Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 4 Madam Rides the Bus

Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 4 Madam Rides the Bus, Class 10 English MCQ Question Answer, Class 10 English Multiple Choice Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SCERT English Class 10 Objective Types Question Answer so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 4 Madam Rides the Bus Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

SCERT Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 4 Madam Rides the Bus

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SCERT Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 4 Madam Rides the Bus Notes covers all the exercise questions in SCERT Science Textbooks. The NCERT Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 4 Madam Rides the Bus provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams.

Madam Rides the Bus

Chapter – 4

Multiple Choice Questions & Answers


1. How old was Valli?

(i) Six years

(ii) Eight years

(iii) Nine years

(iv) Ten years

Ans. (ii) Eight years.

2. Where was Valli standing every day?

(i) At the front door 

(ii) On the street

(iii) At the back door

(iv) At the back yeard 

Ans. (i) At the front door.

3. Valli has____ playmates of her own age. 

(i) Two 

(ii) No

(iii) Many

(iv) A lot

Ans. (ii) No.

4. The source of unending Joy of Valli was

(i) Sets of old passengers

(ii) Sets of new passengers

(iii) Sets of same aged passengers 

(iv) None of these

Ans. (ii) Sets of new passengers.

5. Valli wanted to ride on a

(i) Car

(ii) Bus

(iii) Train

(iv) Aeroplane

Ans. (ii) Bus.

6. Valli knew about the bus journey from___

(i) Parents

(ii) Friends

(iii) Neighbours 

(iv) Classmates 

Ans. (iii) Neighbours.

7. The distance to town form Valli’s village was-

(i) Four miles

(ii) Six miles 

(iii) Nine miles

(iv) None of these 

Ans. (ii) Six miles.

8. The fare was___ one way

(i) Thirty paise

(ii) Forty paise

(iii) Fifty paise 

(iv) Sixty paise

Ans. (i) Thirty paise.

9. How much time did the bus take to reach the town?

(i) Twenty minutes

(ii) Thirty minutes

(iii) Forty-five minutes

(iv) None of these 

Ans. (iii) Forty-five minutes.

10. Who yelled as ‘stop the bus’, ‘stop the bus’?

(i) Bus Conductor 

(ii) Valli

(iii) Another Passenger 

(iv) The driver

Ans. (ii) Valli.

11. “I simply have to go to the town’’– who said this line?

(i) An old man  

(ii) A young man

(iii) Valli 

(iv) None of these

Ans. (iii)  Valli.

12. Valli gave some___ ‘tor as fare.

(i) Notes

(ii) Coins

(iii) Silver Coin 

(iv) Old notes 

Ans. (ii) Coins.

13. The conductor was a____ man

(i) Joyfull

(ii) Extrovert

(iii) Introvert 

(iv) None

Ans. (i) Joyfull.

14. What was the name the conductor gave to Valli?

(i) Sister

(ii) Madam

(iii) Mother 

(iv) None of These

Ans. (ii) Madam.

15. How many passengers were on the bus?

(i) Three or four 

(ii) Six or seven 

(iii) Nine or ten

(iv) Twenty or Twenty five 

Ans. (ii) Six or seven.

16. “May we start now Madam’’ –who said

(i) The passengers

(ii) The conductor

(iii) The passenger who set next to Valli

(iv) None of these

Ans. (ii) The conductor.

17. What did the conductor blow twice?

(i) Flute

(ii) Pungi

(iii) Whistle

(iv) Horn

Ans. (iii) Whistle.

18. The seats of the bus were____.

(i) Rough

(ii) Soft

(iii) Tight

(iv) None of these

Ans. (ii) Soft.

19. She found her view cut off by a____.

(i) Window glass 

(ii) Canvas

(iii) Tree

(iv) Man

Ans. (ii) Canvas.

20. How was the road, when she travelled on the___.

(i) Broad

(ii) Narrow

(iii) Four lane highway

(iv) None of these

Ans. (ii) Narrow.

21. “There’s nobody here whos’ a child” Who said like this?

(i) The elderly women

(ii) The conductor

(iii) Valli

(iv) A Passenger

Ans. (iii) Valli.

22. What was the elderly women chewing on the bus?

(i) Chewing gum 

(ii) Tobacco 

(iii) Betel nut 

(iv) None of these

Ans. (ii) Tobacco.

23. Who did not get off the bus in the bus stop?

(i) Valli

(ii) The elderly woman

(iii) A lame man

(iv) All of these

Ans. (i) Valli.

24. Suddenly Valli saw a____ lying dead by the road side.

(i) Cat

(ii) Dog

(iii) Cow

(iv) None of these

Ans. (iii) Cow.

Very Short Type Question & Answers

1. Who was Valli?

Ans. Valli was an eight year old girl.

2. What is Vallis full name?

Ans. Valli’s full name was Valliammai.

3. What is Valli’s favourite pastime? 

Ans. Valli’s favourite pastime was standing in the front door of her house.

4. Did Valli have any playmates of her own age?

Ans. No, Valli did not have any playmates of her own age.

5. What was the source of unending Joy for Valli?

Ans. The sight of the bus, filled each time with a new set of passengers was the source of unending Joy for Valli.

6. What was the tiny wish of Valli? 

Ans. Her tiny wish was to ride on a bus. 

7. What did Valli listen from the neighbour.

Ans. Valli listened about the bus journey from the neighbour.

8. How far was the town from her village?

Ans. The town was six miles away from her village.

9. How much time did the trip take from village to town?

Ans. It look forty five minutes from village to town.

10. When did Valli travel on the bus? 

Ans. One fine spring day, the afternoon Vallis travelled on the bus.

