Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 8 The Tale of Melon City

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Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 8 The Tale of Melon City

Also, you can read the SCERT Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 8 The Tale of Melon City All Be Together” book Notes online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per AHSEC (SCERT) Book guidelines. Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 8 The Tale of Melon City Notes are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 8 The Tale of Melon City Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here.

The Tale of Melon City

Chapter: 8




1. Give a character sketch of the King in “‘The Tale of Melon City’.

Ans. The King was foolish and the terms “just and placid’ describe him ironically. He becomes a puppet in the hands of the people he is supposed to rule, sacrificing his life just to give them the pleasure of watching somebody being hanged. Devoid of any judgmental ability, he acquits every person who pleads innocence. He even agrees to the execution of an inanimate arch. The King’s hanging does not stir a soul, who partake in the fun and disperse. His subjects considered even a melon capable of replacing him.

2. Describe the events that culminated in the death of the King. 

Ans. The King had ordered the construction of an arch to commemorate him and inspire his subjects, But the arch was built too low and banged his crown. Furious, he ordered the execution of the chief builder. The blame shifted from one to the other till, at the end, the King was held liable for the faulty design. The situation became complicated, but had to be resolved and the entertainment of the crowd was also at stake so, he declared that a noose be made and whoever fitted the noose should be hanged. Fatefully, it happened to be the king’s head. He was hanged by Royal Decree.

3. Comment on the device adopted by Vikram Seth.

Ans. In ‘The Tale of Melon City’, Vikram Seth has adopted the verse form in a simple narrative style. The technique proves very effective for the story that is being told. Rhyming in couplets,it  tells a humorous story in a lucid manner. The theme and the antiquity of the tale complement the verse form. The fun element would be lost had it been made more descriptive in prose style. The rapid introduction of characters and the swift flow of narrative have been possible because of the unique technique taken up by the poet.

SHORT ANSWER TYPE (upto 30 words)

1. In the city of which I sing

There was a just and placid king’,

Do you think the king was ‘just and placid’ ?

Ans. No, the king carried justice to a ridiculous level. Though he sacrificed his life, it went unappreciated. He even lost his temper and declared capital punishment for a trivial incident.

2. How did he want to ‘edify the spectators’ ?

Ans. The king immediately the construction of an arch over the main thoroughfare as a symbol of his glorious reign. He wanted a majestic arch to inspire and uplift his subjects. 

3. What was the mishap that occurred as he rode down the road ?

Ans. In order to ‘edify’ the people, he triumphantly rode down the road under the arch. But the arch was built too low and his crown was banged off. The placid king became angry at the disgraceful incident.

4. What step was taken by the king to punish the guilty ?

Ans. The King  immediately announced that the falling of the crown was a disgrace and the chief of builders, the man responsible for the construction, must be hanged.

5. How was the king made liable for the disaster ?

Ans. When the blame finally fell on the architect he reminded the king about the alterations made by him when the design was brought for approval, which led to the mishap.

6. Why and how was the wise old man brought to court?

Ans. The old man was summoned for his wise advice when the blame fell on the king. The old man could neither walk nor see. So, he was carried to the royal court.

7. What did the wise old man advise? Was there wisdom in what he said?

Ans. The old man said the culprit must be punished and according to him the arch was the culprit. His advice lacked wisdom. An inanimate object could not be declared guilty or hanged.

8. Why was the crowd restless?

Ans. The crowd had gathered to watch the hanging, but the king was vacillating in deciding on the culprit because everyone pleaded innocence. The crowd wanted action and demanded a hanging immediately.

9. Did the crowd get their share of fun ? How ?

Ans. It was ultimately decided to hang whoever fitted the noose. Each man was measured one by one. The height of the noose saved their lives, but for the kings. He fitted the noose perfectly and was hanged. 

10. Do you think the fate of the King was justified?

Ans. The king stretched justice to ridiculous limits. His exaggerated notion of justice. Which verged on foolishness, cost him his life. His stupidity justifies his fate. 

11. How did the Ministers react to the  King’s hanging?

Ans. The Minster heaved a sigh of relief when finally the hanging took place, The crowd was getting restless and would have revolted against the king had there been no hanging.

12. ‘Long Live the King! The King is dead’. Explain.

Ans. This reveals the duplicity of opportunistic people like the king’s ministers. They had no loyalty toward the king. The hypocrites hail thee king’s long life but heave a sigh of relief at his death.

13. How was a new king chosen ?

Ans. Going by custom, it was announced a new king would be chosen by the first person who passed the City Gate. An idiot passed through he Gate, the guards stopped him to ask him to make a choice

14. Why did they have a ‘melon king’ ? 

Ans. The fool loved melons and therefore offered ‘melon’ as his choice of king. It was duly accepted and a melon was crowned by the ministers. They placed the melon respectfully on the throne.

15. How did tho citizens react to a ‘melon king’ ?

Ans. The people saw an idiotic and whimsical king and now a melon substituted him. It did not make any difference so long as he did not interfere and thy could enjoy peace and liberty.

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