Class 9 Geography Elective Chapter 4 Human Settlement

Class 9 Geography Elective Chapter 4 Human Settlement The answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters SEBA Class 9 Geography Elective Chapter 4 Human Settlement, Elective Geography Class 9 SEBA Notes and Question Answer In English Medium and select need one.

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Class 9 Geography Elective Chapter 4 Human Settlement

Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 9 Geography Elective Chapter 4 Human Settlement Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here…

Human Settlement

Chapter -4



Q.1. What do you mean by human settlement? Discuss briefly about its origin and growth ? 

Ans : Human  settlement name the temporary or permanent place of of hibernation formed by men for their livelihood. The study of human settlement and enables us to understand the factors that contributed to the growth and spread of human population in different part of the world. It is believed that human settlement communicate with the beginning of settled agriculture and the practice of domestication of animals and plants around 12 thousand years ago. For this period main lead a homeless life due to lack of permanent place or shelter. But with expansion of knowledge man start settling permanently in the particular area having favourable natural environment. 

The origin and growth of human settlement in a place was much influenced by the availability of water Patil soil forest and mineral resources. It is then and enable fact that the expansions and growth of human settlement is closely associated with the ability of water police top almost all early human settlements that in area Where water was easily and abundantly available Police Stop This is the main reason for the development of Asian Civilization or riverbank Police Stop The many super 10 Civilization on the bank of you purse and triggers river the Egypt Civilization on the bank of river Neel the Chinese Civilization on the bank of river hwang Ho and the Hindus Valley Civilization on the bank of river Hindus. 

It is also seem that early Civilization give us in areas blessed with natural resources like forest resources mineral resources Police Stop the agreement for the supply of necessary water wire made by way of kennel and grains in such areas. Probability of agriculture land also contributes to growth of human settlement easy the The cultivators of Europe to Sweet able agriculture land for their settlement while the mangaldoi people who migrate to Southeast Asia prepared river valley and coastal plain with a suitable for rice Civilization for their settlement. Does factors such as availability of water agriculture land Flat free Highland safety and scarcity available of housing material favourable climate possibilities on-trend and etc. 

To the the expansion of human settlement. Areas rich in mineral forest and power resources are go basic resources well developed transport and communication system with less Rapid expansion. Moreover certain religious and social cultural traits of areas influence people in selecting a place for settlement.

Q.2. What is mean by settlement geography ? Write briefly about it main subject matter. 

Ans : settlement Geography means the branch of Geography which studies human settlement their growth and their associated physical culture and social economic factors. It is one of the branch of knowledge that has imagine recently and encompasses a device subject-matter. The method of study of settlement Geography where developed by a geographer name reach hard hard stone.

The subject matter of human Geography includes :

i) Element based study :- Settlement location shape size function attributes etc. 

ii) Region -based study :- Orgin and growth of settlement changing shape,spatial pride and distribution hot title men from sand types characteristic and locations specific variation of a region etc.This manner we can say that the scope of the study of settlement Geography ranges from a heart to a sky scaper. 

Q.3. Present the classification of human settlement with example?

Ans : following the classification of human settlements :

1. On the basis of occupation of people :

(a) Rural settlement : villages

(b) urban settlement : towns cities and megalopolis. 

2. On the basis of form or shape :

(a) Dispersed settlement : Agriculture belt of USA. 

(b) Nucleate settlement : cities such as Mumbai Kolkata etc.

3. on the basis of division of nuclear settlement :

(a) Rectangular settlement:Ganga-yamuna plains area. 

(b) Linear settlement:Ganga-yamuna plains. 

(c) Circular settlement:around lacks and ponds.

(d) Star -like settlement:Major intersection of roads. 

(e) Triangular settlement: Intersection of major rivers. 

Q.4. What do you mean by rural and urban settlement ? Write the characteristic difference between these settlements.

