NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 18 The Little Girl

NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 18 The Little Girl Solutions to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 18 The Little Girl and select need one. NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 18 The Little Girl Question Answers Download PDF. NIOS Study Material of Class 10 English Notes Paper 202.

NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 18 The Little Girl

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Also, you can read the NIOS book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of NIOS All Subject Solutions. Here we have given NIOS Class 10 English Chapter 18 The Little Girl, NIOS Secondary Course English Solutions for All Chapters, You can practice these here.

The Little Girl

Chapter: 18



18.2.1 PART – I

To the little girl ……………… little brown and owl.

Unit 1 tells you about the relationship between Kezia and her father and how Kezia is affected. Lets read and find out what Kezias father expects from her and how she responds to it. The expression ‘to be feared and avoided’ indicates that she was afraid of her father. He would always give her instructions or orders but never made an effort to know what she expected from him. She wanted his love and company. He only wanted her to be obedient, disciplined, organized and a perfect person. He expected her to accept the things as they are and not to question anything. As a result she couldn’t build up self confidence and didn’t feel free to talk. If she tried to talk she would end up stuttering. Her father never tried to find out what was going wrong on in her life. He never gave her time to open her mind to him.

children’s expectationsParent’s expectations
1. Parents should not force their likes and dislikes on their children.1. Children should give due respect to their parents.


children’s expectationsParent’s expectations
1. Children’s expectations.1. Parents expectations
2. Children want to follow the profession of their choice.2. Parents wants to force their choice on children.
3. Parents should not force children to make choice of their friends.3. Parents thanks that they can make the best choice of friends.


Q.1. Write Kezia’s feelings about her father. Pick out the expressions/phrases from text to support your answer.

Ans. Kezia was scared of her father and did not feel free with him. We can make from the expression. ‘He was a figure to be feared and avoided’.

Q.2. What was the reason behind Kezia’s stuttering?

Ans. Kezia was afraid of her father. She lacked confidence in presence of her father. She never stuttered in front of others.

Q.3. Kezia’s parents never encouraged her to have an open conversation with them. Give an example from the text.

Ans. Kezia’s parents never encouraged her to have free talk with them. Kezia’s grandmother was very sensible. She send her to drawing room to have a talk with them, on Sundays. When she went she found her father lying on sofa and mother reading. Father gave comments like, Kezia, you look like a brown owl.”

Q.4. Kezia did not object to her parents’ attitude towards her. Describe at least two options she could have considered in order to make them understand her viewpoint, also mention one positive and one negative consequence of her efforts. One example is given for you. 


Option: Kezia could have expressed her feelings to her mother that she wanted to have a more open relationship with them.

Ans. I would expect that Father would start behaving like next door neighbour. Mr. Mcdonald.

Q.5. Why do you think Kezia was more attached to her grandmother than to her mother?

Ans. Kezia’s grandmother was more understanding. She spend time with Kezia and paid attention to her. Grandmother worked on the small needs of Kezia and even guided her how to keep father happy.

Q.6. Kezia’s mother is passive in her attitude towards her. If you were in her mother’s place what would you have done to promote a more positive relationship between Kezia and her father?

Ans. If I had been in her mother’s place I would have talked to Kezia in an understanding manner. I would have also tried to take Kezia out with father. So that things would become better.

Q.7. Read the following statements and write ‘True’, ‘False’, or ‘Not sure’ against each one.

(a) Kezia was scared of her father.

Ans. True.

(b) Her father did not like her.

Ans. False.

(c) Her father did not love her.

Ans. False.

(d) Her grandmother always showed interest in her,

Ans. True.

(e) Kezia’s mother was careless about her daughter.

Ans. False.

(f) Her father always disapproved of every move of hers.

Ans. True.

Q.8. Tick (✓) the right option to complete the following statement: 

Kezia’s grandmother sent her to have a nice talk with her parents so that:

– she could get over the feeling of fear of her father.

– she could tell her father how deeply she missed his love and company.

