Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Chapter 2 The Thiefs Story

Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Chapter 2 The Thiefs Story The answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters NCERT Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Chapter 2 The Thiefs Story and select need one.

Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Chapter 2 The Thiefs Story

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Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Chapter 2 The Thiefs Story Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here…

The Thief’s Story

Chapter – 2




Read and find out-

  1. who does ‘i’ refer to in the story?

Ans: in the story ‘I’ refers to hari Singh, the thief.

2. what is he ” a fairly successful hand”in?

Ans: He is a fairly successful hand in stealing.

3. What does he get from anil in return of his work?

Ans: in return of his work he gets food and shelter from anil.

4. How does the thief think Anil will react to the theft?

Ans: The thief thought that on discovering the theft, Anil’s face would show a touch of sadness. The sadness would not be for the loss of money, but for the loss of trust.

5. what does he say about the different reactions of people when they are robbed?

Ans: In his short career as a thief, he has made a study of men’s faces when they lose their goods. He says that the greedy men show fear; the rich men show anger and the poor men show acceptance.

6. Does Anil realise that he has been robbed?

Ans: No, Anil does not realize that he has been robbed because he is a careless man.

Think about it

1. What are Hari Singh’s reactions to the prospect of receiving an education? Do they change over time? (Hint; compare, for example, the thought: “I knew that once I could write like an educated man there would be no limit to what I could achieve” with these later thoughts:” whole sentences, I knew, could one day bring me more than a few hundred rupees. It was a simple matter to steal – and sometimes just as simple to be caught. But to be a really big man, a clever and respected man, was something else”.) what makes him return to anil?

Ans: Hari Singh initially believed that if he could read and write like an educated man, there would be no limit to his achievements. However, his reactions to the prospect of education changed later on. After stealing Anil’s money, he began to think. He believed that he would be able to earn more than just a few hundred rupees if he learned complete sentences. At this point, money became less important to him. He believed that education could make him significant, intelligent, and respected. Recognizing Anil as the person who could help him achieve his goals, Hari Singh returned to him to pursue education.

2. Why does not anil hand the thief over to the police? Do you think most people would have done so? In what ways is anil different from such employers?

Ans: Anil did not hand the thief over to the police because he was a large-hearted man. He knew that Hari Singh was a thief. Still, he kept him. His genuine love for the thief awakened the real man in Hari Singh. Anil knew that Hari Singh wanted to give up stealing, and for that reason, he had returned to him. So, he took the matter easily. He knew that if the thief were sent to the police, he would never be reformed; rather, he would become a criminal.

But most people would not have done so. Anil is different from most people and succeeds in reforming a thief by dint of his kindness, sympathy, and love.

Talk about it

  1. Do you think people like anil and hari Singh are found only in fiction, or are there such people in real life?

Ans: No, I don’t think that people like Anil and Hari Singh are found only in fiction. There are such people in real life also. Although such people are rare in today’s society.

2. Do you think it is a significant detail in the story that anil is a struggling writer? Does this explain his behavior in any way?

Ans: Yes, it is a significant detail that Anil is a struggling writer. He doesn’t have enough money to do charity but has a big heart and wanted to help the poor boy, so appoints him as domestic help. It certainly explains his behaviour and tells us that he is a kind man who could help people in any possible way.

3. Have you met anyone like Hari Singh? Can you think and imagine the circumstances that can turn a fifteen-year-old boy into a thief?

Ans: Boys like hari Singh can be seen here and there. There are many instances that circumstances turn teenagers into thieves.

4. Where is the story set? (you can get clues from the names of the persons and places mentioned in it) which language or languages are spoken in these places? Do you think the characters in the story spoke to each other in English?

Ans: The story is set somewhere in Uttar Pradesh near Lucknow. We can say so because the story mentions, that there is a railway station for Express train to Lucknow. The presence of sweet shops and bazaars also indicates it to be a decent-sized town. No, the characters in the story do not speak to each other in English but probably in Hindi.

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