Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 1 A Letter to God

Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 1 A Letter to God, Class 10 English MCQ Question Answer, Class 10 English Multiple Choice Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SCERT English Class 10 Objective Types Question Answer so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 1 A Letter to God Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

SCERT Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 1 A Letter to God

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Table of Contents

SCERT Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 1 A Letter to God Notes covers all the exercise questions in SCERT Science Textbooks. The NCERT Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 1 A Letter to God provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams.

A Letter to God

Chapter – 1

Multiple Choice Questions & Answers


1. Lencho’s house was situated-

(i) in a city

(ii) in a valley

(iii) on the crest a low hill.

(iv) on beach

Ans. (iii) On the crest a low hill.

2. What covered the Lencho’s field after hail-

(i) salt

(iii) ice 

(ii) hailstones

(iv) none of above

Ans. (ii) Ice.

3. The word ‘amiable’ means-

(i) fat

(ii) friendly

(iii) holy man 

(iv) serious 

Ans. (ii) Friendly.

4. What the Frozen Pearls are compared with –

(i) pearls

(ii) salt

(iii) hailstone 

(iv) none of these 

Ans. (iii) Hailstone.

5. Lencho predicted-

(i) Rain 

(ii) Cyclone

(iii) Strom

(iv) None of above

Ans. (i) Rain.

6. Lencho’s soul filled with- 

(i) tears 

(ii) sadness  

(iii) joy 

(iv) none

Ans. (ii) Sadness.

7. The Post master managed- 

(i) 100 pesos 

(ii) 70 pesos  

(iii) 30 pesos

(iv) 75 pesos

 Ans. (ii) 70 pesos.

8. Lencho had faith in- 

(i) God 

(ii) Postmaster 

(iii) His sons 

(iv) His wife 

Ans. (i) God.

9. The woman was preparing-

(i) lunch

(ii) supper

(iii) breakfast

(iv) nothing

Ans. (ii) Supper.

10. The air was-

(i) fresh and sweet

(ii) polluted

(iii) dusty

(iv) humid

Ans. (i) Fresh and sweet.

11. Rain drops are compared with-

(i) new coins

(ii) silver coins

(iii) gold coins

(iv) 5 Rupees coins

Ans. (i) New coins.

12. Leacho saw towards North-East-

(i) a temple

(ii) a mountain

(iii) a mountain of clouds

(iv) a valley

Ans. (iii) A mountain of clouds.

13. Pesos means-

(i) Latin America

(ii) Currency of Latin America

(iii) Australian currency

(iv) Coins

Ans. (ii) Currency of Latin America.

14. Locust is-

(i) a bird

(ii) an insect

(iii) mountain 

(iv) none

Ans. (ii) An insect.

15. Who is ox of a man-

(i) Postmaster 

(ii) Lencho

(iii) Lencho’s sons

(iv) All of above 

Ans. (ii) Lencho.

Very Short Type Questions & Answers:

1. What did Lencho predict?

Ans. Lencho predicted big drops of rain.

2. How was the air?

Ans. The air was fresh and sweet.

3. What did Lencho compare the rain drops with?

Ans. Lencho compared the rain drops with new coins.

4. What are the Frozen Pearls?

Ans. Frozen Pearls are the hailstones. 

5. What hailstones are compared with?

Ans. Hailstones are compared with the Frozen Pearls.

6. What destroyed the whole valley? 

Ans. The hailstones destroyed the whole valley.

7. How was the field after the hail? 

Ans. The field was white, as if covered with salt.

8. What did Lencho’s soul fill with? 

Ans. Lencho’s soul filled with sad ness.

9. What was the single hope of Lencho?

Ans. The single hope of Lencho was to get help from God.

10. Who was ‘ox’ of a man?

Ans. Lencho was ‘ox’ of a man.

11. Why did Lencho wrote a letter to god?

Ans. Lencho wrote a letter to god asking for money.

12. How does the Postmaster manage money to give Lencho?

Ans. The Postmaster manages money asking from his employees and friends to give to Lencho.

13. How much money did the Postmaster manage to give Lencho?

Ans. The Postmaster hardly managed seventy pesos to give Lencho.

14. Who signs on the top of the envelope of the letter?

Ans. The Postmaster signs on the top of the envelope of the letter as ‘God’.

15. Who did Lencho have faith in? 

Ans. Lencho had faith in God.

16. Why was Lencho not satisfied by getting the money from god?

Ans. He was not at all satisfied by getting the money because he got only seventy pesos instead of one hundred pesos.

17. Who were the ‘bunch of crooke’ according to Lencho?

Ans. According to Lencho post office employees were bunch of crooks.