– her mother comes to understand her daughter’s feelings and takes interest in her.

– the communication gap that was harming her personality development could be overcome.

– all the above reasons.

Ans. Kezia grandmother sent her to have a nice talk with her parents so that…………. (all the above reasons).


Pick out the words from the passage which are similar in meaning to the following:

– seriously ___________

Ans. Seriously – gravely

– very unhappy __________

Ans. Very unhappy – wretched.

LET US DO 18.2

What makes us give gifts to our parents? How do we expect them to respond to our token of affection?

Tick ✓ your choice

(i) Take it and put it among other gifts.

(ii) Give us a return gift.

(iii) Appreciate our feelings behind it.

Kezia gives a gift to her father on his birthday. Let us read and find out how he responds to her.

Ans. We feel overwhelmed and very happy. This feeling makes us gift our parents, It is both out of love and affection. We expect them to appreciate our feelings behind it.

18.2.2 PART – 2

One day when she was kept indoors …………… red colour flew into the cheeks.

On the suggestion of her grandmother Kezia makes a beautiful pin cushion for her father’s birthday. She thought he would appreciate her feelings behind it. Out of ignorance she stuffed it with papers which were very important to her father. He was furious when he came to know about this. She pleaded that it was for his birthday. Instead of being soft to her he punished her by hitting her palms with a ruler. She screamed but her father believed this was the only way to teach her not to touch what did not belong to her. Kezia was deeply hurt at heart. Her question to her grandmother ‘What did God make fathers for?’ shows the intensity of her feelings. Her grandmother believed that she would forget the incident but she did not. She was hurt emotionally. Physical wounds heal but emotional ones don’t.


Let us answer the questions: 

1. Tick (✓) the correct answers to complete the statements: 

A Kezia made a pin cushion for her father because

(a) she loved him and wanted to give him a surprise.

(b) he needed it for his study table. 

(c) her grandmother gave her the idea.

Ans. (c) her grandmother gave her the idea.

B. Kezia’s father punished her because:

(a) he didn’t love her. 

(b) he already had a pin cushion.

(c) Kezia had accidentally destroyed father’s speech and punishment was his way of teaching her a lesson. 

Ans. (c) Kezia had accidentally destroyed father’s speech and punishment was his way of teaching her a lesson.

Q.2. Kezia’s grandmother believed that Kezia would forget the pain by next morning. Was she right? Pick out the words from the text to support your answer. 

Ans. No, grandmother was not right. Whenever she saw her grandmother she put her hands behind in fear.

Q.3. Kezia told the truth to her mother about the missing sheets of paper. Her mother handed her over to her father. Do you think it was right on her part? If you were in her mother’s place, what would you have done?

Ans. Her mother did not behave in a sensible manner by handing over Kezia to her father. She should have put the matter in a different way. If I had been in mother’s place, I would have talked to Kezia’s father and tried to find about the solution of getting the speech which had been torn. 

Q.4. Kezia clung to her grandmother and sobbed, “What did God make fathers for”? Why do you think she said so? Choose the correct option:

(a) She found her father to be harsh and angry all the time.

(b) She wanted to be with her grandmother only. 

(c) She wanted her father to spend more time at home with her.

Ans. (a) She found her father to be harsh and angry all the time.

Q.5. You are Kezia. Express your feelings about your father’s behaviour when you gave him a birthday gift. Write your answer in 50-60 words.

Ans. When I gave birthday present to my fathers, he was very angry he never should emotions. He rather turned red and beat me with a ruler. I repented Why I had such a father. 


1. Pick out the words from the passage which are similar in meaning to the following:

(a) small pieces of something _________.

Ans. small pieces of something – scraps.

(b) shouting with anger ___________.

Ans. shouting with anger – hue and cry

2. Fill in the blanks in each of the following sets of sentences with suitable words from the bracket: 

(a) (planned, suggested, advised)

(i) My brother _______ me to see the doctor without delay. 

Ans. advised.