Ans : The  settlement of people normally found in the villages partitioning mainly agricultural occupation is known as rural settlement. On the other hand the settlement of people found in town and city is mainly practicing trade commerce and various services are known as urban settlement. The major characteristic difference between the two types of settlements are:

SI.NO.Basis of differenceRural settlementUrban settlement
(i)OccupationAgriculture,fishing Lumbering,cottage industries, etc.Manufacturing trade commerce and various services.
(ii)HouseHuts or simple structure.Big and often multi-storeyed
(iii)SettlementDispersed settlementNucleate settlement
(iv)RelationshipClose relationship among the inhabitants.No close relationship among the inhabitants.
(v)Landscapenatural and eco- friendlyMan – made an artificial.

Q.5. Mention the basic difference between dispersion and settlement and nuclear settlement.

Ans : the differences between dispersant settlement and nucleoid settlement are:

Sl.NO.Basis of differenceDispersive settlementNuclear settlement
(i)MeaningSettlement that are spread far and wide in an area.Settlement established close to each other.
(ii)Found inFound in agricultural areaFound in urban areas.
(iii)ConsistConsist of one typeConsists of several types
(iv)PopulationPopulation size in smallPopulation size is big.

Q.6. Write in brief about the different types of settlement under the category of nuclear settlement with example and diagrams.

Ans : On  the basis of Shape or pattern nuclear settlement can be divided into the following types :

i) Rectangular settlement :- Settlement death comes up within a rectangular area created by strange road in inter set at right angle is known as rectangular settlement. Such settlements mainly developed in the extensive Patil Plains areas easy Ganga tells plane reason. Generally whenever a city is planned a pattern of settlement is followed. Indian plan cities such as Chhattisgarh Gandhinagar extra have mostly these types of settlements police top most of the planned developed countries such as Germany visa France extra help land settlement. 

ii) Liner settlement :- Settlement that grow along both side of the road and Railway lines along the bank of river and irrigation candles along the narrow river valleys of the Mountain region or the coastal area are call liner settlement. The types of settlement is found by the side of the road in the river valleys of India’s middle and lower Himalayas and the Ganga Yamuna planes. 

iii) Circular settlement :- Settlement development by constituting house around lakes Ponds bakte etc is called  circular e. g. Finishing community of 10 establishment their settlement close to Leke cost. Salt workers establish their settlement around salt lakes for the extension of salt police top search settlement are also found around large industrial area in the form of circular shape. 

iv) Star-like settlement :- Settlement developed from a common centre in several directions like emerging of rice from the star along both side of the road is cal style like settlement. The types of settlement is found at the intersection of road in the plains area Police Stop the basis future of these types of settlement is that such settlements begin form an important cross Johnson and extend along the road in many direction.

v) Triangular settlement :– Settlement ab rectangular shape developed at an intersection of two large river based on availability of water and fertile soil is called rectangular settlement for least of these types of settlement can be found in the riverine plains of North India and the conclusions of many rivers in the foothill areas. 

Chapter 1Weather and Climate
Chapter 2People on the Earth
Chapter 3Population Growth and Distribution
Chapter 4Human Settlement
Chapter 5Concept and Classification of Resources
Chapter 6Economic Activities or Occupation
Chapter 7Agriculture
Chapter 8Industry

Q.7. Write briefly about the origin and growth of urban settlements.

Ans : Most  settlement is generally originate as villages police stop however gradually these villages train to develop into towns and accounts of the ability of fertile soil plants land water building minerals comfortable transport systems ka City certain favourable religious social and economic conditions. Sometime some political developments also contribute their share in expanding villages into small towns which letter become cities and Megalopolis full stop as human Civilization begin to expand it not only expected the urban areas but also villages close to them Police Stop the activities of the nearby villages also transformed .

sometime the the basis settlement turn into a trained and Commerce bassist town. Similarly due to sudden discovery of some valuable mineral resources near a village it may get transform into an Industrial Town .the first development of road networks and transport system may also turn a village area into a small Township. A fishing village located in on the sea cost in diu causes may also get transformed into a small fees trending Centre. An increase in population need not make a village into a town only when there is a develop of trade and Commerce manufacturing and the various services the villagers area become a Township. 

