Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 4 The Bond of Love

Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 4 The Bond of Love, Class 9 English MCQ Question Answer, Class 9 English Multiple Choice Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SCERT English Class 9 Objective Types Question Answer so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 4 The Bond of Love Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

SCERT Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 4 The Bond of Love

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Table of Contents

SCERT Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 4 The Bond of Love Notes covers all the exercise questions in SCERT Science Textbooks. The NCERT Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 4 The Bond of Love provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams.

The Bond of Love

Chapter – 4


Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

1. What were the pigs there in the fields for?

(a) food and drink

(b) making merry

(c) feeding on the crops

(d) eating and enjoying

Ans: (c) feeding on the crops.

2. What happened when the author thought that every thing was over? 

(a) a bear came

(b) Some bears came 

(c) a noise was there

(d) a sloth bear came out breathing heavily.

Ans: (d) a sloth bear came out breathing heavily.

3. What did they see when the bear died?

(a) another bear coming 

(b) another bear running away

(c) a baby bear leaving the dead body 

(d) Nothing

Ans: (c) a baby bear leaving the dead body.

4. Why did the little creature cry pitifully? 

(a) because it was injured

(b) its companions were dead

(c) because it was the hunter

(d) because its mother was killed

Ans: (d) because its mother was killed. 

5. What did the narrator try to capture?

(a) a sloth bear

(b) his gun

(c) the mother bear

(d) the motherless cub 

Ans. (d) the motherless cub.

6. The author’s wife named it—

(a) Tommy

(b) Baby

(c) Bruno

(d) Gerry

Ans: (c) Bruno.

7. What did the author do?

(a) gave it to his wife

(b) met his wife

(c) told his wife about it

(d) thanked his wife

Ans: (a) gave it to his wife.

8. What did Bruno take as an infant?

(a) bread

(b) biscuits

(c) milk

(d) pudding

Ans: (c) milk.

9. In a few days Bruno grew- 

(a) as big as the dogs

(b) bigger than the dogs

(c) unhappy

(d) happier than before

Ans: (b) bigger than the dogs.

10. What did Bruno accidentally eat?

(a) Barium oxide

(b) chromium sulfate 

(c) Barium Carbonate

(d) Chromium Carbonate

Ans: (c) Barium Carbonate.

11. Where was Bruno sent?

(a) Jungle

(b) an island.

(c) Mysore

(d) Bangalore 

Ans: (c) Mysore.

12. What did the author’s wife want?

(a) to get Bruno back

(b) to send Bruno back 

(c) to feed Bruno.

(d) to see Bruno

Ans: (a) to get Bruno back.

13. What did the author’s wife threaten to do?

(a) She would leave home 

(b) She would stop eating

(c) She would go to the zoo

(d) She would stop working

Ans: (c) She would go to the zoo.

14. Bruno recognised the author’s wife

(a) after some time

(b) as soon as he saw her

(c) from a long distance

(d) When she ran to him

Ans: (b) as soon as he saw her.

15. How did Bruno react when he saw the author’s wife?

(a) it cried

(b) it wept

(c) it stood still

(d) it howled with happiness

Ans: (d) it howled with happiness.

16. What kind of man was the curator?

(a) amiable 

(b) friendly

(c) hard-hearted

(d) soft-hearted

Ans: (c) hard-hearted.

17. Why did Bruno and the author’s wife cry?

(a) because she was leaving

(b) because it was the separation time

(c) out of happiness 

(d) out of anger

Ans: (b) because it was the separation time.

18. What did the author decide?

(a) to leave Bruno

(b) to come back

(c) to bring Bruno back

(d) to send his wife home 

Ans: (c) to bring Bruno back.

19. What did the author make to keep Bruno?

(a) a house 

(b) a cell

(c) a cage 

(d) an island

Ans: (d) an island.

20. What was Bruno’s baby? 

(a) a stick

(b) a toy

(c) a stump of wood

(d) a doll 

Ans: (c) a stump of wood.

Very Short Answer

1. From Where did the author bring Bruno home?

Ans: From the sugarcane fields near Mysore. 

2. Why did the little creature cry piti- fully?

Ans: Because its mother was killed.

3. How did the author’s wife feel when she got the bearcub?

Ans: She was delighted to receive the cub. 

4. What name was given to the cub?

Ans: Bruno.

5. How did Bruno spend his time in his younger days?

Ans: Bruno spent his time in playing, running into the kitchen and going to sleep in author’s bed. 

6. Why was Bruno sent to the zoo in Mysore? 

Ans: Because Bruno was getting too big to be kept at home.

7. Why did the curator not give Bruno back to the author? 

Ans: Because Bruno was then a govt. property.

8. What was made to keep Bruno? 

Ans: An island was made to keep Bruno. 

9. What was placed on the island as the bedroom for Bruno?

Ans: An wooden box. 

10. What was placed inside and why? 

Ans: Straw was placed inside to keep Bruno warm.

Very Short Answer

1. What surprised the author and his companions after the fire at the bear?

Ans: They were surprised to see that the black fur on the back of the bear moved. Actually, it was a baby bear that had been riding on his mother’s back. The shot killed the mother and the baby ran around making a pitiful noise.

2. How did Bruno spend his time? 

Ans: Soon Bruno became attached to two Alsatian dogs. He also became friendly with the children of the neighborhood. He enjoyed himself freely. He spent his time in playing and running into the kitchen and going to sleep in their bed.

3. What tricks did Baba do like those done by human beings?

Ans: Baba wrestled and boxed like human beings. He took a stick and hold it like a gun when asked ‘Baba, hold gun’. When he was asked about his baby he would hold a stump of wood and cradle it.

4. What did the author’s wife do in the zoo?

Ans: The author’s wife remained with Bruno for three hours. She gave him tea, lemon- ade, cakes, ice-cream and what not. At the closing time, she cried bitterly. Bruno also cried bitterly.

5. What arrangements were made for Bruno at the author’s house?

Ans: An island about twenty feet by fifteen feet was made. It was surrounded by a dry pit or most. It was six feet wide and seven feet deep. A wooden box was put on the is- land for Bruno to sleep at night. Straw was placed inside to keep him warm.

6. How did Bruno feel on the island? What did he do there?

Ans: Bruno was delighted on the island. He stood on his hindlegs and pointed his gun. and cradled his baby. The author’s wife spent time sitting on a chair. Bruno sat on her lap.

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