NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 23 The Return of The Lion

NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 23 The Return of The Lion Solutions to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 23 The Return of The Lion and select need one. NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 23 The Return of The Lion Question Answers Download PDF. NIOS Study Material of Class 10 English Notes Paper 202.

NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 23 The Return of The Lion

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Also, you can read the NIOS book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of NIOS All Subject Solutions. Here we have given NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 23 The Return of The Lion, NIOS Secondary Course English Solutions for All Chapters, You can practice these here.

The Return of The Lion

Chapter – 23



23.2.1 PART – 1

Officers of Shivaji’s court……………is going to return to us.

A King’s crown is never without thorns. Being head of any mission, be it an army, a state, a country or a project is always full of challenges, opportunities, ups and downs, friends and adversaries. But a true leader is always committed to his mission Come what may, the goal keeps good leaders trying their best till the end.

In Part 1 of the play the ‘Return of the Lion’, the situation is extremely tense. Jijabai the Regent of Marathas in the absence of Shivaji has received a letter from Agra containing the news that Shivaji was dead. Jijabai despite of being a mother receives this news as a responsible Regent and doesn’t want it to be disclosed.


1. Tick ( ✔ )the most suitable answer:

(A) Jijabai told her mantri to 

(a) get the soldiers ready for war by giving them guns.

(b) send sweets to the soldiers.

(c) give the soldiers’ wives gifts and keep them happy.

Ans. (c) give the soldier’s wives gifts and keep them happy.

(B) Where was Shivaji?

(a) He had gone hunting with Sambaji.

(b) He had been taken prisoner by Aurangzeb.

(c) He had gone to Varanasi to consult astrologers.

Ans. (b) He had been taken prisoner by Aurangzeb.

(C) Jijabai believed that the letter was a hoax because

(a) she did not trust Aurangzeb.

(b) Jai Singh had said so.

(c) the soldiers were unhappy. 

Ans. (a) she did not trust Aurangzeb.

(D) Ram Das was.

(a) Shivaji’s minister and leader of the army.

(b) Sambaji’s teacher and companion.

(c) a court poet and Shivaji’s teacher and companion.

Ans. (c) a court poet and Shivaji’s teacher

and companion.

Q.2. The mantri believes that the soldiers will revolt. His anxiety shows the soldiers’ feeling of uncertainty and fear about their future. Discuss in 30 words only.

Ans. The mantri felt that the soldiers would revolt because they were discontented. There was no news of Shivaji their ruler.

Q.3. Jijabai orders the raise in salary and ration of the soldiers, send gifts and sweets to their families from her private finances. What these gestures show about Jijabai as a person and as a Regent.

Ans. Jijabai ordered to raise the salary and ration of the soldiers she was a coeing ruler and knew her responsibilities as a caretaker.

23.2.2 PART – 2

Footsteps and a slight noise outside …………… Long live Maharashtra.

A mother, even though a ruler or strong personality is always a mother first. Love and care for her children is natural for her. Emotionally she is always attached to them. 

In part 2 you’ll learn that Jijabai, Shivaji’s mother is very keen to see him safe and sound with her. The news of his death has upset her, though, she strongly believes it to be a hoax. 

She is very anxious about her son and grandson’s well being. Yet, she announces gifts for soldiers and their families in order to keep their morale high. She agrees to welcome sadhus because they are from the north. They may have some news about her son. But at the same time she is fully aware of her responsibility towards the Maratha people. She is a totally committed and earnest Regent. Her interaction with Sayabai and sadhus makes it obvious that she keeps her emotions under control and believes Shivaji will return for the sake of the Marathas. Shivaji also, like a seasoned ruler keeps his excitement subdued and makes his appearance in disguise Read the unit to find out what happens in the end.


Q.1 Match the following to complete the sentences:

(i) Jijabai agreed to see the three sadhus.

(ii) The sadhus told her that.

(iii) The third sadhu.

(iv) Jijabai asked the. 

(v) Soyabai was sad. 

(a) Shivaji was captured by Aurangzeb.

(b) to bless her.

(c) she could not see her son Sambaji.

(d) because they had come from far off places.

(e) remained silent.

Ans. (i) Jijabai agreed to see sadhus the three.

(ii) The sadhus told her that.

