Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 3 My Childhood

Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 3 My Childhood, Class 9 English MCQ Question Answer, Class 9 English Multiple Choice Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list of SCERT English Class 9 Objective Types Question Answer so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one. Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 3 My Childhood Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination.

SCERT Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 3 My Childhood

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Table of Contents

SCERT Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 3 My Childhood Notes covers all the exercise questions in SCERT Science Textbooks. The NCERT Class 9 English MCQ Chapter 3 My Childhood provided here ensures a smooth and easy understanding of all the concepts. Understand the concepts behind every chapter and score well in the board exams.

My Childhood

Chapter – 3


Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

1. Who is the narrator of ‘My childhood”?

(a) APJ Abdul Kalam

(b) Samsuddin 

(c) Jalaluddin

(d) Gainal Abedin

Ans: (c) APJ Abdul kalam.

2. Abdul Kalam was born into a-

(a) rich family 

(b) poor family

(c) well-to-do family 

(d) middle class family 

Ans: (d) middle-class family.

3. Who was an ideal helpmate of Gainalabedeen?

(a) Ashiamma

(b) Kalam

(c) Samsuddin

(d) Kalam’s brother

Ans: (a) Ashiamma.

4. Kalam was born into 

(a) Malayallam family

(b) Tamil family

(c) Gujarati family

(d) Oriya family

Ans: (b) Tamil family.

5. Abdul Kalam’s parents were

(a) rich 

(b) poor

(c) modern 

(d) tall and handsome

Ans:(d) tall and handsome.

6. What was the immediate effect of the world war on the island?

(a) price-rise 

(b) destruction

(c) demand for tamarind seeds erupted

(d) normal life was effected 

Ans: (c) demand for tamarind seeds erupted.

7. What caused the suspension of the train halt?

(a) it was destroyed

(b) the war

(c) agitation

(d) the passengers

Ans: (b) the war.

8. Who was the distributor of newspaper in Rameswaram?

(a) Abdul Kalam

(b) Samsuddin

(c) Jalaluddin

(d) Kalam’s friend

Ans: (b) Samsuddin.

9. Who was Samsuddin?

(a) Kalam’s cousin

(b) Kalam’s friend

(c) Kalam’s helper

(d) Kalam’s employer

Ans: (a) Kalam’s cousin.

10. How did Kalam earn his first wages?

(a) Selling news papers

(b) Selling tamarind seeds 

(c) Working in a factory

(d) assisting Samsuddin

Ans: (d) assisting Samsuddin.

11. With what is a child born?

(a) a blank mind be

(b) innate qualities

(c) specialities 

(d) emotions

Ans: (b) innate qualities.

12. What did Kalam inherit from his father?

(a) honesty

(b) discipline

(c) confidence

(d) honesty and self-discipline 

Ans: (d) honesty and self-discipline.

13. Kalam inherited faith in goodness and deep kindness from his

(a) father

(b) mother

(c) brother

(d) sister

Ans: (b) mothers.

14. Whose father was Lakshman Shastry?

(a) Abdul Kalam

(b) Ramananda

(c) Shiva Prakashan

(d) Aravindan

Ans: (b) Ramananda.

15. Who was Sivasubramania Iyer? 

(a) a new teacher

(b) Kalam’s Headmaster

(c) a priest

(d) Kalam’s Science teacher

Ans: (d) Kalam’s Science teacher.

16. What did Lakshman Shastry ask the new teacher?

(a) to beg apology

(b) to go away

(c) teach equality

(d) either to beg apology or to go away 

Ans: (d) either to beg apology or to go away.

17. What did the new teacher finally do?

(a) regretted

(b) became angry

(c) became violent

(d) remained as he was

Ans: (a) regretted.

18. Sivasubramania’s wife was very- 

(a) generons

(b) shy

(c) beautiful

(d) conservative 

Ans: (d) conservative.

19. Why was India filled with unprecedented optimism?

(a) Because India’s freedom was imminent

(b) India became free 

(c) Gandhi was the leader

(d) Second world War was over

Ans: (a) Because India’s freedom was imminent.

20. Why did Kalam want to go to Ramnath puram? 

(a) to enjoy holiday

(b) to settle there

(c) for further study

(d) to work

Ans: (c) for further study.

Very Short Answer

1. Where was Abdul Kalam’s house? 

Ans: Abdul Kalam’s house was in Rameswaram.

2. What do you think ‘The Dinamani’ is the name of?

Ans: Name of a newspaper.

3. How did Abdul Kalam earn his first wages?

Ans: Kalam earned his first wages by be- coming a helper to his cousin Samsuddin. 

4. Why did Abdul Kalam want to leave Rameswaram?

Ans: Abdul Kalam wanted to leave Rameswaram for the sake of higher study.

5. Who were Kalam’s close friends? 

Ans: Three orthodox brahmin boys were Kalam’s close friends. They were Lakshman Sashtry Aravindan and Sivaprakashan.

6. What did the cap Kalam used to wear mark?

Ans: It marked him as Muslim.

7. What did Kalam’s friends wear? 

Ans: Kalam’s brahmin friends wore sacred thread. 

8. What was the most immediate effect of the World War in the island?

Ans: The most immediate effect of the World War in the island was that the demand for tamarind seeds erupted.

9. What caused the suspension of the train halt?

Ans: The Second world war. 

10. When did the Second world war break out?

Ans: The Second world war broke out in 1939.

Short Answer Type Questions

1. How did Kalam earn his first earning and when? 

Ans: Abdul Kalam was eight years old when the Second World War broke out. There was a sudden demand for tamarind seeds. He col- lected these seeds and sold them and earned money. He also assisted his cousin Samsuddin in distributing newspapers. Thus he earned his first wages.

2. How did the new teacher start spreading casteism in the class?

Ans: Abdul Kalam used to wear a cap and his brahmin friends sacred thread. They used to sit in the first row in the class. The new teacher did not like it. He could not tolerate a Muslim boy with the Hindu boys. So he asked Abdul Kalam to go and sit on the back row.

3. What did Lakshman Sashtry do?

Ans: When Lakshman Sashtry came to know about what the new teacher did he came to school. He asked the teacher either to apologize or to leave the school.

4. What kind of a human being was Abdul Kalam’s science teacher?

Ans: Sivasubramania Iyer, the science teacher of Abdul Kalam was a high caste Brahmin. His wife was very conservative. But he did his best to break social barriers. One day he invited Abdul Kalam to his house for a meal. His wife refused to serve. Iyer himself served Abdul and sat down beside him to eat his meal.

5. How did Abdul Kalam’s father console his wife when Kalam left Rameswaram?

Ans: Abdul Kalam’s father referred Khalil Gibran, the Persian philosopher. He told her that her children were not hers. They were the and daughters of life’s longing for itself. They simply came through her but not from her. She might have given them love. But their thoughts were theirs.

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