Class 9 Social Science MCQ Chapter 3 The Moamoria Rebellion

Class 9 Social Science MCQ Chapter 3 The Moamoria Rebellion, Class 9 Social Science MCQ Question Answer, Class 9 Social Science Multiple Choice Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SCERT Social Science Class 9 Objective Types Question Answer so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Class 9 Social Science MCQ Chapter 3 The Moamoria Rebellion Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

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Table of Contents

SCERT Class 9 Social Science MCQ Chapter 3 The Moamoria Rebellion Notes covers all the exercise questions in SCERT Science Textbooks. The NCERT Class 9 Social Science MCQ Chapter 3 The Moamoria Rebellion provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams.

The Moamoria Rebellion

Chapter – 3


Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

1. During the reign of which Ahom king did the Moamoria Rebellion begin?

(a) Lakhsmi Singha.

(b) Gadadhar Singha.

(c) Rudra Singha.

(d) Gaurinath Singha.

Ans: (a) Lakhsmi Singha.

2. Which Ahom king was first to adopt the title of Swarganarayan?

(a) Suhungmung.

(b) Sutanpha.

(c) Sukapha.

(d) Sukhrenmung.

Ans: (a) Suhungmung.

3. Which Satradhikar was murdered during the reign of Surampha Bhagaraja?

(a) Nityanandadev.

(b) Baikunthadeva Mahanta.

(c) Chaturbhujdeva Mahanta.

(d) Ganashyam Burhagohain.

Ans: (a) Nityanandadev.

4. During the reign of which Ahom king the Buranji Sri Sri Swarganarayan Maharajar Janmakotha was written?

(a) Sukapha.

(b) Sutanpha.

(c) Sukhrenmung.

(d) Suhungmung.

Ans: (d) Suhungmung.

5. Which Satradhikar was humiliated in the royal court of Rudra Singha?

(a) Nityanandadeva.

(b) Baikunthadev Mahanta.

(c) Chaturbhuj dev Mahanta.

(d) Ganashyam Burhagohain.

Ans: (c) Chaturbhuj dev Mahanta.

6. Which Ahom king gave the order to murder the satradhikar Baikunthnath Mahanta?

(a) Gadhadhar Singha.

(b) Laksme Singha.

(c) Rudra Singha.

(d) Gaurinath Singha.

Ans: (a) Gadhadhar Singha.

7. Who was the chief deity of Assam?

(a) Vishnu.

(b) Shiva.

(c) Somdev.

(d) Kali.

Ans: (c) Somdev.

8. Which satradhikar did Jayadhwaj singha accept as his religions preceptor?

(a) Niranjan dev.

(b) Baikuntha dev Mahanta.

(c) Chaturbhujdev Mahanta.

(d) Ganashyam Burhagohain.

Ans: (a) Niranjan dev.

9. Who invited Shakta Brahmin pandit Krishnaram Bhattacharya from Nadiya in Bengal?

(a) Pratap Singha.

(b) Rudra Singha.

(c) Siva Singha.

(d) Mumai Tamuli.

Ans: (b) Rudra Singha.

10. Who was popularly known parbotiya Gosain?

(a) Pratap Singha. 

(b) Rudra Singha.

(c) Krishnaram Bhattacharya.

(d) Mumai Tamuli.

Ans: (c) Krishnaram Bhattacharya.

11. During the reign of which Ahom king Shaktism become very strong?

(a) Gadadhar Singh.

(b) Laksmi Singha.

(c) Rudra Singha.

(d) Siva Singha.

Ans: (d) Siva Singha.

12. During the reign of which Ahom king paik system was introduced?

(a) Rudra Singha.

(b) Siva Singha.

(c) Pratap Singha.

(d) Jayadhwaj Singha.

Ans. (d) Jayadhwaj Singha.

13. Who was Gagini?

(a) Son of Astabhuj.

(b) Son of Chaturbhuj dev.

(c) Son of Ramakanta.

(d) Son of Keshabadev.

Ans: (a) Son of Astabhuj.

14. Who of the following first establish as a king by the Moamoriya’s?

(a) Gagini.

(b) Chaturbhujdev.

(c) Rudra Singha.

(d) Ramakanta.

Ans: (d) Ramakanta.

15. Who was the Ahom Commander in the first phase of Moamoriya Rebellion?

(a) Harnam Bhitoruwal Phukon.

(b) Naranarayan.

(c) Lachit Borphukan.

(d) Aton Burhagohain.

Ans: (2) Harnam Bhitoruwal Phukon.

16. Who invited the British first to Assam?

(a) Gaurinath Singha.

(b) Kamaleswar Singha.

(c) Gadhadhar Singha.

(d) Rajswar Singha.

Ans: (a) Gaurinath Singha.

17. In which year did British come first to Assam?

(a) 1692

(b) 1792

(c) 1892

(d) None of above.

Ans. (b) 1792.

18. Who led the expedition of English to Assam during Moamariya Rebellion?

(a) Lord William Bentinck.

(b) Lord Ripon.

(c) Captain Thomas Welsh.

(d) Lord Liton.

Ans: (c) Captain Thomas Welsh.

19. What was the Hindu name of Suklengpha?

(a) Siva Singha.

(b) Rudra Singha.

(c) Kamaleshwar Singh.

(d) Gaurinath Singha.

Ans: (c) Kamaleshwar Singha.

20. What is Mayamara?

(a) name of a tribe.

(b) name of a Satra.

(c) name of a Place.

(d) name of a festival.

Ans: (b) name of a Satra.

21. Which Ahom king adopted the title of Swargadeo?

(a) Sukafa.

(b) Suklengmung.

(c) Suhungmung.

(d) Kameswar Singh.

Ans: (c) Suhungmung.

