Class 6 Science MCQ Chapter 1 Food: Where Does it come From

Class 6 Science MCQ Chapter 1 Food: Where Does it come From Solutions, SEBA Class 6 Science MCQ Chapter 1 Food: Where Does it come From Notes to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapter Assam Board Class 6 General Science Multiple Choice Question Answer and select needs one.

Class 6 Science MCQ Chapter 1 Food: Where Does it come From

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Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. SEBA Class 6 Science MCQ Notes PDF. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Class 6 Science Objective Types Solutions for All Subject, You can practice these here.

Food: Where Does it come From

Chapter – 1


(1)  Animals which eat only plants are called?

(a) Carnivores.

(b) Herbivores.

(c) Omnivores.

(d) Edible.

Ans: (b) Herbivores.

(2) Plants are one source of our?

(a) Food.

(b) Product.

(c) Life.

(d) No one of these.

Ans: (a) Food.

(3) Cows, goat and buffaloes are some common animals which give us?

(a) Water.

(b) Product.

(c) Plants.

(d) Milk.

Ans: (d) Milk.

(4) We should not try to test unknown plants around us because some plants could be?

(a) Edible.

(b) Poisonous.

(c) Herbivores.

(d) No one of these.

Ans: (b) Poisonous.

(5) Cow is a?

(a) Carnivore.

(b) Omnivore.

(c) Herbivore.

(d) Ingredient.

Ans: (c) Herbivores.

(6) Deer eats only plant products and so, is called?

(a) Herbivore.

(b) Carnivore.

(c) Omnivore.

(d) Animal.

Ans: (a) Herbivore.

(7) Animals which eat only animals are called?

(a) Animals product.

(b) Herbivore.

(c) Omnivore.

(d) Carnivore.

Ans: (d) Carnivore.

(8) Tiger is a carnivore because it eats only?

(a) Plants.

(b) Plants product.

(c) Other animals meat.

(d) No one of these.

Ans: (c) Other animals meat.

(9) Animals which eat both plants as well as other animals are called?

(a) Omnivore.

(b) Carnivore.

(c) Herbivore.

(d) Vegetarian.

Ans: (a) Omnivore.

(10) parrot eats only?

(a) Plants product.

(b) Animals product.

(c) Animals.

(d) Parrots.

Ans: (a) plants product.

(11) We get sugar from?

(a) Herbivore.

(b) Plants.

(c) Sugarcane.

(d) Sugar cream.

Ans: (c) Sugarcane.

(12) The main source of our food are?

(a) Ingredient and nectar.

(b) Herbivore and carnivore.

(c) Omnivore.

(d) Plants and animals.

Ans: (d) plants and animals.

(13) Spinach, cauliflower, carrot are?

(a) Meats.

(b) Vegetables.

(c) Plants.

(d) Omnivore.

Ans: (b) Vegetables.

(14) Milk, curd, panner, ghee are all?

(a) Plants product.

(b) Omnivore.

(c) Animals product.

(d) No one of these.

Ans: (c) Animals product.

(15) Lions and tigers are eat?

(a) Plants product.

(b) Animals product.

(c) Vegetables.

(d) Other animals.

Ans: (d) Other animals.

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