Class 11 English Poetry Chapter 5 Father to Son

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Class 11 English Poetry Chapter 5 Father to Son

Also, you can read the SCERT Class 11 English Poetry Chapter 5 Father to Son All Be Together” book Notes online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per AHSEC (SCERT) Book guidelines. Class 11 English Poetry Chapter 5 Father to Son Notes are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 11 English Poetry Chapter 5 Father to Son Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here.

Father to Son

Chapter: 5





1. Does the poem talk of an exclusively personal experience or it is fairly universal ?

Ans. The theme of the poem is fairly universal. The poem presents a personal narration of the agony that a father goes through when he becomes a stranger to his own son. However, this increasing gap is a common malady afflicting the modern world. It is every father’s wish that his son should live under the same roof and share his beliefs and ideologies, and it is every son’s desire to be on his own, independent in thoughts and making his own mark in the world. Thus, the poem speaks of the huge generation gap that every father wishes to bridge.

2. How is the father’s helplessness brought out in the poem ?

Ans. Every word in the poem speaks of the father’s helplessness. He wants to revive the relationship they shared when the son was just a child. He finds his son does not belong to his world. They lack communication; and even when they converse, it is like two strangers talking. The  father yearns for his son’s return to his home where he is ready to forgive everything. But everything remains a wish without any sign of materialising.

3. Identify the phrases and lines that indicate distance father and son.

Ans. The phrases and lines that indicate distance between father and son are :- 

(i) ‘ I do not understand this child’

(ii) ‘I  know nothing of him’

(iii) ‘We speak like strangers’

(iv) ‘there’s no sign of understanding in the air’

(v) ‘what he loves I cannot share’

(vi) ‘Silence surrounds us’,

(vi) “He speaks: I cannot understand.

4. Does the poem have a consistent rhyme scheme ?

Ans. The poem follows a rhyme scheme of a, b, b, a, b, a. lt is consistent through all fóur stanzas.


1. What does the father try to convey to his son ?

Ans. The father tries to convey his loneliness and yearning to be close to his son. He cannot figure out where things went wrong between them, but desperately wishes a reunion.

2. What is the present relationship between father and son ?

Ans. They share a strained relationship. There is neither communication nor any understanding between them. They live on the same land, but cannot live together with dissimilar tastes and likings. An impenetrable silence surrounds them.

3. What does the father yearn for ?

Ans. The father yearns for his son’s return to him, to rebuild relationship he shared with his son as a child. He wants a revival of the bond of love with his estranged son. 

4. What would he do for the revival of the relationship.

Ans. The father is ready to forgive his prodigal son of all his misdeeds. He is ready to extend the hand of forgiveness if it brings him back home.

5. The father says his son is built to his. design. Why is he still so helpless ?

Ans. The son takes after his father in physical appearance, but the similarity ends there. Beyond that they have nothing in common. They do not share each other’s tastes and likings nor is there any communication between them. The father feels helpless at the alienation from his son.

6. “Yet have I killed

The seedl spent or sown it where

The land is his and none of mine” ? 


(a) Why does the father feel that the seed was sown the land that was not his own ?

(b) Why does he say he has killed the seed ?

(c) Do they have any kind of understanding between them ?

Ans. (a)The son does not share any of the characteristics of his father. So it seems the seed was sown in a land that be longed, not to the father, but the son.  

(b) He says so because the connection between them no  longer exists. He produced a son who does not him anymore.

(c) No, they think and act differently have diverse tastes and  preferences they cannot share.

7.He speaks : I cannot understand

Myself, why anger grows from grief.

We each put out an empty hand,

Longing for something to forgive.


(a) Why can’t the father understand his son ?

(b) How does anger grow from grief ?

(c) What do they long for ?

(d) How do they express this longing ?

(e) Give a word from the passage which means

(i) deep sorrow 

(ii) strong desire.

Ans. (a) The father cannot understand his son due to lack of communication between them, and their different likings.

(b) Loneliness and separation from his son resulted in grief.But, grief has turned to anger at his helplessness to mend things.

(c) They long for revival of the close bond as father and son.

(d) They express this longing by stretching out their empty hands to forgiveness, but in vain.

(e) deep sorrow is ‘grief’; strong desire is ‘longing’.

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