Niketan Class 5 English Chapter 10 Sri Madhavdev

Niketan Class 5 English Chapter 10 Sri Madhavdev, Sankardev Sishu Niketan Chapter 10 Sri Madhavdev Class 5 English Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one.

Niketan Class 5 English Chapter 10 Sri Madhavdev

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Sankardev Class 5 ইংৰাজী Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination. Assam Board Sankardev Sishu Niketan Class V English Lesson 10 Sri Madhavdev gives you a better knowledge of all the chapters. You can get solutions to questions of both basic and advanced levels.

Sri Madhavdev

Chapter – 10



1. Where did Sri Shankardey meet Sri Madhavdey for the first time? Who did arrange the meeting ?

Ans: Sri Sankardey met Sri Madhabdev in a village of Majuli named Dhuwahata Belguri for the first time.

Ram Das, the brother-in-law of Madhabdev, arranged. the meeting.

2. A meeting took place between a saint and a young man named Madhav in a village in Majuli in the year 1515 A.D. Why is this called a historic meeting ?

Ans: Because young Madhav realised that animal sacrifice is not necessary to please Gods and Goddesses. He, thereafter, became a devotee of Shankardev and his religious faith.

Madhabdev realized that only throng devotion could the favour of God be obtained. 

3. Where was Madhavdeb born ? Write the name of his parents ?

Ans: Madhavdev was born in a village called Leteku Pukhuri. Madhav Bhuyan was the son of Govindagiri and Manorama.

4. In which village did the debate between Sankardev and Madhavdev take place ? Where is the village situated ?

Ans: The debate between Sankardev and Madhavdev took place in village named Dhuwahata Belguri. The village is situated in Majuli.

5. Fill in the blanks: (Set the questions) 

Ans: a) Madhavdey became a resident of Ganakkuchi for long eighteen years.

b) In later years Madhavdev shifted to Sundoridiya.

c) Madhavdey established a satra Bhela in Koch Behar. 

d) Madhavdev composed one hundred and ninety one Borgeets, a kind of devotional songs,

e) Ram Das was Madhavdev’s brother-in-law.

f) Madhavdey translated Adikanda of the Ramayana.

g) The debate between Shankardev and Madhavdev was about the sacrifice of animal. 

h) The most brilliant works of Sri Madhavdevare ‘Naam-Ghosa’ and Ratnawali.

i) Kirtan-Ghosa is the collections of verses composed by Sri Sankardev

j) Madhavdev died in the year 1596 A.D. at the age of 107.

k) The debate between Sri Shankardev and Sri Madhabdev went on for squaral days.

l) The debate between Sri Sankardev and Madhavdey was about the sacrifice of animals

6. Some words are given in column A. Choose their mean ings from the words given in column B. (Set the questions)


Sacrificeoffering of something to God
ShiftChange of position
Gurua religious leader
TranslateChange of language
Disciplea follower of a Guru
SatraA Holy place for Vaishnavite activities
BorgeetDevotional songs
VersePoetic line
Famebeing known to all the good cause 

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