The growth and expansion of town required appropriate location water supply system affection transport system expansion of trade and Commerce facilities development of industries development of financial in situation etc. Along with this there should be sufficient population to create to the various Ne date of the town. It is a fact that all round development and expansion of a town largely depend on its relationship with the surrounding rural area. Many towns organised to survive Centre special functions. This includes administrative defence industry Trends cultural when this function expand town the specialist in these activities also expand. 

Q.8. Classify the urban settlement with example according to function.

Ans : The  different types of settlement in accordance with function are:

SI.NO.Urban settlementExample
(i)Multiple functionKolkata, Mumbai, Guwahati, etc.
(ii)Administrative functionsGandhinagar, Chandigarh, etc.
(iii)Defense functionKanpur, Puna, Chennai, Bangalore, etc.
(iv)Hill station cum tourist centersMussoorie, Darjeeling, Shillong, etc.
(v)Pilgrim centerVaranasi, Puri, Rishikesh, etc.
(vi)Sea port cityHaldia, Pardeep, etc.
(vii)Industrial townsJamshedpur, Bhilai, Bokaro, etc.
(viii)Educational townOxford, Cambridge, Pune, etc.

Q.9. What do you mean by hierarchy of settlement .write about this with example and diagrams ? 

Ans : Hierarchy of settlements means the agreement of all rural and urban settlement in accordance with size for small to large settlement. All the lowest bottom of the hierarchy  stand if you selected homes of palmshade while the highest level is occupied by megalopolis. In the rural concept this hierarchy  stars with isolate homes at the bottom and ends with helmet or villages at the top wears in the urban concepts this hierarchy begins with town and passthrough city contribution to reach Meghalaya office at the highest level. With the increase in the level of settlement in the hierarchy the function facilities particle extend and population size of the settlement also virus police stop it is also noted that the number of settlement decreases from the bottom toward the top. 

In other what the number of the town compare to the number of village or the number of cities compare to the number of town is small full list of the population size of a city or contribution is much higher than that of the population size of a town easy population of small town in India was 5000 while in Mumbai was 16 million 2001 census Assam Guwahati the the largest city in Assam has over 9 lakh people while out of 125 towns in Assam only 7 has a population size of above one lakh.

Q.10. Write briefly  about the land use pattern of rural and urban settlements.

Ans : there is a marked different in the land use pattern of rural area and urban areas Police Stop the rural settlement are mostly associated with occupation such as agriculture livestock rearing lumbering wood cutting exploitation of natural resources etc. The vertical speed of Land land use etc has been faster in the urban area than that of the rural areas. The population density land value literacy rate transport facilities multiple ATI of social economic activities etc decreases with the increase in distance with the urban area. The landscape of rural area in natural and activities of people are more natural dependent compared to the manmade landscape of urban areas. 

We can understand better the land use pattern of rural and urban areas by following the method used by a geographer name C. A. Doxiadis. According to him a human settlement consists of four part :

1. Homogeneous part.

2. Circulatory part. 

3. Central part.

4. Special part. 

(a) In the rural context :- The  homogenous part consists of the agricultural and forest of the central part is made of house while the circulator part consists of road network. The special part has temple school and some other social cultural and economic in situations.

(b) In the urban context :- The  homogenous part is formed by residential area is central part consists of commercial and financial institution and the circulator part of the urban areas is made of road and different transport system. The special part consists of some of the specialist in situations.

The land use pattern of urban areas follows a definite pattern in most countries of the world.

i)There  is a dominance of trade and commerce in the central or area of the town.

ii) Different types of commercial establishments banks office wholesale and retail centres etc are seen. 

iii) This  part is generally marked by high rise building an expensive market areas. The part of the town is call Central business district(CBD). 

iv) With  the increase in distance from the Centre changes in land use is noticed Police Stop The the circular region witness the growth of town educational institution Industries residential Complex etc.

v) As  One move away from the fringe area of the urban Centre father land use pattern various and per dominance of agriculture can be seen.

Q.11. What do you mean by central business district. Mention its basic characteristics ? 

