A Guide to Write an Effective Thesis Statement with AI

A thesis statement is a single or multiple sentence that efficiently explains the topic, arguments, or points that will be discussed in the writeup.

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It is an essential part of essays and academic papers. It acts as a first impression, the more effective the thesis statement, the more it will encourage the readers to continue reading. However, writing a thesis statement manually will not only have a chance of human error but also require time and effort.

But thankfully the innovations in Artificial Intelligence have completely solved this issue. There are many AI-based tools available that can help you generate a good thesis statement within seconds without compromising on quality. In this article, we are going to discuss the procedure of how you can do so in detail.

Immediately Write a Perfect Thesis Statement Using AI

Below we have explained multiple ways through which you can quickly write an excellent thesis statement for your academic material through AI.

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Way #01 Use A Thesis Statement Generator

You can find a wide range of AI-powered thesis statement generators online that will get the job done for you within seconds.

However, it is important to note that, the quality of the generated statement is completely dependent on the AI tool you will be using. So, don’t just blindly pick a random tool from the internet, instead do some research to pick the most reliable one. For your ease, below we have explained some key things that you need to consider in a tool.

  • Should operate on AI-powered algorithms for quickness & maximum accuracy.
  • Should not require users to sign up or register.
  • Should be completely free to use for an unlimited number of times.

Fortunately, we have found a thesis statement generator offered by Editpad. It efficiently fulfills all the listed points above. Now, we are going to describe the usage procedure of this tool for your ease.

How to Process:

The usage procedure is quite straightforward, all you need to do is:

Provide the topic:  Type or paste the topic for which you want to write a thesis statement. We provided an essay topic “A thirsty Crow.” After this, just click the “Generate,” and the rest will be handled by the tool.

Review the output: A few seconds after hitting the “Generate” button, the AI generator will create multiple thesis statements for you. You should closely review all of them, and then go with the one that you think is meeting your requirements.

Copy or download: The generator also gives the option to either copy or output results for later use.

So, this is how you can immediately create an excellent thesis statement using the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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Way #02 Use A Summarizer

Utilizing an AI-based summarizing tool is another way through which you can create an excellent thesis statement. A summarizer is an online tool that quickly condenses lengthy text into a concise one by using only the main idea or concept.

So, you can provide the entire academic material (essay, or paper) to the AI summarizer, and get a condensed version. Now run the condensed version again through the tool to get a more concise output that can be used as a thesis statement.

However, just like other AI tools, the internet is also loaded with too many AI-powered summarizers. To find the best one, consider the below things.

  • Operation on AI is a must.
  • Offer multiple “Summarizing modes.”
  • Should provide “Length adjuster.” By the way, most tools usually offer this.

So, for this article, we are going to use an AI summarizer that is found by considering the above-mentioned factors.

How to Process:

Provide the academic material & select the length: Upload or paste the entire academic material in the input box. We uploaded an essay about “A Thirsty Crow.” After this, adjust the length of the summarized text that you want the tool to generate.

Perform summarizing multiple times: After uploading the entire academic text, just start the summarizing process and get the condensed version.

Now, you need to run the output result again through the tool to get a more concise yet accurate version.

Now, the output result AI summarizer has provided can be used as a “Thesis statement” for the essay “A Thirsty Crow”.

Final Words

Due to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, it is now become easier and quicker to write excellent thesis statements. In this article, we have explained multiple ways through which you can AI tools to generate a perfect thesis statement.

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