Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 5 A Visit to Kaziranga and Sivasagar

Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 5 A Visit to Kaziranga and Sivasagar, Class 9 English MCQ Question Answer, Class 9 English Multiple Choice Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SCERT English Class 9 Objective Types Question Answer so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 5 A Visit to Kaziranga and Sivasagar Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

SCERT Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 5 A Visit to Kaziranga and Sivasagar

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Table of Contents

SCERT Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 5 A Visit to Kaziranga and Sivasagar Notes covers all the exercise questions in SCERT Science Textbooks. The NCERT Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 5 A Visit to Kaziranga and Sivasagar provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams.

A Visit to Kaziranga and Sivasagar

Chapter – 5


Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

1. What did Lohit and Trisha loved to do when they had no school?

(a) sleep till late

(b) get up early

(c) play games

(d) see cartoons

Ans: (a) sleep till late.

2. Where would they go?

(a) to Tezpur

(b) to Delhi

(c) to Sivasagar 

(d) to Goalpara

Ans: (c) to Sivasagar.

3. What was Sivasagar formerly known as?

(a) Kamrup

(b) Rangpur

(c) Pragjyotishpur

(d) Rajdhani

Ans: (b) Rangpur.

4. What is Kaziranga?

(a) a forest

(b) a wild life sanctuary

(c) a national park

(d) a protected area

Ans: (c) a national park.

5. What has UNESCO declared Kaziranga?

(a) a national part

(b) a sanctuary

(c) a protected forest

(d) a World Heritage Site

Ans: (d) a World Heritage Site.

6. When has kaziranga become a National Park?

(a) in 1950

(b) in 1965

(c) in 1970 

(d) in 1974

Ans: (d) in 1974.

7. When was Kaziranga declared a Tiger Reserve? 

(a) in 1950

(b) in 1960

(c) in 1974

(d) in 2006

Ans: (d) in 2006.

8. Who built the ‘Sailor Saaku’?

(a) Naranarayan 160688

(b) Rudra Singha

(c) Bhaskar Barma

(d) Gadadhar Singhe

Ans: (b) Rudra Singha.

9. Who dug the “Borpukhun?

(a) Rudra Singha 

(b) Shiva Singha

(c) Queen Ambika 

(d) Siu-ka-pha

Ans: (c) Queen Ambika.

10. How tall is the Shiva Dol?

(a) 104 feet 

(b) 94 feet

(c) 96 feet

(d) 106 feet

Ans: (a) 104 feet.

11. Who dug the Joysagar tank?

(a) Queen Ambika

(b) Shiva Singha

(c) Rudra Singha

(d) Gadadhar Singha

Ans: (c) Rudra Singha.

12. Who built the Rangghar?

(a) king Rudra Singha

(b) Queen Ambika

(c) king Gadadhar Singha

(d) King Pramatta Singha

Ans: (d)King Pramatta Singha.

13. How far is the Gargaon Palace from Sivasagar?

(a) 10 K.M

(b) 15 K.M

(c) 17 K.M

(d) 20 K.M

Ans: (b)15 K.M.

14. Who built the Gargaon Palace?

(a) Suklengmung

(b) Siu-ka-pha

(c) Lora Roja

(d) Raheswar Singha

Ans: (a) Suklengmung.

15. Who rebuilt the Gargaon Palace? 

(a) Rudra Singha

(b) Pramatta Singha

(c) Rajeswar Singha

(d) Suklengmung

Ans: (c) Rajeswar Singha.

Very Short Answer

1. Why did Lohit and Trisha get up early that morning?

Ans: Because they were going to Sivasagar with their parents.

2. Where did they go last year?

Ans: Last year they visited Tezpur. 

3. Which was the capital of the Ahom kings?

Ans: Sivasagar, formerly known as Rangpur was the capital of the Ahom kings.

4. Where did they stay in Kaziranga? 

Ans: They stayed in a hotel in Kaziranga.

5. What is a national park?

Ans: A national park is used for conservation purpose.

6. What is the full form of UNESCO?

Ans: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural organization.

7. When did Mary Curzon visit Kaziranga?

Ans: In 1904 Marry Curzon visited Kaziranga.

8. When was Kaziranga designated a National Park?

Ans: In 1974.

9. Why could anyone not go near the rhino with its baby?

Ans: The mother rhino with her baby never likes anyone to go near her. She is very pro- tective towards her baby. 

10. What is the food habit of the rhino?

Ans: Rhinos are herbivorous animals. 

11. What is the special about the ‘Sailor Saaku’?

Ans: The most amazing fact about the ‘Sailor Saaku’ is that it was built of only one single stone.

12. How many ‘Dol’s are there in Sivasagar? What are they? 

Ans: There are three ‘Dol’s in Sivasagar. They are Shiva Dol, Vishnu Dol and the Divi Dol. 

13. What things are preserved in the ‘Tai Museum’? 

Ans: Swords, clothes, manuscripts, goblets, plates and other rare antiques of the ruler’s are preserved there.

14. Who was Sati Joymati? Why is she called Sati?

Ans: Joymati was the wife of Gadadhar I Singha who later became the Swargadeo. She sacrificed her life for the sake of her husband. Inspite of in human torture for fourteen days she did not reveal the whereabouts of her husband. So she has been called Sati Joymati.

15. What is the ‘Rang Ghar’? 

Ans: The Rang Ghar’ is actually an amphitheater. It is an outdoor sports ground the roof is shaped like an inverted boat. Its shape is circular. The Royal family would come to watch the indigenous games of Assam. like bird fights, buffalo fights etc.

16. Write a note on ‘Charaideo Maidams’.

Ans: Infact, Maidams were burial grounds of the Ahom kings and nobles. Many royal graveyards still exist in Charaideo, the first capital of the Ahom kings. The hillock of Charaideo was considered to be sacred by the people of the Ahom dynasty. They be- lieved this place to be the home of their an- cestral gods. These have tomb vaults just like the pyramids of Egypt.

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