Ans : The  Central part of the town or city marked by dominance of trained business financial instruction etc. Is known as Central business district CBD ase :

i) The land is mostly used for commercial purposes.

ii) The land  is very expensive.

iii) It  from the hub of trade business and Final Season dealings of the town or city.

iv) There  are less number of resident Complex in this part.

v) As  one moves away from the central business District School Temple charge industry exactra in the the areas of the CBD formed. 

vii) It  is marked by the excellent network of transport and communication system.

Q.12. Write briefly about the relationship between rural and urban settlement.

Ans : There  is a close link between the urban and the surrounding rural areas. Both forms of settlement are dependent on each other. The rural village is much dependent on nouns for education health service Financial Service procurement of household items and luxury items entertainment etc. The agriculture goods produced by villagers find a suitable market in the urban areas. The young people of the rural areas both silk and answer Silk get employment in the town full stop on the other hand the town is dependent on villages for argue best food items workers it is. The various finished product of the town get customers from the villagers. Tense of many in situations of towns such as hospital Bank street smarketers etc. Generally depended on the people of nearby villages list of all these show that there is a close link between the two sector of the nation the rural and urban sector. In this context it can be said that the modern means of communication and transport has helped strains Sing The ties between the rural and urban areas.

Q.13. Write short notes :

a) Human settlement and settlement geography. 

b) Linear settlement.

c) Circular settlement.

d) Star-like settlement.

e) Culture and educational town.

f) Rural-urban continuum.

g) Hierarchy of settlement.

h) Urban fringe.

i) Satellite town

Ans : a) Human settlements and settlement geography :- human settlement means the temporary of permanent place of hibernation formed by men for their livelihood. Settlement is board Li divided into two categories rural settlement and urban settlement. The branch of Geography who is study the origin growth and Associate physical cultural and social economic accept is known as settlement Geography for list of settlement Geography is an important branch of human Geography. Kadhal writer is considered to be the founder of settlement geography.

b) Linear settlement.

Ans : Refer to inspire of question number 6 (ii)(textual question and answer)

c) Circular settlement.

Ans : Refer 2 answer of question number 6 (iii)(textual question and answer) 

d) Star like settlement.

Ans : Refer  to answer of question number 6 iv(textual questions and answers) 

e) Culture and educational town.

Ans : towns that developed due to the cultural significance and came up as pilgrim Centre are called cultural towns easy Varanasi Puri Rishikesh Tirumala etc. Towns that developed due to their education importance are call educational towns easy Cham bridge in England are famous International educational centres. 

f) Rural urban continuum.

Ans : Rural-urban continuum are the intermediate areas that lie close to the urban centres but are neither Town or village. This have the characteristic features of both towns and villages. Scenes land is very costly in the town most service personnel and workers prefer to live a little away from the heart of the town police stop but after in These areas have a rural setup with agriculture begging the dominated future of the area. However over the areas this area transforms itself into a satellite town. 

g) Hierarchy of settlement.

Ans : Refer to answer of questions number 9 (textual question and answer) 

h) Urban fringe.

Ans : obtain the rural area that lies close to the urban Centre get transform due to the influence of the nearby Township Police Stop when the landscape of the peripheral area of a large town or city gets transformed toward the urban character due to the impact of urban activities it is called sub urban or urban fringe. Intelity These areas belong to the rural settlement Woodstock however over the years the landscape and activities of these area enquiry some characteristic features of towns with a rural background in fact all major cities of India like Delhi Mumbai Kanpur Pune Guwahati I have urban fringe. 

i) Satellite town.

Ans : As  the city’s expand the space for various commercial activities springs forcing people to move out to the official areas. Secondly non activities of land and its high cost for in vegetable and Businessman to build their office and establishment title waves from the centre of the city police stop due to Tu decentralization of trade and business financial education commercial in situations etc. Get established in such area of the city police top as a result small town ship came up round the major Metropolitan  city police stop this town are cal town is Gurgaon no idea and Ghaziabad are satellite town of Delhi. 

Q.14. Prepare a a sketch- map  of your village or town showing the human settlements including the location of school ,prayer ,hall ,shop it is under the guidance of your teachers and mention the types of settlement ? 

Ans : Students should do themselves.

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