(iii) The third sadhu. 

(iv) Jijabai asked the sadhus.

(v) Soyabai was sad because.

(a) because they had come from far off places.

(b) Shivaji was captured by Aurangzeb.

(c) remained silent.

(d) to bless her.

(e) she could not see her son Sambaji.

Q.2. Why did Jijabai agree to meet the sadhus? Give three reasons.

Ans. Jijabai agreed to meet the sadhus because they had come from far. Jijabai also felt that sadhus may give news about her son.

Q.3. Jijabai could recognise her son among the sadhus. How ? What does it shows about Jijabai as mother. Write in 50 words.

Ans. Jijabai realises that the third sadhu is her son. This shows that Jijabai is real mother who has the qualities of head and heart. She can make out from the action of third sadhu that he is her son to bless her.

LET US DO 23.2

Q.1. Have you ever faced a situation where you lost something or somebody you loved? How did you feel when that happened? Write a diary entry describing your feelings.

Ans. Dear Diary

I am feeling very frustrated and bad today when I lost my younger sister. We both had gone for the picnic and she slipped in water. It was after a long time I realized that my sister could be seen no where. It was so difficult to came up with terms. I searched every where and even rescue team was called. My face turned pale and heart started beating fast. For many days I could not sleep a wink. Even today I keep on getting right mares.

Exercise – 1

Choose a suitable word from the brackets and use it in the correct form to complete the sentences.

e.g. She laughed _______(happy/slow) She laughed happily.

1. Seema looked _______ at her art work. (happy/sad)

Ans. Seema looked sternly at her art work.

2. The man stared _______ at the boy who broke the window. (kind/stern) 

Ans. The man stared sternly at the boy who broke the window.

3. Salim looked _______ (anxious/ rude) out of the window to see whether the police was there for his protection. 

Ans. Salim looked anxiously out of the window to see whether the police was there for his protection.

4. I like to write _______ (neat/ untidy) so that my work is legible. 

Ans. I like to write neatly so that my work is legible.

5. He is popular because he always speaks ________ (polite/rude).

Ans. He is popular because he always speaks politely.

Exercise – 2

Adverbial Antonyms (opposites) Tick ( ✔ ) the correct antonym (opposite).

e.g. Happily – sadly/seriously 

1. timidly – honestly/boldly.

Ans. timidly – boldly.

2. sternly – shyly/kindly.

Ans. sternly – kindly.

3. softly – bravely/loudly.

Ans. softly – loudly.

4. weakly – strongly/tidily. 

Ans. weakly – strongly. 

5. safely – dangerously/prettily. 

Ans. safely – dangerously.

6. cheerfully – sorrowfully/cruelly. 

Ans. cheerfully – sorrowfully. 

7. loosely – tightly/gracefully. 

Ans. loosely – tightly.   

8. slowly – bravely/quickly.  

Ans. slowly – quickly. 

9. gently – roughly/greatly. 

Ans. gently – roughly.

10. strictly – meanly/leniently. 

Ans. strictly – leniently. 

Exercise – 3

In the following sentences:

(1) Pick out the adverbs and (2) classify each as an adverb of time, place or manner.

1. Try again.

Ans. again – adverb of time.

2. We woke up early.

Ans. early – adverb of time.

3. The railway station is far away from his house. 

Ans. far away – adverb of place. 

4. She was dressed smartly on her birthday party.

Ans. smartly – adverb of manner.

5. The policewoman walked fast to reach the site of accident.

Ans. fast – adverb of manner.

6. The bus is parked in front of the school gate.

Ans. In front – adverb of place.

7. The animals were received kindly by the zoo authorities.

Ans. kindly – adverb of manner 

8. The holy men met the queen immediately after they got permission from the mantri. 

Ans. immediately – adverb of time


Q.1. As Regent how did Jijabai take care of the Maratha soldiers? 

Ans. Jijabai took care of Maratha soldiers as Regent. She raised the pay and increased their monthly rations with her own money. 

Q.2. Why do you think Shivaji was in disguise when he came to meet his mother?

Ans. Shivaji had escaped from Auranzeb’s captivity and travelled from Agra in disguise to meet his mother. He also planned to know if he was safe in his kingdom.

Q.3. Why did Jijabai refuse to believe that Shivaji was dead?

