Read the passage carefully and answer the question choosing appropriate options :-

1. The young seagull was alone on his ledge. His two brothers and his sister had already flown away the day before. He had been afraid to fly with them. Somehow when he had taken a little run forward to the brink of the ledge and attempted to flap his wings he became afraid. The great expanse of sea stretched down beneath, and it was such a long way down – miles down. He felt certain that his wings would never support him; so he bent his head and ran away back to the little hole under the ledge where he slept at night. Even when each of his brothers and his little sister, whose wings were far shorter than his own, ran to the brink, flapped their wings, and flew away, he fails to muster up courage to take that plunge which appeared to him so desperate. 

Question :-

1. The young seagull was alone on his ledge because –

a)  He was I’ll.      

b) He was watching the nest.   

c)  He could not fly.

d) He was taking rest. 

Ans: c)  He could not fly.

2. He became afraid when he ran forward-

a)  To the brink of the ledge.

b)  To the top of the ledge.

c)  To his brothers and sisters 

d)  To his parents. 

Ans: a)  To the brink of the ledge.

3. He became afraid thinking that –

a)  His wings were strong.

b)  His wings would not support him. 

c)  He could not fly. 

d)  None of these.

Ans: b)  His wings would not support him. 

4. His brother and sisters flew away by –

a)  Running to the end.  

b) Walking to the end. 

c)  Flapping their wings.  

d) Practising to fly. 

Ans: Flapping their wings. 

2. The sun was now ascending the sky, blazing on his ledge that faced the south. He felt the heat because he had not eaten since the previous nightfall. 

He stepped slowly our to the brink of the ledge, and standing on one leg with the other leg hidden under his wing, he closed one eye, then the other, and pretended to be falling asleep. Still they took no notice of him. He saw his two brothers and his sister lying on the plateau dozing with their heads sunk into their necks. His father was preening the feathers on his white back. Only his mother was looking at him. 

Question :-

1. What was it that faced south? 

a) The sun.       

b) The ledge.

c)  The young seagull.    

d) The sky. 

Ans: b) The ledge.

2. He felt heat because –

a) He was hungry.    

b) He was weak. 

c)  He was going the sun.   

d) He was flying. 

Ans: a) He was hungry.

3. He pretended to be –

a) Falling asleep.    

b) Trying to fly. 

c) Walking.          

d) Taking rest. 

Ans: a) Falling asleep.

4. Who was looking at him? 

a) His father.     

b) His brother.

c)  His sister.       

d) His mother. 

Ans: d) His mother. 

3. With a loud scream he fell outwards and downwards into space. Then a monstrous terror seized him and his heart stood still.  He could hear nothing. But it only lasted a minute. The next moment he felt his wings spread outwards. The wind rushed against his breast feathers, then under his stomach, and against his wings. He could feel the tips of his wings cutting through the air. He was not falling head long now. He was spring gradually downwards and outwards. He was no longer afraid. 

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1. He fell into the space-

a)  With courage.    

b) With a shout.

c)  With a loud scream. 

d) With pleasure. 

Ans: c)  With a loud scream.

2. What was the monstrous terror? 

a) That he would die.   

b) That he could fly.

c) That he could not fly.

d) That the sea is vast. 

Ans: a) That he would die.

3. What did the seagull do then? 

a)  He did nothing. 

b)  He shouted for help. 

c)   He looked for his mother. 

d)  He spread his wings outwards without any effort. 

Ans: d)  He spread his wings outwards without any effort. 

4. When the seagull flew for the first time what did he do? 

a)  Cried fearfully.   

b) Soared gradually. 

c)  Cried joyfully.     

d)  Called his parents. 

Ans: b) Soared gradually. 

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  1. here is a question
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    the correct answer should be that no one give him any food.
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