Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 12 The Pride Of Kaushika

Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 12 The Pride Of Kaushika is the answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters Shankardev Shishu Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 12 The Pride Of Kaushika and select need one.

Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 12 The Pride Of Kaushika

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Also, you can read the Assam Board book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of Shankardev Sishu Niketan All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Shankardev Vidya Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 12 The Pride Of Kaushika Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here.

The Pride Of Kaushika

Chapter – 12




1. Who was Kaushik? 

Ans: Kaushik was a sage. 

2. What made him angry one morning? 

Ans: One morning when he was sitting under a tree, something fell on his head. It was the dropping of a bird. This made him angry. 

3. He felt great. What made him feel so? 

Ans: Kaushika was very angry at the bird. So when he looked hard at the bird the bird fell down dead. Kaushik felt great to see his power. 

4. Why was he angry with the lady? 

Ans: He was angry with the lady because when he went to her house for ‘Bhiksha’ she kept him waiting outside. 

5. What did he learn from her? 

Ans: He learnt from her that she was serving her husband and so she was late. 

6. Where did she ask him to go? 

Ans: She asked him to go to a man called Dharma Vyadha. 

7. Where did Dharma Vyadha live? 

Ans: Dharma Vyadha lived in a village near Kashi. 

8. What was Dharma Vyadha? 

Ans: Dharma Vyadha was a butcher. 

9. What made Kaushika surprised? 

Ans: Kaushika was surprised that Dharma Vyadha was a butcher. 

10. What do you learn from the story? 

Ans: We can learn from the story that it is not necessary that we can learn about Dharma from a priest only. An ordinary man like a butcher can also teach ‘Dharma ‘.

Answer the following

1. Discuss the character of Kaushika. 

Ans: Kaushika was a sage but he did not have the qualities of a sage. Though he spent a long time on meditation but he did not attain wisdom. When the droppings of the bird fell onto him he was very angry. He killed the bird with his power. He misused his power and was proud of it. However, he realised his mistakes later and went to Dharma Vyadha to learn about ‘Dharma ‘.

2. What made Kaushika happy when the bird dropped down dead? 

Ans: Kaushika was happy that he had become very powerful when the bird dropped down dead. 

3. Was the lady right in making a sanyasi wait? Give reason. 

Ans: The lady was right though she made a sanyasi wait because at that time she was serving her husband which was her duty and ‘Dharma’. 

4. How did Kaushika behave towards the lady? Was it correct? Give reasons. 

Ans: Kaushika behaved very rudely towards the lady. It was not correct because without knowing the reason for being late he became angry and threatened her. 

5. How did the lady behave towards Kaushika? 

Ans: The lady at first apologised to Kaushika for being late but when Kaushik almost threatened her she also told him firmly that she was not the bird he had killed that morning. 

6. Kaushika suffered two shocks. What are they? What did he learn on those occasions? 

Ans: Kaushika suffered the first shock when the lady told him that she was not the bird he had killed that morning. Because he never expected that the lady would know about that incident. 

He suffered his second shock when he came to know that the lady had sent him to a butcher to learn about ‘Dharma’. 

He learnt from the first occasion that no wrong can be hidden. He also learnt from the second shock that any wise man can teach about Dharma. He may not be a sage. He may be an ordinary man like a butcher. 

8. Do you like the story? Give reasons. 

Ans: Yes, the story is very interesting. Specially because it has a moral.

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