Ans. Jijabai did not believe what was written in the letter since she did not trust Aurangzeb. She believed that her son was a brave and strong man so because of this Aurangzeb could not kill him easily.

Q. 4. Vijaya was twelve years old. She was travelling with her parents and younger sister. Suddenly the train in which they were travelling met with an accident. Vijaya saw that many people including his family members were hurt and crying for help. How would you feel if you were Vijaya? What would you do?

Ans. If I were Vijaya I would be afraid and worried about my family. I would be upset and sad to see people suffering. I would try and help my family and then help those who needed my immediate help. If there were people more seriously injured than members of my family I would help them first. I would also try and help people get out of the train.


Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow each:


Mantri We’are in a terribly bad way. Aurangzeb has laid traps for us everywhere. Bijapur is about to strike. Discontent is spreading among our own men. They may revolt one day. And there is no news about Shivaji. We don’t know what to do.

Sachiv: (sadly) the letter says that Shivaji is dead, but it doesn’t say how he died. 


1. Where is the above discussion going on?

Ans. The discussion is going on in Shivaji’s court.

2. Who is conducting the meeting? 

Ans. Shivaji’s mother named, Jijabai is conducting the meeting.

3. What does Mantri say about Shivaji?

Ans. Mantri says that there is no news about Shivaji.

4. Who is Shivaji?

Ans. Shivaji is the ruler of Maharashtra.


Jijabai Keep quiet, girl. You are not the only mother here. I say the lion and his cub will soon return to their kingdom. They can’t stay long in the fox’s den. Mantriji, listen to me. Raise the pay and increase the rations of the soldiers. Send useful gifts to their wives and sweets and toys to their children. I’ll pay for everything out of my private purse. And please tell them that the Raja is at Varanasi and will return before long. Tell them also that all the great astrologers at Varanasi have studied Shivaji’s horoscope and they all say that nothing can stop him from becoming the lord of the whole of Maharashtra. Keep the soldiers and priests contented and happy, and they will believe your words.’


1. Whom did Jijabai ask to keep quiet? 

Ans. Jijabai asked her daughter-in-law Soyabai to keep quiet.

2. Who is the lion and the cub?

Ans. The lion is Shivaji and cub is his son Sambhaji.

3. What did she order her Mantri?

Ans. She ordered her Mantri to raise the pay and rations of the soldiers.

4. What did she tell about Shivaji as revealed by the astrologers?

Ans. The astrologers at Varanasi had told that nothing could stop Shivaji to become the Lord of Maharashtra.


All Men Our Raja’s mother will live! The Queen Regent will live! Our Raja will return to us. We’ll pray for his safe return.

Jijabai Well said, my brave friends. Tomorrow I’ll say my special prayers to our family goddess Bhawani. She gave him to me, and I’m, sure she’ll bring him back to me. (turning to Soyabai) Soyabai, my child don’t worry. Your son as well as mine are soon going to return to us.


1. For whom all men will pray and why?

Ans. All men would pray for the safe return of their ruler Shivaji.

2. Name the family goddess mentioned in these lines.

Ans. She is goddess Bhawani.

3. What had the goddess owed to Jijabai?

Ans. The goddess Bhawani had owed to Jijabai with a son.

4. How will the goddess help Jijabai?

Ans. The goddess will bring Shivaji back to the kingdom safe.


Attendant: Rani Saheba, there are three holy man at the gate outside. They want to see you. 

Jijabai: Where do they come from?

Attendant: I think they are from the North. They say they are bairagi sadhus.

Jijabai: What can their business be?

Attendant: Perhaps they’ve come to beg from you. They must have heard of your charity. They’re poor men in rags. Their heads are shaven and their arms and faces are painted grey with ashes.


1. What information did the attendant give to Rani?

Ans. He informed that three holy men had come at the gate outside.

2. What did the holy men want? 

Ans. They wanted to see the Rani Saheba. 

3. What did the attendant tell about the sadhus?

Ans. He informed that they had come to beg from her.

4. What did the attendant describe about the sadhus? 

Ans. He told that they were in rags. Their heads were shaven and faces and arms were painted grey with ashes.


Jijabai: (to the third sadhu) Have you no words to bless us with, holy man? Why don’t you say something? 

