NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 19 A Prayer For Healing

NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 19 A Prayer For Healing Solutions to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 19 A Prayer For Healing and select need one. NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 19 A Prayer For Healing Question Answers Download PDF. NIOS Study Material of Class 10 English Notes Paper 202.

NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 19 A Prayer For Healing

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Also, you can read the NIOS book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of NIOS All Subject Solutions. Here we have given NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 19 A Prayer For Healing, NIOS Secondary Course English Solutions for All Chapters, You can practice these here.

A Prayer For Healing

Chapter: 19



19.1.1 part – 1 (Stanzas 1,2 and 3)

We join with the earth and with each other…………. To sing the song of the stars.

We all need air, water and food to live. The earth and its atmosphere give us all these. If we want fresh air and water in the future, we must take care of our land, the air around us and the water sources, by not polluting them and by preventing people who try to do so.

Earth is our home and also the home of many plants, trees, animals, birds and insects. When trees are cut down and water bodies are polluted, many creatures lose their homes. Some species from the animal and plant world are already extinct and some are in danger of becoming extinct. We must protect them and take care of them. Forests, the green cover of the earth, must be looked after too.

Can you imagine the night sky without stars? Do you like looking at the shimmering waters of the oceans and seas? On a cold, winter day, have you ever wished for the sun to come out and warm you? We feel happy because we get to enjoy these wonderful gifts of nature. They are not only beautiful but they also sustain (preserve, protect and support) life.


We have only one earth, so we must do our bit to protect it and keep it clean. Environmental slogans help to create awareness about environmental issues. 

Form a buddy group. One by one, read aloud the slogans given below.

Now make al least two slogans on your own.



Q.1. Tick the correct option.

We join with the earth and with each other’ means that.

(a) we are related to each other.

(b) we agree to work together.

(c) we should hold each other’s hands,

(d) we live on the earth. 

Ans. (b) we agree to work together.

Q. 2. What do the words/phrases ‘to bring to new life’ ‘to restore’ ‘to refresh’ and ‘to renew’ suggest?

Ans. These phrases suggest that life, air, water and forests should be brought back to their old condition. We should move to the time when air was pure, water was clean and forests were full of activity.

Q.3. What ‘creatures’ are being referred to in this unit? Tick the correct option.

(a) ghosts and spirits.

(b) all types of animals, birds and insects.

(c) human beings who are dependent upon others.

Ans. (b) all types of animals, birds and insects.

Q.4. The words ‘celebrate’ and ‘rejoice’ are expressions of joy.

We celebrate the birth of a child because we are happy. We rejoice in the fact that free and compulsory education is the right of every child now.

But why have these words been used in the context of the sea, sunlight and stars?

Ans. Sea, sunlight and stars are gifts of nature. They are beautiful and support life. We feel happiness to see them. The words ‘celebrate’ ‘rejoice’ and ‘sing’ are also expressions of happiness.

LET US DO 19.1

Take a shopping bag made of cloth or jute. Using fabric colours, write the slogan you liked best in bold letters on the bag. If anyone asks you about it, explain to him/her the importance of the slogan.


It is important to realize that Jute must be used. If we have to save humanity.

LET US DO 19.2

A. (i) Find a poem or song that is and/or related to the environment in any language. Compose a short poem (of at least eight lines) related to the environment.

(ii) Share it with your buddy group. 

Ans. Self Activity.

B. Different festivals are celebrated for different reasons. 

  • Do you know of any festival in which the sun, stars, water bodies, animals or plants are worshipped (especially in the area/state in which you live)?
  • Talk to your elders and neighbours to find out.
  • On a sheet of paper, write down the name of the festival, the Choy reason it is celebrated and how it is celebrated.
  • Also find out if there is a folk tale associated with it and narrate it your family or friends.

Ans. In Chhath festival water bodies are worship. This festival belongs to Bihar. The people who celebrate this festival take a dip in water bodies and worship.

Kumb festival is also celebrated through tour states situated along Ganga. The people take a dip in Ganga river and offer diya along the river. Taking a dip in Ganga is way to wash off the sins.

19.2.2 PART 2 (Stanzas 4 and 5)

We join with the earth and with each other……………. and the renewal pf all life.

