AJB Class 8 English Chapter 11 The Spirit of Adventure

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AJB Class 8 English Chapter 11 The Spirit of Adventure, Assam Jatiya Bidyalay | অসম জাতীয় বিদ্যালয় English Class 8 Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SEBA so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Assam Jatiya Bidyalay | AJB Chapter 11 The Spirit of Adventure Class 8 English Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

Jatiya Vidyalaya Class 8 English Notes covers all the exercise questions in Assam Jatiya Bidyalay SEBA Textbooks. The AJB Class 8 English Chapter 11 The Spirit of Adventure provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams. All the Jatiya Bidyalay English Class 8 Solutions provided here are provided by subject experts as per the Latest NCERT Guidelines. You can click on the Chapterwise AJB Class 8 English Chapter 11 The Spirit of Adventure.

The Spirit of Adventure

Chapter – 11

অসম জাতীয় বিদ্যালয়


Comprehension :

1. Answer the following questions.(তলৰ প্ৰশ্নকেইটাৰ উত্তৰ দিয়া)

(a) Who was Prince Henry the Navigator ? (নাৱিক ৰাজকুমাৰ হেনৰী কোন আছিল)

Ans: Prince Henry the Navigator was the third son of king John of Portuguese. 

(b) Why was Vasco da Gama appointed to lead Portugees fleet ? (ভাস্কো ডা গামাক পৰ্টুগীছ জাহাজবোৰৰ নেতা হিচাপে কিয় নিযুক্তি দিয়া হৈছিল ?) 

Ans: Vasco da Gama appointed by the king Mannuel to lead a Portuguese fleet to open the sea route to India. 

(c) When did Da Gama leave Lisbon? (ডা’ গামাই কেতিয়া লিচবন এৰিলে)

Ans: Vasco Da Gama left Lisbon on 8th july 1497. 

(d) Where did Da Gama erect his first padrao? (গামহি প্রথম শিলাস্তম্ভ ক’ত নিৰ্মাণ কৰে) 

Ans: Da Gama erected his first padrao at Mossel Bay, the extreme point of Africa towards south.

(e) When did Da Gama reach Calicut ? (গামা কেতিয়া কলিকতত উপস্থিত হৈছিল)

Ans: Da Gama reached Calicut on 20 May 1498.

(f) Who was Columbus ? (কলমবাছ কোন আছিল)

Ans: Columbus was an Italian born spanish explorer. 

(g) Who helped Da Gama to find out the way to India ? (ডা’ গামাক ভাৰতলৈ অহা  ৰাস্তা বিছৰাত কোনে সহায় কৰিছিল)

Ans: A Gujarati Navigator help Da’ Gama to find out the way to India. 

2. Give brief answers to the following questions? (তলৰ প্ৰশ্নকেইটাৰ চমু উত্তৰ দিয়া)

(a) What did the Europeans learn in between 1420 and 1620 ? (চন ১৪২০ ৰ পৰা ১৬২০ ৰ ভিতৰত ইউৰোপিয়ান সকলে কি শিকিছিল)

Ans: Between the year 1420 and 1620 the Europeans learned that all seas are one. And if the seamen were given adequate ships, stores, skill and courage they could in time reach any country in the world which had an ocean coast.

(b) How did Da Gama start his journey from Lisbon ? (ডা’ গামাই লিচবনৰ পৰা যাত্রা কিদৰে আৰম্ভ কৰিছিল)

Ans: Da Gama started his journey from Lisbon harbour with a Portuguese fleet of four vessels. His fleet carried padroes (stone-pillars) to set up as marks of discovery and included three interpreters. 

(c) How did Da Gama find the Gujarati pilot? (ডা’ গামাই গুজৰাটী চালকজন কিদৰে পাইছিল)।

Ans: When Da Gama reached Mombasa, a port in kenya, he dropped his anchor in Malindi, Where a Community of Hindus living there. From there he hired a experience Gujrati pilot who guided Gama to across Arabian sea.

(d) Where and When did Vasco da Gama die ? (ক’ত আৰু কেতিয়া ভাস্কো ডা’ গামাৰ মৃত্যু হয়)

Ans: Vassco da Gama died in Lisbon in the year 1524.

(e) In the journey to India Da Gama Covered what distance ? (ভাৰতলৈ কৰা যাত্ৰাত ডা’ গামাই কিমান দূৰত্ব অতিক্রম কৰে)

Ans: In the journey to India Da Gama sailed 24,000 nautical miles in two years along with 170 men.

3. Why do people undertake risky enterprise ? What is the differences between a timid and an adventurous person ? (মানুহে বিপদজ্যাক কাম কিয় কৰিব বিছাৰে ? এজন ভয়াতুৰ আৰু এজন সাহসী মানুহৰ মাজত পার্থক্য কি ?) 

Ans: When people are encouraged by the conquest of self they undertake risky enterprise.

The difference between a timid and an adventurous person is that the adventurous person does not allow fear to overpower him. 