23. Chaturbhuj Dev Mahanta was assulted in the court of

(a) Kamaleswar Singha.

(b) Suhungmung.

(c) Suklengmung.

(d) Rudra Singha.

Ans: (d) Rudra Singha.

24. Who was the Chief deity of the Ahoms?

(a) Indra.

(b) Mahadev.

(c) Somdeo.

(d) Baruna.

Ans: (c) Somdeo.

25. Whom did Jaydhwaj Singha accept as his religious preceptor?

(a) Nityananda.

(b) Niranjandev.

(c) Krishna Ram Bhattacharya.

(d) Keshab Dev.

Ans: (b) Niranjandev.

26. From which word has the word ‘Moamariya’ has come?

(a) Moamar.

(b) Mayamaria.

(c) Mayamara.

(d) Moamari.

Ans: (c) Mayamara.

27. To which Satra did the Moran people belong?

(a) Auniati.

(b) Gormur.

(c) Mayamara.

(d) Begenabari.

Ans: (c) Mayamara.

28. The next generation of Krishna Ram Bhattacharya is known as___

(a) Parbatiya Gohain.

(b) Paharia Gohain.

(c) Ahom Gohain.

(d) None of these.

Ans: (a) Parbatiya Gohain.

29. Whom did Purnananda select as the heir of Gourinath Singha?

(a) Satram.

(b) Kinaram.

(c) Pramatta Singha.

(d) Rudra Singha.

Ans: (b) Kinaram.

30. What was the hindu name of Kinaram?

(a) Kamaleswar Singha.

(b) Suklenpha.

(c) Kameswar Singha.

(d) Suklengmung.

Ans: (a) Kamaleswar Singha.

Very Short Answer Type Questions:

1. In which Ahom king’s reign did the Moamariya Rebellion begin?

Ans: The Moamariya Rebellion broke out during the reign of Swargadeo Lakhi Singha.

2. In which Ahom king’s rule did the Moamariya Rebellion come to an end?

Ans: Swargadeo Kamaleswar singha.

3. Which Satradhikar was assulted in the royal court of Rudra Singha?

Ans: Chaturbhujdev Mahanta.

4. Who was the chief deity of the Ahoms?

Ans: Somdev.

5. Whom did Rudra Singha accept as his religions preceptor?

Ans: Keshab Dev.

6. During which Ahom king’s reign did ‘Shaktism’ become very strong?

Ans: During Swargadeo Shiva Singha’s time.

7. Who was Gagini?

Ans: Gagini was the son of Astabhuj, the Moamariya mahanta.

8. Whom did the Moamariyas first declare as king?

Ans: The Moamariyas declared Ramakanta or Ramananda their king.

9. How long did Captain Welsh stay in Assam?

Ans: Captain Welsh stayed in Assam from November 1792 to May 1798.

10. Where was salt produced in Assam?

Ans: Salt was produced in Assam’s Sadiya and Nagapahar.

11. Why were the common people unable to use salt?

Ans: The common people could not use salt because salt was very costly.

12. From which word has the word ‘Moamariya’ come?

Ans: Mayamara.

13. In which Sanghati was the ‘Mayamara Satra’ included?

Ans: Kal Sanghati.

14. To which Satra did the Moran people belong?

Ans: Mayamara Satra.

15. To which community did the Satradhikars of Mayamara Satra belong?

Ans: Sudra Community.

16. Against whom did the Moamariya Rebellion take place?

Ans: Against the Ahom Kingdom.

17. Under whose order was Saint Nityananda Killed?

Ans: Surumpha, the Bhagaraja.

18. Who was killed on Gadadhar Singha’s order?

Ans: Baikunthadev Mahanta.

19. Who instructed to compell the Moamariya Mahanta to wear a tilok with the blood of sacrificed animal?

Ans: Bor raja Phuleswari.

20. From whom did Jayaddhwaj Singh take initiation?

Ans: Niranjan Dev, the Satradhikar of Auniati.

21. Where did Shiva Singha settle Krishna Ram Bhattacharya?

Ans: On Nilachal hill.

22. What was the negative result of the Moamariya Rebellion?

Ans: Downfall of the Ahom administration.

23. What was the name of the runaway son of Rajeswar Singha?

Ans: Bijoy Barmura Gohain.

Short Answer Type Questions:

1. When did the British come to Assasm?

Ans. The British first came to Assam in 1792 under the invitation of Gourinath Singha.

2. What was the medium of exchange in case of import and export in Assam?

Ans: In most cases of imports and exports trade of Assam the medium of exchange were gold and salt.

3. Write two specialities of the Moamariya Rebellion.

Ans: (i) The rebellion was caused by mass people.

(ii) It was against the rulers of Assam.

4. Why did Gadadhar Singha think that a policy of domination towards the Satras would be appropriate? 

Ans: Gadadhar Singha was amazed by the power and position of the Satradhikars and felt that each Satra was a parallel kingdom within the Ahom kingdom. That was why he took steps to curtail the power of the Satradhikars and the Satras.

5. Name the kings of lower Assam who fought against the British.

Ans: Taking advantage of the weakness of the Ahom kings many of the tributary kings in lower Assam refused to acknowledge the Ahom domination. As a result they had to fight against the British. Among them were the king of Darrang Krishnanarayan of North Kamrup Hardutta choudhury and Sindhura Hazarika of of Nagaon.

6. What did Phuleswari do to the Moamariyas?

Ans: During the reign of Siva Singha, Queen Phuleswari, known as ‘Bor Raja’ became very powerful. Shaktism got the opportunity to flourish during this time. The Satra Mahantas were repressed on royal orders. Examples of even the disciples were tortured and forced to wear tilok from the blood of sacrificed animals have also been found. The consequence of such torture was the Moamariya Rebellion.

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