The first three stanzas talk about caring for the land, air, water, plants, animals and other natural objects. In this unit, the focus is on the human world. The poet suggests that we should work together to make the human world a better place to live in. We should try to leave the earth in a good condition for the future generations. Don’t yon think so too? All human beings differ from each other in some way, but we share the same home – the earth, and must work collectively to protect and preserve it.


Q.1. What do you think the poet means by ‘recreate the human community’? 

Ans. It means that we should try and create a community where people live in harmony with each other and their surroundings.

Q.2. Tick (✔) the correct option.

“To remember our children’ means that…………..

(a) children will be adults in future.

(b) parents love their children.

(c) we should leave behind for our children a better world.

(d) naughty children can destroy peace.

Ans. (c) we should leave behind for our children a better world.

Q.3. What two things does the poet want us to promote?

Ans. The poet wants to promote justice and peace. 

Q.4. What does the poet mean by the phrase many and diverse expressions of one loving mystery?

Ans. It means that no two human beings ae the same. They are different due to looks, temperament, culture, belief or religion. The common thing is that we should live in harmony.


In this lesson you have learnt about the importance of protecting and preserving the environment.

Given below are the meanings of some words/terms that are often used in this context: 

  • pollution: the release of harmful and/or

poisonous substances in the environment. 

  • deforestation: clearing of forests by cutting of trees.
  • conservation: protection of a resource from harm, destruction, wastage and overuse.
  • biodegradable material: material that can be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. Examples: vegetable peels, paper, cloth.
  • non-biodegradable material: materials that do not biodegrade or do not biodegrade easily. 


(a) Glass bottles – take a million biodegrade years to

(b) Aluminium cans take 80-100 years to biodegrade.

(c) Styrofoam glasses – take 500 years forever to biodegrade.

Now that you have understood the meanings of these words, select the appropriate word from The box and fill in the blanks to complete the sentences given below :

biodegradable, conservation, pollution, non-biodegradable, deforestation

(1) _______ waste should be put in green dustbins and waste in blue dustbins.

Ans. Biodegradable, Non-Biodegradable.

(2) Allmost seventy percent of the earth’s land animals and plants live in forests. and many cannot survive the that _______ destroys their homes.

Ans. Deforestation.

(3) Different activities of man have caused different kinds of air and water ________.

Ans. Pollution.

(4) People all over the world need to work for the _______ of natural resources.

Ans. Conversation.

LET US DO 19.4

After reading A Prayer for Healing, you have developed awareness about the need for environmental protection. Now look at the advertisement given below:

(published in the Hindustan Times on 25 March 2011) 

(a) Who has issued this advertisement?

Ans. This advertisement has been issued by Department of Environment and Forests, Government of NCT of Delhi.

(b) What does the advertisement ask the people to do?

Ans. The advertisement asks people to save power for one hour on a specific date and at a specific time.

(c) Show this advertisement to your buddy group. Discuss Earth Hour in the group. Tell your buddies (friends) to talk about the advertisement to at least 5 people.

Ans. Class Activity.

(d) Cut more such advertisements that are issued to create awareness about environmental protect on and paste them in a scrap book.

Ans. Class Activity.


Formal letter to the editor of a newspaper It is said that the pen mightier than the sword. By writing letter to the editor of a newspaper, you can share your views about important issues with a large audience. A well-written and timely letter can create awareness about environmental protection, and influence readers and even government policy. 

Tips on Writing a Letter to the Editor

  • A letter to the editor of a newspaper may be a response to an article in the newspaper, or it may be written to express your views and thoughts on important issues.
  • When responding to an article in the paper, begin your letter by mentioning the heading and date of the original article, along with the name of the correspondent (journalist, writer).
  • Always keep your letter to the editor brief, to-the-point and interesting.
  • Support your letter with accurate facts and statistics.
  • Open your letter with a strong statement. 
  • Close the letter with possible solutions/ thoughts for the readers to remember.


Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper discussing any two environmental issues that concern you the most. Outline the consequences of what might happen if no action is taken. Also give probable solutions to the problems. 

Use the format given below:

Format of a Formal Letter
Sender’s address:
Date: ……………..
The editor 
The …………………………………………
New Delhi-110001
Respected Sir/Madam,
Subject: ………………………………….
Body of the letter
Your sincerely/Your truly
your name

Ans. Ans. 36, Pamposh Enclave, 

New Delhi

16 November, 20XX

The Editor

Times of India

New Delhi-110001

Respected Sir

Subject: Concern regarding rise in pollution level.