(ii) My friend _______ that we should go for evening walk together. 

Ans. suggested

(b) (preparing, making, doing)

(i) My sister is ________ a beautiful sweater for me.

Ans. making.

(ii) Sooraj will not accompany us as he is _______ for exams.

Ans. preparing.

(c) (gazed, stared, glanced)

(i) She became self conscious when her teacher _______ at her.

Ans. started.

(ii) Both father and daughter _______ at the stars as they sat by the lake.

Ans. gazed.

18.2.3 PART – 3

The Mcdonalds …………….. What a big heart you have, father dear.

Let us read and find out what Kezia’s choice is: Kezia never got an opportunity to enjoy the company of her parents. She did not have an open relationship with them. In this unit we shall read what she thought when she found the McDonalds playing and enjoying together. She could see the thrill and joy on their faces. She wondered if it could be the same with her family. Her father had never been friendly with her, never encouraged her to feel free with him. She realized that all fathers are not alike. Her father was of a different sort. However, she wanted to enjoy her parents’ company

Another incident happened which made Kezia realise something new about her father Kezia was left alone at night when her mother was hospitalized and her grandmother accompanied her (mother). She had a nightmare. She screamed calling out for grandmother. Her father came and comforted her. She had an opportunity to be close to him. The way he cared for her, comforted her, gave her a sense of security by taking her under his arms and made her realise that her father had indeed a big heart. He was not able to spend time with her because he was busy during the day. She says, “You have got a big heart, father dear.”

LET US DO 18.3

On Sunday your father gives you a choice: spend the day with your parents or go with your friends. What will you choose? Give at least two reasons for your choice.

Ans. If I am given a choice to spend my day, I shall prefer to stay with the family Infact this is the only time when we are free and share our emotions with each other. Sitting together and sharing Sunday lunch would give a sense of security. 

During weekdays we kindly get any time to talk to our father.


A. Let us answer the following questions: 

1. On the basis of your reading of the unit fill in the blanks in the following passage. The first letter of the word is given as a hint.

Kezia observed in the McDonalds family, that their father was d____ (i)____ from her father He spent ____t_____(ii)____ in the______c____ (iii) ____of his five children. All of them were _____f____(iv)____with their father and their life was _____h____(v)____and ______i____(vi)____. She thought perhaps all fathers are not _____s____(vii)____.

Ans. (i) different.

(iii) company.

(ii) time. 

(iv) free.

(v) happy.

(vi) interesting.

(vii) similar. 

2. Write short answers to the following:

(i) Why was Kezia scared of being alone in the dark?

Ans. Whenever Kezia was alone she had nightmare. Due to this she was scared to be alone in the dark.

(ii) Why did Kezia cry out for her grandmother? Who attended to her?

Ans. Kezia cried out for grandmother because she had a nightmare. She loved her grandmother very much. She was attended by her father.

(iii) What did Kezia’s father do when he found that she was frightened? 

Ans. Kezia father acted in a very different way. She carried the child to his room and lay down beside her. He put her head under his arm. 

(iv) Kezia found her father soft and soothing. What did she think about her father after the incident of the nightmare? 

Ans. She realized that her father was a soft hearted man. She now knew that he was not that bad. He could not spend with her because he was busy with his work.

3. Tick (✓) the right choice to complete the following statement: 

On the night when Kezia was alone her father was very caring and warm in his behaviour towards her because

(i) Kezia’s grandmother had instructed him to be so.

(ii) Kezia had called out for him. 

(iii) he cared for her though he had never expressed it.

Ans. (iii) he cared for her though he had never expressed it.


1. Pick out the words from the passage which mean the opposite of the following:

  • soft __________________.

Ans. soft – hard.

  • light __________________.

Ans. light-dark.

2. Fill in the blanks using appropriate words from the ones given in the box.

asked, shouted, screamed, trembling, shivering and shaking

(i) My teacher found me _______ with cold in the examination hall. She gave me her shawl. I felt warm and comfortable. 

