AJB Class 8 English Chapter 12 The Black Pearl

AJB Class 8 English Chapter 12 The Black Pearl, Assam Jatiya Bidyalay | অসম জাতীয় বিদ্যালয় English Class 8 Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SEBA so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Assam Jatiya Bidyalay | AJB Chapter 12 The Black Pearl Class 8 English Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

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Jatiya Vidyalaya Class 8 English Notes covers all the exercise questions in Assam Jatiya Bidyalay SEBA Textbooks. The AJB Class 8 English Chapter 12 The Black Pearl provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams. All the Jatiya Bidyalay English Class 8 Solutions provided here are provided by subject experts as per the Latest NCERT Guidelines. You can click on the Chapterwise AJB Class 8 English Chapter 12 The Black Pearl.

The Black Pearl

Chapter – 12

অসম জাতীয় বিদ্যালয়



1. Answer the following questions in complete sentences. (সম্পূর্ণ বাক্যৰে তলৰ প্ৰশ্নকেইট’ৰ উত্তৰ দিয়া) 

(a) How did pele’s father earn his livelihood ? (পেলেৰ দেউতাকে কিদৰে উপাৰ্জন কৰিছিল)

Ans: Pele’s father earned his livelihood by playing football.

(b) Why did Pele’s father leave playing soccer ? (পেলেৰ দেউতাকে ফুটবল খেলিবলৈ কিয় এৰি দিছিল)।

Ans: Pele’s father Dondinho left playing soccer due to a knee injury

(c) Who first offered Pele money to play soccer ? (পেলেক কোনে প্রথম ফুটবল খেলাৰ বাবে টকা আগবঢ়াইছিল ?) 

Ans: The Premier player of Brazil waldemar de Brito first offered Pele money to play soccer.

(d) What is the full name of Pele ? (পেলেৰ সম্পূর্ণ নাম কি ?)

Ans: The full name of Pele is Edson Arantes Do Nascimento.

(e) When and where was Pele is born ? (কেতিয়া আৰু ক’ত পেলেৰ জন্ম হৈছিল ?)  

Ans: Pele was born on 23rd October 1940 in Tres Coracoes, Brazil

(f) How many goals did Pele score during his career ? (পেলেই তেওঁৰ জীৱনত কিমান গ’ল সংগ্রহ কৰে)

Ans: During his career Pele scored 1280 goals in 1363 matches. 

(g) When did Pele receive the International Peace 

Award ? (পেলেই আন্তৰাষ্ট্ৰীয় শান্তি বটা কেতিয়া লাভ কৰে ?)

Ans: In the year 1978 Pele received the International Peace Award.

(h) What is the meaning of “O Milesimo” (অ’ মাইনচিমো’ৰ অৰ্থ কি ?)

Ars: O Milesimo means thousandth.

(i) To Whom did Pele dedicate his 1000th goal ? (পেলেই তেওঁৰ ১০০০ সংখ্যক গ’লটো কাৰবাবে অর্পন কৰিছিল ?) 

Ans: Pele dedicated his 1000th goal to the poor children of Brazil.

(j) What did Pele say about himself ?(তেওঁৰ নিজৰ সম্পর্কে কি কৈছিল ?)

Ans : Pele told about himself that it seems that god brought him to Earth with a mission to play soccer.

2. Give brief answers to the following question.(প্রশ্নকেইটাৰ চমু উত্তৰ দিয়া)

(a) What did Pele do when his father has to leave playing soccer ?

Ans: When Pele’s father had to leave playing soccer he determined himself and started playing football to get rid of poverty. Sometimes he polished shoes at the Bauru Athletic Club on match day to earn extra money.

(b) How did Pele remember Brazil’s 100th world Cup goal scored in the 1970 world Cup ? (পেলেৰ গ’লটো কিয় স্মৰণীয়)

Ans: In the 1970 world cup final Pele scored Brazil’s 100th world Cup goal. He remembered the goal because he scored it with his head. as he said, his father was also a soccer player and once he scored five goals in a game all with his head and it was a record which he could not break.

(c) Why did Pele sign contract with New York Cosmos to play NASL? (পেলেই কিয় NASL খেলিবলৈ নিউয়ৰ্ক কচমচ্‌ৰ সৈতে চুক্তিবদ্ধ হৈছিল ?) 

Ans: Pele signed a contract with the New York Cosmos to play NASL after his retirement, as he said, he did not signed for money but to make soccer truly popular in the United States.

(d) What were the qualities of Pele as an athlete ? (খেলুৱৈ হিচাপে পেলে কেনেধৰণৰ আছিল ?)

Ans: Pele was a real athlete. He could play in any position on the field. He had a remarkable inner sense to anticipate other player’s movement. He could play with both foot and head.

(e) Why do the people call pele the “Black-Pearl ? (পেলেক কিয় ক’লা-মুকুতা বুলি কোৱা হয় ?)

Ans: The Complexion of Pele was Black and he had a special ability in soccer, so he is compared to the valuable pearl. So, he is better known as ‘Black-pearl.” 

