Class 9 English Moments Chapter 10 The Beggar

Class 9 English Moments Chapter 10 The Beggar, NCERT/SCERT Class 9 English Moments Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SEBA ইংৰাজী Class 9 Question Answer so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Class 9 English Moments Chapter 10 The Beggar Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

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Class 9 English Moments Chapter 10 The Beggar

SEBA Class 9 English Moments Chapter 10 The Beggar Notes covers all the exercise questions in Assam Board SEBA Textbooks. The SEBA Class 9 English Moments Chapter 10 The Beggar provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams.

The Beggar

Chapter – 10



Think about it

1. Has Lushkoff become a beggar by circumstance or by choice ? 

Ans: Lushkoff has become a beggar by choice. His addiction to drinking and unwillingness to work are responsible for him choosing to be a beggar. 

2. What reason does he give to Sergei for telling lies ?

Ans: The reason Lushkoff gives Sergei for telling lies is that telling the truth earned him no sympathy and no one would give him anything if they knew he was a drunkard. 

3. Is Lushkoff a willing worker ? Why, then, does he agree to chop wood for Sergei ? 

Ans: No, Lushkoff was not a willing worker.

He agreed to chop wood for Sergei because he had been trapped by his own words. It had now become an issue of pride. Not wanting to lose face and feel ashamed in front of Sergei, Lushkoff agreed to his proposal of chopping wood for him.

4. Sergei says, “I am happy that my words have taken effect.” Why does he say so? Is he right in saying this ? 

Ans: Sergei believes that he has helped Lushkoff take a turn for the better by offering him small jobs now and then, and thus teaching him to earn money by hard work rather than by telling lies and begging, as he used to earlier do. Sergei also notes that Lushkoff had apparently given up drinking, and so is all the more pleased and says, “I am happy that my words have taken effect”, referring to his advice to Lushkoff to labour for money. 

By the knowledge that he has, Sergei is right in saying this; but unknown to him, Lushkoff has not been lifting even a finger to do any of the work assigned to him. From the first day Sergei’s cook, Olga, has been doing the jobs and letting Lushkoff take credit and payment for it. His giving up of alcohol too was the effect of Olga’s actions and words.

5. Lushkoff is earning thirty five roubles a month. How is he obliged to Sergei for this ?

Ans: Lushkoff was just another drunkard on the street, lying and begging to buy himself yet another drink when he met Sergei. When Sergei heard of Lushkoff’s wayward ways he was very enraged, and angrily advised Lushkoff that he should work for a living. He himself offered him small jobs like chopping wood, shovelling snow, dusting the rugs, etc. and paid him for it. Unknown to Sergei his cook Olga. did all the work for Lushkoff who was an idle and lazy good for nothing, and she let him take the credit and payment for it. She would also scold him, yet feel extremely sorry for him, so much that she would cry and do his work. Her words and actions had an overwhelming effect on Lushkoff and he turned over a new leaf setting the way for him to become a notary, a job that earned him thirty-five roubles a month. However it was Sergei’s initial strong words and his offer of giving him work that let Lushkoff meet Olga, and thus he indirectly paved the way for Lushkoff turning into a sober and respectable man.

6. During their conversation, Lushkoff reveals that Sergei’s cook, Olga, is responsible for the positive change in him. How has Olga saved Lushkoff ?

Ans: While Sergei was gloating over the fact that he had set a drunkard on the right path and made a respectable man out of him, Lushkoff revealed that it was his cook, Olga, who was truly responsible for the positive change in him. He admitted that it was she who did the task of chopping wood, and every other task assigned to him at Sergei’s home. While Lushkoff sat opposite her as she worked. she wailed and lamented his fortune. She would shout at him and yet wallow in pity for him repeating how there was no salvation for him on the path he was headed. Her words along with the sight of her doing work for his sake somehow brought over a remarkable change in Lushkoff. He gave up drinking and begging, and decided to earn a living in a respectable manner. When Sergei met hin after a gap of two years, he had become a notary earning thirty five roubles a month. Thus it was Olga who was actually responsible for saving Lushkoff from a life of addiction to alcohol and thus a wasted life.

Talk about it

How can we help beggars/abolish begging?

Suggested reading 

The Man with the Twisted Lip’ by Arthur Conan Doyle

The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov


Answer the following questions :

1. What made Sergei doubt Lushkoff’s story ? 

Ans: Sergei and Lushkoff had met earlier on Sadovaya street when Lushkoff had told the story of him being an expelled student. However when he came to Sergei’s home, Lushkoff tried to swindle money out of Sergei by saying he was a poor teacher who needed money to go to Kaluga where he had been offered a position. But something about Lushkoff’s appearance seemed familiar to Sergei and when his eyes fell on Lushkoff’s shoes, one of which was higher and the other lower, Sergei recalled their earlier meeting and realised that Lushkoff was lying. 

2. Why did Sergei threaten to send Lushkoff to the police ?

Ans:  Sergei threatened to send Lushkoff to the police when he detected that Lushkoff was lying about himself and his circumstances to try acquire money from people.

3. What lie did Lushkoff tell Sergei when they first met ? Why ? 

Ans: Lushkoff and Sergei had met for the first time on Sadovaya street when Lushkoff had lied to Sergei saying that he was an expelled student and needed money.

Lushkoff’s unwillingness to work coupled with his addiction to alcohol had caused him to be thrown out of every job. Yet, instead of trying to sober up and earn money in a respectable fashion, Lushkoff had chosen the easier way of lying to people about himself and make them sympathise with his condition and give him money. Sergei was just another of his victims. So Lushkoff had lied to Segei out of habit, trying to swindle money from him.

4. Before he lost his job to drunkenness, Lushkoff claimed he was a

(a) singer in a Russian choir. 

(b) teacher in the province of Kaluga.

(c) student.

(d) hotary.

Ans: (a) singer in a Russian choir.

5. What were the various jobs given to Lushkoff by Sergei ?

Ans: Sergei, taking pity on Lushkoff, appointed him to chop wood at his place and paid him half a rouble for it. This continued for several months, with Lushkoff earning twenty to forty copecks on the firs of every month by chopping wood at Sergei’s. He was also giver other tasks from time to time like shovelling snow, putting the wood shed in order, beating the dust out of rugs and mattresses. He was even employed to help in packing and hauling of the furniture where Sergei moved from one house to another.

6. Where did Lushkoff and Sergei meet for the first time ?

(a) While Lushkoff was begging, in Sadovaya street. 

(b) In Kaluga, were Lushkoff was a beggar.

(c) When Lushkoff came to chop wood at his house.

(d) At a theatre.

Ans: (a) While Lushkoff was begging, in Sadovaya street.

7. “This is swindling-I shall send the police for you, damn you!”

(a) Who is the speaker ?

Ans: The speaker of the above quoted sentence is Sergei. 

(b) Who is the speaker accusing of swindling ? Why ? 

Ans: The speaker, Sergei, is accusing Lushkoff of swindling. Lushkoff had begged Sergei for money claiming that he wanted the money to get to the province of Kaluga where he had been offered a position. But on observing Lushkoft closely, Sergei recalled that he had seen the same man few days ago on a street, and on that occasion he had asked Sergei for money, claiming to be an expelled student Realising that Lushkoff was nothing but a drunkard and was lying to people and swindling them of money, Sergei was disgusted and lost his temper. So he accused Lushkoff on swindling. 

(c) Give the meaning of the word ‘swindling’. 

Ans: ‘Swindling’ means cheating or trickery in any form leading to loss of money for the victim.

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