Ans. shivering.

(ii) During our visit to a zoo a Cheetah broke out of its cage and ran about.

Ans. trembling.

(iii) The mother _______ for help when her child fell into ditch.

Ans. screamed.

(iv) Sagar _______ at the worker when he dropped the hammer on the glass table top. 

Ans. Shouted.


Exercise – 1

1. Read the following sentences and underline the verbs.

(i) Raman wanted to continue his studies after schooling but his father wanted him to join the family business. Raman discussed it with him and ultimately convinced him that he would help him as well as continue his studies through NIOS.

(ii) Yesterday I called my manager and expressed my desire to be allowed to handle the new machinery.

Note: These verbs are in their past form and are the example of simple past tense. Simple past tense refers to the action which took place in the past and the verbs (action words) are used in their second form.

Simple past is sometimes indicated by the past signals such as ‘yesterday’, ‘last Sunday’, ‘previously’ etc.

(i) Raman wanted to continue his studies, after schooling but his father wanted him to join the family business. Raman discussed it with him and ultimately convinced him that he would help him as well as continue his studies through NIOS.

(ii) Yesterday I phoned my manager and expressed my desire to be allowed to handle the new machinery.

2. Fill in the following blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets:

Last Monday we ______ (go) to attend parents’ day in my daughter’s Aanganwadi school. The teacher ______ (tell) me that ______ (want) to participate in she sports as well as cultural activities in the Aanganwadi but due to her poor health she _______ (allow) her to take part only in one activity.

Ans. Last Monday we went to attend parents’ day in my daughter’s Aanganwadi school. The teacher told me that she wanted to participate in sports as well as cultural activities in the Aanganwadi but due to her poor health she allowed her to take part only in one activity.

Exercise – 2 

1. Read the following sentences carefully and notice the structure of each sentence:

(a) Why did he give up his studies after schooling?

(b) He gave up studies because his father wanted him to help him in his family business.

(c) Didn’t you advise him to join NIOS and appear for his examination? 

(d) Yes, I told him about NIOS. He said that he would think over it. 

  • Sentence (a) begins with interrogative word ‘Why’ and a question has been asked. The structure of the sentence is ‘interrogative word + did + subject + verb in its root form’.
  • e.g., why did + he + give up? 
  • Sentence (c) is also a question beginning with didn’t (negative) + subject +verb in its root form + object. These questions are in the simple past tense.
  • Sentence (b) and (d) are statements in the past tense, and their structures are sub + verb + object.

Note: Statements (positive) in simple past take the 2nd form of the verb but Interrogative sentences begin with interrogative words (when, why, where) followed by did/didn’t and subject, and the verb is used in its root form.

  • Read the following statements and write appropriate questions against each one keeping the underlined words in focus. One has been done for you:


Statement: Last Sunday he went to Chennai.

Q. When did he go to Chennai?

(i) He joined his office last month.

Q. _________________________?

Ans. Ques – when did he join his office. 

(ii) They built their office in Badli Village, after shifting from Badarpur.

Q. __________________________?

Ans. Ques- where did they build there office after shifting from Badarpur.

(iii) They sold their old house in order to buy a new one.

Q. ___________________________?

Ans. Ques – Why did they sell their old office?.


Q.1. Write about Kezia’s father’s attitude towards her in 50-60 words. 

Ans. Kezia was scared of her father. Her father was very formal. He had love and affection for her but never showed this. Kezia realized this at the end of the story.

Q.2. Think of a situation when someone did not listen to you. How did you feel at that time? Express yourself in 100 words.

Ans. One day I was in school. We were given an assignment do of English subject. I had completed the assignment but forgotten to take to school. We were to be awarded marks for the project. These marks were to be included for the final paper. I tried to explain to my teacher but no one listened to me. I was very upset. I was given zero marks. I know that it would be very difficult for me to pass. My whole labour was wasted and I was left helpless.

Q.3. Imagine that you are Kezia’s father. The incident of the nightmare has brought about a change in your feelings/attitude towards Kezia. Write your experience, in about 80 words.