4. Describe in your words Da Gama’s journey from Lisbon to Calicut ? (তোমাৰ ভাষাত ডা’ গামা লিচবনৰ পৰা কালিকটলৈ কৰা যাত্রা বর্ণনা কৰা) 

Ans: Vasco Da Gama was an adventurous person who was appointed by king Mannuel to lead a portuguese fleet of four vessels to open the sea route to India. He started his journey on 8th July 1497 from Lisbon Harbour. He carried padroes (stone pillars) to set up as marks of discovery and three interpreters along with him.

After sailing 4,000 miles in the Atlantic Ocean he reached the African coast at st. Helena Boy. Then he anchored at Mossel Boy the extreme point of Africa towards South, where he erected his first padrao.

Then he started his eastward journey in December. 1497. In this journey he reached Mozambique, Where he was treated as an Arabian Merchant by the Sultan of Mozambique.

In his next phrase journey by mistake he reached Mombase, a port in kenya and dropped his anchor in Malindi. There he contracted with a community of Hindus, and fortunately he managed to hire an experienced Gujrati pilot. With the help of that Gujrati Pilot Gama could able to cross the Arabian sea. And after long twenty three days run they crossed the Indian ocean and anchored at Calicut on 20th May 1498.

It was really an adventurous journey because Gama sailed around 24,000 nautical miles in two years.

Grammar and Usage (ব্যাকৰণ আৰু ব্যৱহাৰ)

(a) Riju received a prize and Biju received a certificate. ওপৰৰ বাক্যটোত দুটা independent clause অক “and” conjunction ৰ দ্বাৰা join কৰা হৈছে, কিন্তু দেখা গৈছে যে দুয়োটা Clause রে independently অর্থ প্ৰকাশ কৰিছে, তেনে conjunction অক coordinating conjunction বোলে।

(b) He wrote to us that he had arrived safely. এই বাক্যটোত এটা independent clause   আৰু এটা a dependent Clause অক “that” conjunction ৰ দ্বাৰা join কৰা হৈছে। কিন্তু দেখা গৈছে বাকাটোৰ দ্বিতীয় অংশ “that he had arrived safely” বাক্যাংশই প্রথম অংশৰ সহায় নোলোৱাকৈ অর্থ প্ৰকাশ কৰিব পৰা নাই। সেয়ে তেনে ধৰণৰ conjunction ক subordinating conjunction বোলে।

5. Find out the Coordinating and subordinating conjunction from the following passage. (তলৰ টোকাটোৰ পৰা Co-ordinate আৰু subordinate Conjunction বাচি উলিওৱা)

The third great defect of our civilization is that (subordinating conjunction) it does not know what to do with its knowledge. Science has given us powers fit for the Gods yet (subordinating conjunction) we use them like small children. For example, we don’t know how (subordinating Conjunction to manage our machines. Machines were made to be men’s servants, yet (Coordinating Conjunction) he has. grown so dependent on them that (Subordinating conjunction) they are in a fair way to become his masters. Already most men spend most of their lives looking after and (subordinating conjunction) waiting upon Machines.

-C.EM Joad. 

6. Combine the following sentences into single one. by using the conjunctions given in brackets (bracket অত দিয়া Conjunction ব্যৱহাৰ কৰি তলৰ বাক্যবোৰক এটা বাক্য সাজা।)

(a) Sheels’s mother is a teacher. She teaches English (who) 

Ans: Sheela’s mother is a teacher who teaches English. 

(b) The man is poor. He is happy. (but)

Ans: The man is poor but happy. 

(c) Dipak is brave. He is intelligent. (not only but also) 

Ans: Dipak is not only brave but also intelligent.

(d) She lives somewhere. I don’t know the place.(where)

Ans: I don’t know the place where she lives.

(e) We have a car. It’s colour is white.(whose)

Ans: We have a Car whose colour is white.

7. Find out the simple, compound and complex sentences from the following. (তলৰ বাক্যসমূহ simple, compound আৰু complex বাচি উলিওৱা)

(a) The sea is as deep as the mountains are high. (compound) 

(b) The girl sitting in the corner with a book in her hand is my sister.(Complex)

(c) You can sit wherever you like. (Complex)

(d) You may do as you please. (simple)

(e) I will do this if I am allowed. (simple)

Kind of sentence

গঠনৰীতি অনুযায়ী sentence অক তিনিটা ভাগত বিভক্ত কৰা হৈছে।

(1) Simple (সৰল)

(ii) Complex (জটিল বা মিশ্র)

(iii) Compound (যৌগিক)

যি sentence অত এটা subject আৰু এটা finite verb থাকে তাকে simple sentence বোলে।

যেনেঃ God is good.

A good boy obeys his parents.

যি sentence অত এটা principal clause আৰু এটা বা তাতকৈ বেছি subordinate clause থাকে তাক Complex sentence বোলে।

যেনেঃHe is a man whom we all respect.               

If it rains we shall stay at home.

আৰু যি sentence অত দুটাকৈ Co-ordinate বা Independent clause থাকে আৰু এই Clause দুটাক একোটা Conjunction এ সংযুক্ত কৰে তাক Compound sentence বোলে।

যেনেঃHe is poor but he is not dishonest. 

You must work hard or you will fail.


(Lewis Carroll ৰ vocabulary বঢ়োৱা খেল, যত মাত্র এটা letter ৰবাপৰিবৰ্তন কৰি Word form কৰা হয়।)



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