First Sadhu: He has taken a vow of silence, noble lady.

Jijabai: I see (Thinks) a First sadhu : Stories of your wisdom and your kindness to the poor have reached distant places. We have travelled a long way to see you.

Jijabai: You’re most welcome to this house and to stay here as long as you wish. 


1. How many holy men appeared at the gate of the fort?

Ans. Three holy men appeared at the gate of the fort.

2. What did Jijabai ask about the third sadhu? 

Ans. Jijabai asked why he did not speak or if he had no words no bless them.

3. What did the first sadhu tell about the third sadhu? 

Ans. He told that the third Sadhu had taken a vow of silence.

4. What did the first sadhu tell about the Rani?

Ans. He tells about Jijabai’s wisdom and kindness.


Second Sadhu: At Varanasi we met Brahman who told us that your son Shivaji had gone to Agra and that you were ruling for him.

Jijabai: What else did you hear about Shivaji?

Second Sadhu: One day we met a band of horsemen. They said the Raja had been put in prison by Aurangzeb.

Jijabai: The lion won’t stay long in that dirty den. What else did you hear? Tell me.


1. Where did a Brahman meet them?

Ans. A Brahman met them in the way and told that Shivaji had gone to Agra.

2. What did he tell about Rani?

Ans. He told that Rani was ruling over the kingdom.

3. What did a band of horsemen tell about the Raja? 

Ans. A band of horsemen told that the Raja had been put in prison by Aurangzeb.

4. Who is the lion in these lines?

Ans. The Lion is Shivaji.

5. What is a den?

Ans. A den is a place where lions etc, rest and live.


(The first and the second sadhus bless her The third does nothing)

Jijabai (to the third sadhu) If you don’t want to bless me, you may curse me and I’ll die cheerfully. 1 can’t live without my son. (He falls at her feet. She passes her hands gently over his face, utters a cry and draws his head to her breast).

It’s my son! It’s my son! My son has come back to me! Shivaji has come back!? The Lord of Maharashtra has come back! The lion has come back from the fox’s den!


1. Who showered their blessings over Jijabai?

Ans. The first and the second sadhu showered their blessings over Jijabai.

2. Why did the third sadhu do nothing? 

Ans. The third sadhu could do nothing because he was Jijabai’s son in the guise of a sadhu.

3. What did Jijabai ask the third sadhu to do?

Ans. She asked the third sadhu to curse her to die cheerfully.

4. What did the third sadhu do?

Ans. The third sadhu fell at her feet to get her blessings.


All: Long live Shivaji! Long live the Lord of Maharashtra!

Shivaji: (rising) Yes, Shivaji has escaped from the fox’s den and the vulture’s claws. I’ve come back to my mother, my friends and my people.

Soyabai (nervously) Dear husband, have you left my son behind in the hands of the enemy.


1. What made all the people cry in the court?

Ans. On finding Shivaji among them as a Sadhu, all emitted out a cry of joy.

2. What did they cry?

Ans. They cried long live Shivaji and long live the lord of Maharashtra.

3. What did Shivaji tell?

Ans. Shivaji told that he had escaped from fox’s den and vulture’s claws.

4. Who was Soyabai?

Ans. Soyabai was Shivaji’s wife.


Shivaji No, I haven’t, he’s quite safe with friends. Don’t worry about him. He’ll be with you in a few days. (Looks round and sees Ram Das). Sir, your pupil has returned to you. Won’t you advise him and guide him as you’ve always done? (turning to others) Friends, come closer Your Raja has come back safe from the spider’s web. Be happy and rejoice. Today we’ll give a feast to the poor. Light the torches on the hill – tops and illuminate the palace. Fire the guns and shout that the Raja has returned to his people.

All We’ll do all this, and we’ll feast and sing and dance. Long live Shivaji! Long live Jijabai! Long live Maharashtra!


1. What does the Shivaji tell about his son?

Ans. Shivaji tells that Sambhaji is safe.

2. Who is Ram Das?

Ans. Ram Das is Shivaji’s guru and companion.

3. What did Shivaji ask his friends?

Ans. He asked them to come closer and rejoice.

4. What were the common words of joy these at that time?

Ans. All shouted long live Shivaji. Jijabai and Maharashtra.

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