NIOS Class 12 Mass Communication Chapter 24 New Media: Employment Opportunities

NIOS Class 12 Mass Communication Chapter 24 New Media: Employment Opportunities, Solutions to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters NIOS Class 12 Mass Communication Chapter 24 New Media: Employment Opportunities and select need one. NIOS Class 12 Mass Communication Chapter 24 New Media: Employment Opportunities Question Answers Download PDF. NIOS Study Material of Class 12 Mass Communication Notes Paper 335.

NIOS Class 12 Mass Communication Chapter 24 New Media: Employment Opportunities

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Also, you can read the NIOS book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of NIOS All Subject Solutions. Here we have given NIOS Class 12 Mass Communication Chapter 24 New Media: Employment Opportunities, NIOS Senior Secondary Course Mass Communication Solutions for All Chapters, You can practice these here.

New Media: Employment Opportunities

Chapter: 24



1. Match the following:

(i) Internet desk(a) Hall mark of new media ventures
(ii) Creativity(b) Manages web editions of newspapers
(iii) New Media(c) Require good production skills
(iv) Multi-media package(d) Should be technically sound
(v) New Media journalists(e) Requires narrative writing style


(i) Internet desk(b) Manages web editions of newspapers 
(ii) Creativity(a) Hall mark of new media ventures
(iii) New Media(e) Requires narrative writing style 
(iv) Multi-media package(c) Require good production skills 
(v) New Media journalists(d) Should be technically sound


1. State whether the following sentences are true of false.

(i) The primary skill required for a new media professional is marketing skill.

Ans. False.

(ii) A new media reporter should continuously make efforts to update stories.

Ans. True. 

(iii) The editor of a newspaper is called a content manager. 

Ans. False.

(iv) New media stories do not have any archival value.

Ans. False.

(v) New media ventures also depend on freelancers.

Ans. True.


1. Complete the following sentences with appropriate word/s:

(i) New media provides a lot of scope for …………. .

Ans. Small business ventures.

(ii) The content of an electronic magazine for the youth should be such that …………… .

Ans. It provides useful reading.

(iii) Eating out is a common phenomenon in the cities. It would be useful to make a list of eating places in your city and work out a plan online to be able to make advance booking in restaurants. What would you call this site.

Ans. Dinner corner or any other name.


1. Discuss the opportunities offered by new media to journalists.

Ans. Today, there are plenty of opportunities for journalists in the new media industry. Reporters can always begin reporting for a news website. The best way to begin is to identify a media organisation that is already established and which has new media division. That way you may be assured that the job is going to be a stable one.

Every newspaper organisation has an internet desk. But journalists working for the internet desk usually manage the web edition of the newspaper that involves merely lifting up print edition stories and pasting them on the web edition. The internet desk hardly involves, but it likes to hire people who can read copies and correct any grammatical or spelling errors before it is put up on the web. If you are seriously interested in new media, you could think of starting your career on the internet desk and then moving on to a more challenging job.

Those of you who gain some experience in the print media can think of joining the new media division of an established media organisation. These division are always on the look out for good reporters, editors and writers. Reporters who work for new media not only pick up fresh story ideas for the web, but also follow up several important stories that have already appeared in the print edition.

2. Explain the skills required for new media professionals.

Ans. The primary skill required by a new media professional is a pure journalistic skill. The person must be able to report effectively. For that the reporter has to follow all basic rules of news reporting like objectivity, proximity etc. 

Since, the stories have greater archival value, new media reporters need to work on stories that have a greater shelf like.

Since every new media enterprise should have a strong desk, good editorial and rewriting skills are highly valued. Editors who are hired are expected to rewrite copies extensively. The other important skill that is required in new media is marketing/finance skill.

3. Illustrate with examples any three business ventures in the area of new media. 

Ans. An e-magazine for the youth: An e-magazine or an electronic magazine will target readers who are in the age group of 8-25 years. Since they are primary users of the internet, this will be a huge market for a new magazine. The content will be such that it will be useful reading for the youth. Hence, news that appears in the national media will have to be rewritten creating an interest factor for the youth. For instance, educational opportunities that are available in foreign countries in the field of medicine, engineering, bio-technology and management could be compiled and presented in an interesting manner.

An online restaurant-booking site: Since eating out is a common phenomenon in the cities, a business venture that not only takes orders for supplying food online but also provides you with options available for eating out will be highly successful. Tie-ups with. popular restaurants and other eating joints will serve as a good model.

A career enhancement e-learning project: This project could be in the area of offering short- term online programmes in professional fields such as management, accounting, mass communication etc. The online programmes can be developed by experts from leading institutions. The programme delivery methods and logistics can be worked out in consultation with the partner institutions.

Very Short Type Questions Answer

1. What does the journalist working on the internet desk do? 

Ans. They manage the web edition of the newspaper.

2. Besides creative people, what other staffs are required by the new media venture?

Ans. Technical people.

3. What two things should editor of new media enterprise keep in mind while editing the story?

Ans. That the story should contain ‘narrative style’ and ‘interest factor’. 

4. What is ‘editor’ of a news website called?

Ans. Content manager.

Short Type Questions Answer 

1. Why do news website require good editor?

Ans. News websites always have scope for people to work on the desk. In fact, most new media enterprises are heavily dependent on good editors and writers. Why is this so? It’s because the writing has to appeal to the young audience. We have discussed about the narrative writing style. That style is simply not possible- unless there are very good editors and writers who are tirelessly working on rewriting copies. That’s why any new media project needs a very strong rewrite desk.

2. What do technical people do in a new media venture?

Ans. Although creativity is the hallmark of any new media venture, technical people are equally important. Let’s not forget that the new media world cannot exist without good designers and programmers. These skilled people are the ones who actually put a website together. The website has to be created, it’s hyperlinks need to be activated, the web pages need to be designed and finally the stories have to be uploaded. All these activities are possible only when there are good people managing them.

3. Why do convergence of creative and technical skills required for a new media venture?

Ans. The convergence of creativity and technical expertise also happens because new media essentially deals with multimedia. Creating these packages requires a lot of production skills. A journalist who is doing an audio-visual for a multimedia package, will. need technical help for video production. The person must also know how to record sound in different conditions.

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