3. What were the other activities that Pele did besides playing soccer ? (ফুটবলৰ উপৰিও পেলেই অন্য কি কাম কৰিছিল ?) 

Ans: Pele excelled in other activities also besides playing soccer. He published several best-selling autobiographies. He started in several documentaries and composed numerous musical pieces, including the entire sound track for the film “Pele”

4. Describe the last match of Pele. (পেলেৰ শেষ খেলখন বর্ণনা কৰা ?)

Ans: Pele ended his legendary career in an exhibition match between the cosmos and Santos on October 1,1977. The match was sold out six weeks beforehand and covered by 657 journalists and it was broadcast in 38 nations. To the 75,000 fans, dignitaries and Celebrities Pele urged to pay attention to the children of the world and repeat after him the word ‘love’ for three times.

Then he played first half for the Cosmos and scored a goal and there after he played the next half for Centos. After finishing the match ran around the field holding an American flag in his left hand and a Brazilian flag in his right hand. He received a warm welcome by the players.

5. Write a note on pele’s childhood.(পেলেৰ শৈশব কালৰ ওপৰত এটা টোকা লিখা) 

Ans : Pele was born and grown up in poverty but he learned to love and enjoy soccer in the sporty atmosphere of his home because his father was also a soccer player, But unfortunately his father got hurt in knee and left playing. As that was the only source of income to run the family so from the very childhood he had to work hard to support the family.

Pele choose soccer as his career and the source of earning to get rid of poverty. He started playing soccer regularly. But as he could not afford a football so he used a sock stuffed with newspapers, tied with a string or used a grapefruit as football. Sometimes be polished shoes out side the stadium to earn money. He formed a “Shoeless team” with the streets kids and participated in a youth tournament. There he came to the notice of woldemar de Brito a Brazilian player who trained up him and showed a track to shine. 

6. Write true or false. (শুদ্ধ নে অশুদ্ধ লিখা)

(a) The name of Pele’s father was Dondinho.

Ans: True.

(b) Pele belonged to a well-to-do family.

Ans: False.

(c) In 1969 Pele scored his 1000th goal. 

Ans: True.

(d) Pele joined New York Cosmos for money.

Ans: False.

(e) In the last match Pele played for the Santos.

Ans: True.

Grammar and Usage (ব্যাকৰণ আৰু ব্যৱহাৰ)

(Prefix আৰু Suffix: Word formation বা শব্দৰ গঠনত Prefix আৰু Suffix ৰ যথেষ্ট গুরুত্ব আছে। Prefix হ’ল এটা বা তাতোধিক শব্দ যাক মূল বা root শব্দৰ আগত বহুৱাই অর্থ পৰিবৰ্তন কৰি নতুন শব্দ গঠন কৰা হয়।

যেনে ―

Un + happy = Unhappy.

Dis + like Dislike etc. 

থিক সেইদৰে মূল শব্দৰ পাছত এটা বা তাতোধিক শব্দ বহুবাই অন্য নতুন শব্দ গঠন কৰাক Suffix বোলে।


Friend + ship = friendship.

work + er worker. etc.

7. Fill in the blanks adding the prefix given in the box to the words in brackets.

super, multi, un, vice, in, trans, mis.

(a) My sister was un (happy) to see the kitten suffering.

(b) He was the first Vice (chancellor) of this University.

(c) She is wearing a multi (coloured) dress. 

(d) He is very in (attentive) in the class.

(e) The magician trans (formed) the dog into a beautiful princes

(f) Please don’t mis (understand) me.

(g) He behaves as if he were a super (man).

8. Add a suffix to the following words from the ones given in the box. Make the necessary spelling changes if needed. For example.

beauti + ful = beautiful.

ment, -ful, -ness, -less, -ive, -ish, -y.

Powerful, Excitement, Airy, Government,

Peaceful, Brightness, Rusty, Happiness 

Useful, Meaningless, Attractive, Foolish.


9. Listed in the table below are some words picked up from the lesson. Some are in their noun forms and others are in their adjective forms.

Complete the required form.


10. Match the following. (মিলোৱা)

Ans: Epilogue : last part of a literary work.

Blasphemy : Words uttered impiously about God.

Drought : extreme dry weather without any rainfall.

Sceptic : Person who doubts the truth of religious doctrine.

Posthumous : Occuring after death.

Oratory : art of speaking.

Pseudonym : a fictitious name used by an author.

Unanimous : being all of one opinion.

Soliloquy : Speaking one’ thoughts aloud to oneself.

Obituary : notice of a person’s death, especially in a    newspaper.


11. Write a biographical note.

Ans: The renowned Assamese Literature Naren choudhury was born on 15th February in 1935 in a remote village of Lakhimpur district of Assam. Though he was came from a poor family but by his own effort he did M.A. in Assamese literature from Gauhati University.

He worked as a subject teacher in a Govt higher secondary school. Later he started writing for local magazines and newspapers for livelihood. He wrote two novels, three collections of short stories, articles in magazines and newspapers and many story books for children. These all are included in his literary achievement. He received many literary awards also. Posthumously he was given Assam Upatyaka Award by the govt. of Assam. Apart from these he was a social worker too. He was related to many NGOs and local clubs. Through them he worked for human being specially for the old people. Even he was the editor of a local magazine also.

But nobody change the rule of nature. As he left his wife, two daughters and one son and accepted a natural death on 25th April 2007. He left a remarkable position in Assamese literature as short story writer.

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