Ans. When Kezia had a nightmare, she couldn’t stay in the dark. In the nightmare she saw a butcher with a knife and rope. When she cried, ‘Grandma’ her father came running. He found her up in his arms and pressed lovingly.

Q.4. “The dark didn’t matter, she lay still.’ Explain the significance of the statement with reference to Kezia’s relationship with her father.

Ans. Kezia was much afraid of her father. She was alone at home. But now behaviour of her father had her confident and was no longer afraid of dark.

Q.5. Describe any incident where you misunderstood a person, but later realised the truth.

Ans. I always had a feeling that my brother was not understanding and always boasted about his intelligence. But once I was able to clear my exam for the competition. He was so happy that he invited all his friends for the party and give me a watch as gift.


Answer the following questions in about 100 words each.

Q.1. Comment on the role of grandmother in trying to make the family atmosphere warm and friendly.

Ans. Grandmother played the role of an elderly and caring person.

She spent time with Kezia and encouraged her to have nice talk with her percents.

She advised to make pin cushion for her father. She wanted to lessen the gap between Kezia and father. 

Q.2. Why do you think people give gifts to their loved ones? 

Ans. We exchange gifts as token of love. This helps us to improve our relationship. We can care for our likes, tastes and needs. By exchanging gifts we can spend time together and communicate with other.

Q.3. Do you think Kezia’s father was a cruel man who didn’t love his daughter? Give reasons. 

Ans. Kezia father was not cruel. He was a person of different sort. He wanted her to be nice and an obedient girl. When mother and grandmother was alone in the hospital, Kezia’s father showed concern. When at night Kezia had a nightmare and screamed, father come at once and took her to his room.

Q.4. You are Seema /Arjun. You have got an appointment with Kezia’s mother for an interview. Complete the following conversation you had with Kezia’s mother using the words/phrases given in the box at the end:

Arjun: Good morning. Madam. 

Mother: Good morning, please, come in.

Arjun: Madam your daughter Kezia is a sweet girl. It seems she is very scared of her father. Is she scared of you too?

Mother: She is very shy and sensitive. She takes her father’s comments to heart. I don’t think she is scared of me.

Arjun: That’s good. I hope you _____ (a) _______ with her.

Mother: Not much, because the _____ (b) ______ keeps me busy. In addition I work for a _____ (c) _____ from home. Her grand-mother is there to give her ____ (d) _____

Arjun: Why is her father always so. _____ (e) _____ with her? Doesn’t he _____ (f) _____ for her?

Mother: He does. But he doesn’t _____(g) _____ it.

Arjun: Why don’t you support her when her father scolds/punishes her? Don’t you care for her feelings?

Mother: Her father doesn’t _____ (h) _____ to me because he believes he is always ____ (i) ____. 

angry, company, spend time, care, listen, right, household work, show, firm.

Ans. (a) spend time, (b) house-hold work, (c) firm, (d) company, (e) angry, (f) care, (g) show, (h) listen, (i) right.

3. Given below are the extracts from the personal diaries of three students about their relationship with their parents. Go through them and write briefly about your relationship with your parents.

A. My parents are very strict about my daily routine, such as studies, food habits, choice of clothes, hobbies, friends etc. They think they are always right.

They expect me to obey them, help them, follow their orders, then everything will be smooth in our life. How shall I learn to meet the challenges of the changing world? I don’t understand.

B. I am free to pursue my routine, have my likes and dislikes. My parents guide me when and where I need. I discuss and argue with them. But the decision is my own. They are my friends rather than my bosses. I am really fortunate. I feel it is my responsibility to share their problems and support them in their hour of need.

C. My parents are very liberal in providing

me a comfortable life and freedom, but they have no time for me. They don’t bother to spend time with us. I wish I could share my experiences and problems with them and feel a family bond.

Now write about your relationship with your parents in your diary.

