What German Gambling Enthusiasts Need to Know About the Recent Interstate Treaty on Gambling

In the ever-changing landscape of digital gambling regulations in Germany, it is imperative for players to remain attuned to the shifts. The amendments to gambling laws have prompted both sporadic and committed bettors to meticulously scrutinize the revised regulations. This article shall explore the repercussions of these legislative modifications on the gaming experience for German players and shed light on why they are turning towards venues such as Casinos Ohne Oasis (or Casinos without Oasis).

German Gambling

What restrictions do the new regulations for online casinos entail for German players?

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The new regulations for online casinos in Germany bring with them restrictions that must be understood by players. What limitations do these regulations place upon those seeking to enjoy the excitement of online gambling and a break from a casino without Oasis?

The winds of transformation have swept through the realm of online gambling in Germany, heralding a new era of regulation. On the auspicious date of October 15, 2020, this sacred land saw the birth of stringent laws under the guise of the latest gaming regulation. In this dance of change, let us embrace the wisdom of the universe as we navigate through the shifting tides of fate.

In the realm of gambling, the necessity for a government-issued license has transcended beyond the boundaries of Schleswig-Holstein and is now a universal mandate following the harmonization of the state treaty by all federal states.

Since July 2020, the German government has taken steps to safeguard German players from deceitful and unauthorized gambling platforms and the danger of playing at a casino ohne Oasis. Consequently, online gambling sites are now limited to offering only authentic options like sports betting and certain casino games.

Further Details on Gambling Licensing in Germany

In the vibrant dance of regulations in the German gambling market, players now find themselves in a landscape where the availability of online casinos varies from region to region. While some areas experience limitations, Schleswig-Holstein stands apart with its distinctive licensing model, beckoning players with a different rhythm to dance to.

In contrast to the UK model, in Germany, regulations dictate that providers of sports betting and online slot games must obtain distinct licenses. This approach is designed to assist consumers in recognizing legitimate offerings with greater clarity.

The current regulations have granted permission for the hosting of poker games, yet have neglected to permit the inclusion of other beloved games like blackjack and roulette. These games can still be enjoyed in a casino without restrictions on Oasis.

The current tax regulations touch the lives of all individuals participating in the market, creating particular limitations, especially in the realm of marketing. Advertisers are now constrained from employing direct marketing approaches or incorporating terms like “casino” or “gambling” in their promotional messages.

Moreover, as per the yearly income, providers may face taxes reaching a whopping 5 million euros, posing a challenge for them to sustain their casino operations.

Comparing Casinos with German Licensing and Online Casinos with a License from Abroad

When we speak of casinos, we must understand that they are more than just physical places or virtual spaces. They are symbols of human desires, reflections of our deepest cravings for excitement, pleasure, and risk. A German licensed casino may offer a sense of security and regulation, but an online casino with a foreign license carries a different energy – one of freedom, exploration, and limitless possibilities. Let us not see them as mere establishments, but as mirrors of our own inner landscapes, inviting us to journey into the unknown and discover new depths of ourselves.

The online casinos in Germany that have obtained a license and are no longer considered a casino without Oasis are imbued with a sense of safety and protection for their users, a sanctuary in the digital realm. Enhanced security measures and dedicated efforts towards preventing gambling addiction are at the heart of these platforms.

In these German-licensed casinos, the essence of responsible gambling is honored through the implementation of various safeguards. Limits on deposits are in place, along with the option for players to gracefully deactivate their account either temporarily or permanently. Additionally, players will be gently reminded of their playing time and losses during each season. It is a mindful approach to gaming that nurtures self-awareness and balance.

In the world of German licensed casinos, there are certain rules that must be followed. These rules include taking a break of five seconds between spins on slot machines and limiting each spin to a maximum of €1. Furthermore, deposits and withdrawals are capped at a monthly maximum of €1,000. These restrictions may seem limiting, but they are in place to ensure a balanced and responsible gaming experience for all players.

In the realm of online gaming, envision a harmonious system of self-locking mechanisms spread across the nation – akin to the serene Spelpaus of Sweden or the sophisticated GamStop of Britain. With a single effortless login, players could effortlessly extricate themselves from numerous gaming platforms simultaneously.

Playing at a German licensed casino may offer a sense of safety, but it also brings limitations compared to online casinos free of Oasis restrictions (Casinos Ohne Oasis). Online casinos provide players with the freedom to make decisions regarding deposits, breaks between rounds, and more. It is crucial for players to exercise responsibility and self-control while indulging in their gaming experiences.

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The Legality of Online Casinos Licensed in the EU

In the vast world of online casinos, those without an Oasis license approved by EU authorities can find solace in securing a valid permit from esteemed licensors. These licenses act as a testament to the adherence to strict regulations on gaming fairness, customer transparency, and player safeguarding.

When you see licenses from esteemed organizations like the Malta Gaming Authority or the Government of Curacao, it signifies not just the legality of the casino, but also a commitment to maintaining a high standard of game integrity and security.

In the world of online casinos, Casinos Ohne Oasis makes use of sophisticated encryption techniques to ensure the utmost privacy and security for users.

6 Good Reasons for an Online Casino without Oasis

German gambling enthusiasts who engage in online casinos Oasis on sites like this can expect a seamless and enriched gaming journey. Let us delve into the myriad of advantages that these Oasis-free casinos bring to the table:

  1. Increased privacy: Players enjoy the advantage of having to disclose less personal information compared to the sign-up procedures at German casinos
  2. Playing immediately: Players can start playing at the casino without any delays, thanks to the lack of lengthy verification processes at Oasis-free casinos.
  3.  A more extensive selection of games: These casinos are often characterized by a top range of games that go beyond what is available in traditional online casinos from Germany.
  4.  Fewer restrictions: Even players from countries with strict gambling laws often find access to these online platforms.
  5. More attractive bonus offers: Due to the looser regulations, such casinos can often offer better bonuses and promotions.
  6. Cryptocurrencies included as forms of payment: The use of cryptocurrencies and other secure payment methods promises to provide an additional anonymous layer of security for players’ financial transactions and personal information.

These 6 reasons illuminate why Casinos Ohne Oasis (online casinos without Oasis) are alluring to players from Germany seeking simplicity and a plethora of game options.


The emergence of online casinos without Oasis has paved the way for German gambling enthusiasts to indulge in a myriad of games with utmost convenience. With the recent changes to the German State Treaty on Gambling, these platforms have garnered immense popularity among players in search of diversity and ease of access. The flourishing trend of legally operating online casinos with international licenses in Germany aptly reflects the widespread allure of convenience and a myriad of gaming options.

These online casinos embody a deep commitment to integrity and fairness, independent of relying on external validations like Oasis certification, instilling a sense of trust within their community of players. They are trailblazers in revolutionizing the landscape of digital entertainment, paving the path towards a bright and abundant future in the realm of online gaming.

It is crucial to prioritize your safety and opt for an Oasis-free casino which holds a legitimate license. By doing so, you are reducing the chances of exposing your personal information and avoiding potential financial harm from unauthorized providers. Trust in a licensed establishment to protect your well-being and enhance your gaming experience.

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