Through the columns of your esteemed paper. I beg to draw the attention of the authorities towards rise in global warming many factors are responsible for this situation. We are felling tree to meet the increasing demand of rising population. Increase in pollution level is also due to noise pollution, vehicular traffic pollution and water pollution.

It is requested that the authorities should rise to the occasion and take steps to control global warming.

Thanking you 

Yours truly



Q.1. What is the main idea of the poem A Prayer for Healing? 

Ans. This poem is an appeal to everyone to work together to bring the earth back to old self. The poet appeals to protect the earth for future generations.

Q.2. Can you think of another little of this poem?


Q.3. Earth is our home. It is the home of many other creatures too. Imagine that you are a bird living in a nest on a tree. Suddenly you find that the tree has been cut. How would you feel and what would you do? (Answer in about 50-75 words.)

Ans. I was living with my family happily in a nest on a tree. I was having a happy and joyful time. One day a selfish hunter come across. He cut the tree without considering about my home. I was completely broken. I became homeless and my young ones have no place to protect themselves. This is like a tragedy. I feel that humans should be punished for such acts.

I have decided to make my home on the mountains where I can save myself. 

Q.4. Which aspect of your natural environment (water bodies, trees, mountains, birds, animals, etc.) appeals to you the most? Why? Suggest two ways in which you would take care of it.

Ans. Natural environment appeals every every one. I am most attracted towards water bodies. I feel that water is our life. Nothing on this earth can take place without water. I would always try to keep the water bodies clean. If needed I shall campaign for the same.

Q.5. This poem is an appeal for the healing of the earth. Do you think the earth needs healing (making healthy again)? Why/Why not?

Ans. There is need to heal the earth because earth is being polluted by toxic substances. This causes air water and land resources. We should try to save the resources to make it suitable for mankind.

Q.6. Which stanza of the poem do you like the most and why?

Ans. I like the stanza 4 of the poem the most. This stanza talks about renewal of humanity If we are humane. This is above all qualities. Then we can spread love, kindness, joy etc.

Q. 7. How can you contribute towards healing the earth? Read the following suggestions and tick the ones that you already follow or want to follow in the future.

(a) Spreading awareness about environmental issues.

Ans. Spreading awareness about environmental issues. 

(b) Joining an NGO/organisation working in the field of environmental protection.

Ans. Joining an NGO/organisation working in the field of environmental protection.

(c) Adopting environment-friendly measures in day- to-day life.

Ans. Adopting environment friendly measures in day-to-day life.

(d) Stopping people who are polluting the environment.

Ans. Stopping people who are polluting the environment.

(e) Following some other ways ________. 

Ans. Following some other ways ……………..

I am trying to work in slum areas by teaching children ways to protect environment.


Read the stanzas given below and answer the questions:


We join with the earth and with each other 

to bring new life to the land

To restore the waters

To refresh the air

We join with the earth and with each other

To renew the forests

To care for the plants 

To protect the creatures


1. Name the poem of these lines. 

Ans. These lines have been taken from the poem ‘A Prayer for Healing’.

2. Why do we join together?

Ans. We join to work together.

3. What does the poet say about the forests and plants?

Ans. The poet says that we should renew and care for them.

4. How we can protect the creatures?

Ans. We can protect the creatures by sparing and protecting their lives.


We join with the earth and with each other

To celebrate the seas 

To rejoice the sunlight

To sing the song of the stars


1. Trace two words that express happiness.

Ans. These words are: 

(i) celebrate. 

(ii) rejoice.

2. How does the sunlight help us? 

Ans. The sunlight helps us in protecting over lives.

3. Write two natural objects are listed in the stanza.

Ans. These are: 

(i) stars. 

(ii) sunlight.

4. Trace a word from the above lines that means ‘to make happy’.

Ans. To make happy – Rejoice.


We join with the earth and with each other 

To recreate the human community

To promote justice and peace

To remember our children


1. Why should we join with each other? Give two points. 

Ans. We should join with each other to recreate the human community and to promote justice.

2. How can we promote justice and peace?

Ans. We can promote justice and peace by showering love.

3. How with our generation remember us?

Ans. Our generations will remember us by making our future secure.

4. Trace a word from the above lines that means ‘to learn’.

Ans. To learn – remember.

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