Ans. My parents are very strict. They want me to follow them. They do not allow me to go out alone. Still I feel that they are concerned about my future. They want to reach top and attain success.


Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow:


To the little girl he was a figure to be feared and avoided. Every morning before going to work he came into her room and gave her a casual kiss, to which she responded with “Goodbye, father”. And oh the glad sense of relief when she heard the noise of the carriage growing fainter and fainter down the long road! Questions:

1. Identify ‘he’ and why is to be avoided? 

Ans. He’ stands for Kezia’s father. He is to be avoided as he was a figure to be feared.

2. Who is the little daughter in these lines?

Ans. Kezia is the little daughter in these lines.

3. How did she respond to her father? 

Ans. He bade Good Bye to her father.

4. When did she feel relieved? 

Ans. She felt relieved when she heard the noise of the carriage getting father.


In the evening when he came home she stood near the staircase and heard his loud voice in the hall. “Bring my tea into the drawing room….. Hasn’t the paper come yet? Mother, go and see if my paper’s out there and bring me my slippers.” 


1. When did he return? 

Ans. He returned in the evening.

2. What did he ask for on returning home?

Ans. He asked for tea on returning home.

3. Who is asked to go and bring the paper?

Ans. Mother is asked to go and bring the paper.

4. Find the word which is antonym of ‘low’.

Ans. low – loud.


On Sunday afternoons grandmother sent her down to the drawing room to have a “nice talk with father and mother”. But the little girl always found mother reading and father stretched out on the sofa, his handkerchief on his face, his feet on one of the best cushions, sleeping soundly and snoring.


1. When did her grandmother sent her down and who was she?

Ans. The grandmother sent her down on Sunday afternoons. She was Kezia.

2. Why was the little girl sent?

Ans. The little girl was sent to have a nice talk with her parents.

3. What did the little girl notice about her father?

Ans. Her father was found sleeping soundly and snoring on the sofa.

4. Trace a word that means ‘sleeping’ comfortably.’

Ans. Sleeping, comfortably = snoring.


One day, when she was kept indoors because it was cold outside with a cold, her grandmother told her that father’s birthday was next week, and suggested she should make him a pin-cushion for a gift out of a beautiful piece of yellow silk.


1. Name the lesson from which these lines have been extracted.

Ans. These lines have been extracted from the lesson “The Little Girl’.

2. Who was kept indoors and why?

Ans. Kezia was kept indoors because it was cold outside.

3. What was told and suggested by the grandmother?

Ans. The grandmother told Kezia that her father’s birthday was next week. She suggested to make him a beautiful pin- cushion.

4. Write a synonym of the word suggest’.

Ans. suggest = propose.


Laboriously, with a double cotton, the little girl stitched three sides. But what to fill it with? That was the question. The grandmother was out in the garden, and she wandered into Mother’s bedroom to look for ‘scraps’. On the bed- table she discovered a great many sheets of fine papers, gathered them up, tore them into tiny pieces, and stuffed, her case, then sewed up the fourth side. 


1. After stitching why was Kezia troubled?

Ans. After stitching Kezia was troubled what to fill it with.

2. What did Kezia see on the bed table? 

Ans. She saw a great many sheets of fine paper on the bed table.

3. Trace a word that means with “great effort”.

Ans. With great effort laboriously.

4. What did she do with these papers? 

Ans. She tore them into small bits filled in her case and sewed it.


“But it was for your b-b-birthday.” 

Down came the ruler on her little, pink palms.

Hours later, when grandmother had wrapped her in a shawl and rocked her in the rocking chair, the child clung to her soft body. “What did God make father’s for?” She robbed


1. Who is responding the first line and before whom?

Ans. Kezia is responding the first line before her father.

2. What was her reply?

Ans. She replied that she tore the papers for a fine pin- cushion to present on his birthday.

3. How did the father conduct?

Ans. Father became angry and beat her pink palms with a ruler.

4. What is Kezia’s opinion about her father? 

Ans. She said., “What did God make fathers for. “

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