18. Choose the meaning of the underlined words from the alternatives given in brackets:

(i)….. who lived in that solitary house.


Ans. Lonely.

(ii) The postman- a fat amiable………(kind hearted/cruel/arrogant).

Ans. Kind hearted.

(iii) The field of …….. flowers draped in a curtain.


Ans. Covered.

(iv) …….experiencing the contentment of a man. (pleasure/sorrow/satisfaction) 

Ans. Satisfaction.

(v) Send me the rest,since I need it very much.

Ans. Remaining part.

(vi) The house-the only one in the entire valley-sat on the crest of a low hill.

Ans. Whole.

19. How many houses were there in the entire valley?

Ans. There was only one house in the entire valley.

20. Where was the house in the valley situated?

Ans. The house was situated on the crest of a low hill.

21. What were the things that could be seen from the house?

Ans. From the house one could see the river and the field with ripe corn dotted with flowers.

22. “The only thing the earth needed…….” What ‘only thing did the earth need?

Ans. The only thing that the earth needed was a downpour or at least a shower.

23. Who was Lencho?

Ans. Lencho was a farmer.

24. What did Lencho do throughout the morning? What did he see in the North-East?

Ans. Throughout the morning Lencho did nothing else but see the sky towards the north-east. In the north-east he saw huge mountains of cloud.

25. What did Lencho to his sons after the hail storm?

Ans. Lencho told his sons that a plague of locust would have left more than what had been left by the hailstorm.

26. What was the woman doing?

Ans. The woman was preparing supper. 

27. What could be seen in the northeast?

Ans. In the north-east huge mountains of cloud could be seen.

28. Where was Lencho’s home situated?

Ans. Lencho’s home was situated on the crest of a low hill overlooking the valley.

29. What did fall along with the rain? 

Ans. Hailstones fell along with the rain. 

30. What did the hailstone resemble? 

Ans. The hailstone resembled new silver coins.

31. Why did the boys run out to the rain?

Ans. The boys ran out to rain to collect the frozen pearls.(hailstones)

32. Did the rain pass of quickly?

Ans. No,the rain did not passed off quickly.

33. For how long did the hail rain? 

Ans. The hail rained for an hour.

34. How did the field look after the hail storm?

Ans. After the hailstorm the field looked white as it was covered with snow.

35. How did Lencho feel after the hail storm?.

Ans. After the hailstorm Lencho’s soul was filled with sadness.

36. What hope was there in the hearts of the inmates of the house?

Ans. Their only hope was from God. 

37. Why do Lencho asked his sons not to be so upset?

Ans. Lencho asked his sons not to be upset because,he said that no one died of hunger.

All through the might,Lencho thought only of his own hope.

38. What was the only one hope of Lencho?

Ans. Lencho’s only hope was the help of God.

39. What had been instructed to Lencho?

Ans. Lencho had been instructed that God’s eyes see everything, even what is deep in one’s consciousness.

40. To whom did Lencho write a letter?

Ans. Lencho wrote a letter to God.

41. Where did Lencho drop his letter? 

Ans. Lencho dropped his letter into the mailbox.

42. Why did the postman laughed heartily?

Ans. The postman laughed heartily to find the letter addressed to God.

43. What type of a man was the postmaster?

Ans. The postmaster was a fat amiable man.

44. What did the postmaster do immediately after receiving the letter addressed to God?

Ans. The postmaster broke out in laughter to see the letter addressed to God.

45. What did Lencho write on the envelope?

Ans. Lencho wrote “To God” on the envelope.

46. What was evident when the postmaster opened the letter?

Ans. When the postmaster opened the letter it was evident that he needed something. more than goodwill, ink and paper.

47. How much money could the postmaster send to Lencho?

Ans. The postmaster could send to. Lencho- a little more than a half of Lencho wanted.

48. How much money did Lencho seek from God?

Ans. One hundred pesos.

49. Why could not the postmaster send to Lencho one hundred pesos?

Ans. The postmaster could not gather one hundred pesos and so he could not send it to Lencho.

50. Why did Lencho write to God not to send the rest of the money through the mail?

Ans. Because Lencho thought that the post office employees were a bunch of crooks.

51. How much money did Lencho receive?

Ans. Lencho received seventy pesos only.

52. Who sent the money to Lencho? 

Ans. The postmaster sent the money to Lencho.

53. Why could not the postmaster send one hundred pesos to Lencho?

Ans. The postmaster could not send one hundred pesos because he could not collect the whole amount.

54. What is peso?

Ans. Peso is currency of several Latin American countries.

55. Why did Lencho become angry when he counted the money?

Ans. Lencho became angry when he counted the money because he got seventy pesos instead of hundred pesos he wanted.

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