11. Who was sticking his head out the door on the bus?

Ans. Conductor was sticking his head out the door of the bus.

12. Why did the conductor stretch his hand out?

Ans. The conductor stretched his hand out to get on Valli inside the bus.

13. How was the bus conductor?


What type of man was the conductor?

Ans. The conductor was a Jolly sort of person, fond of joking.

14. Who called Valli Madam?

Ans. The conductor called Valli madam.

15. Why did the conductor call Valli madam?

Ans. Though Valli was a young girl, her activities was like an adult So conductor called Valli madam.

16. How many passengers were on the bus along with Valli.

Ans. There were six or seven passengers on the bus along with Valli.

17. How did the bus look like?

Ans. The bus was new,it was painted with some green strips along sides.

18. Where was the beautiful clock hung on the bus?

Ans. The beautiful clock was hung above the wind shield of the bus.

19. How was the seats of bus?

Ans. It was soft and luxurious.

20. Why did Valli stand on the seat of the bus?

Ans. Valli stood on the seat of the bus because her sight was cut off by a canside beauty. vas, so she stood there to enjoy the out

21. What did Valli see in the Journey through window?

Ans. Valli saw palm trees, grassland, distant mountain and blue sky in her journey through window.

22. Who told Valli to sit down on her seat?

Ans. An elderly man honestly told her to sit down on her seat.

23. When did Valli finally sit down on the bus seat?

Ans. When some new passengers got on the bus, then she afraid to lose her seat, so finally she sat down on the bus seat.

24. What is the meaning of repulsive? 

Ans. Repulsive means causing strong dislike.

25. How did the elderly woman look like?

Ans. According to Valli she was absolutely repulsive, she had big holes on her ear lobes and wearing ugly earrings.

26. Valli did not buy anything on the fair, why?

Ans. Though she had money with her she did not buy anything, because she saved the coins to return home.

27. Why did not Valli get off the bus at bus stop?

Ans. She did not get off the bus,because she had to return on the same bus.

28. Valli was sad, when she returned home, why?

Ans. The memory of the dead cow haunted her a lot,so she felt sad when she returned home.

29. Where did Valli live?

Ans. Valli lived in a village.

30. Why did Valli stand in the door or her house and watch the street?

Ans. Because Valli had no play mates of her own age on her street.

31. What was as enjoyable as elaborate games for Valli?

Ans. For Valli standing at the front door of her house was as enjoyable as any as elaborate games.

32. What did watching the street give Valli?

Ans. Watching the street gave Valli many new Unusual experiences.

33. What was the most fascinating thing for Valli?

Ans. The most fascinating thing for Valli was the bus that travelled between her village and the nearest town.

34. When did the bus pass through Valli’s village?

Ans. The bus passed through Valli’s village each hour- once going to and once coming from the town.

35. What was the tiny wish that crept into Valli’s heart?

Ans. The tiny wish that crept into Valli’s heart was that she wanted to ride the bus at least for once.

36. What happened to Valli’s tiny wish?

Ans. Valli’s tiny wish became stronger and stronger and finally it became a strong desire.

37. Where did Valli ask her discreet questions?

Ans. Valli asked her discreet questions here and there.

38. What was the bus fare to the town from Valli’s village?

Ans. The bus fare was thirty paisa from Valli’s village to the town.

39. It seemed a fortune.

What seemed a fortune and to her? 

Ans. To get thirty paisa at a time seemed a fortune to Valli.

40. Where did Valli live- in a town or in a village?

Ans. Valli lived in a village.

41. What was the distance between Vallis village and the nearest town?

Ans. The distance between Valli’s village and the nearest town was six miles.

42. How old and what type of a girl was Valli?

Ans. Valli was eight years old. She was very curious about things.

43 ____and this was about all she had to do. “Who was the ‘she’ and what ‘she had to do’?

Ans. The ‘she’ was Valli.She had to stand in the front doorway of her house and watch the street.

44. “Why was standing in the doorway of her house enjoyable for Valli?

Ans. Because watching the street gave Valli many new unusual experiences.

45. How did the bus travell between Valli’s village and the town?

Ans. The bus travelled hourly passing through the village street once going to the town and then coming back. Each time the bus carried a new set of passengers.

46. Valli would stare wistfully at____? Who stared and at what?

Ans. Valli would stare wistfully at the people who got on or off the bus when it stopped at the street corner.

47. “Valli would be too jealous to listen and would shout_____”

(i) Valli would be too jealous to listen to what?

Ans. Valli would shout listening to the description given by any of her friends who happened to ride the bus.

(ii) Why would she shout?

Ans. She would be too jealous to listen and shout.

48. “Which is almost nothing at all. “Who said this and what did he mean to say?

Ans. A well dressed man said this. He meant to say that thirty paisa as busfare was nothing because it was a very small amount.

49. What did Valli think of going to and coming back from the town?

Ans. Valli thought that if she would go by the one O’clock bus in the afternoon she would reach the town at one forty five and he back home by about two forty five. of false

50. Write true of false–

(a) Valli’s favourite past time was to stand in front of a play ground?

Ans. False.

(b) The bus driver called Valli madam. 

Ans. False.

(c) Valli’s desire was to ride on a bus. 

Ans. True.

(d) Valli was called madam because she was a teacher.

Ans. False.

(e) Valli knew about the bus journey from her mother.

Ans. False.

(f) The town was nine miles away. 

Ans. False.

(g) The bus fare was thirty paise for one way.

Ans. True.

(h) The bus driver asked Valli,’May we start madam?”

Ans. False.

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