Handbook of Electrical Engineering PDF Download

Handbook of Electrical Engineering

Handbook of Electrical Engineering This book can be used as a general handbook for applying electrical engineering to the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. The contents have been developed from a series of lectures on electrical power systems, given to oil company staff and university students, in various countries.

Handbook of Electrical Engineering Pdf Download

Handbook of Electrical Engineering PDF Download

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The author has condensed many years of his knowledge and practical experience in the book. The book includes summaries of the necessary theories behind the design of systems together with practical guidance on selecting most types of electrical equipment and systems that are normally encountered with offshore production platforms, drilling rigs, onshore gas plants, pipelines, liquefied natural gas plants, pipeline pumping stations, refineries, and chemical plants.

The intention has been to achieve a balance between sufficient mathematical analysis and as much practical material as possible. An emphasis has been put on the ‘users’ point of view because the user needs to know or be able to find out quickly, the information that is of immediate application in the design of a plant.


The subjects described are those most frequently encountered by electrical engineers in the oil industry. References are frequently made to other texts, published papers, and international standards for guidance and as sources of further reading material.

Power systems used in these industries have characteristics significantly different from those found in large-scale power generation and long-distance transmission systems operated by public utility industries.

One important difference is the common use of self-contained generating facilities, with little or no reliance upon connections to the public utility. This necessitates special consideration being given to installing spare and reserve equipment and to their interconnection configurations.

These systems often have very large induction motors that require being started directly. Their large size would not be permitted if they were to be supplied from a public utility network. Therefore the system design must ensure that they can be started without unduly disturbing other consumers.


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