Class 3 English Chapter 6 I’m A Mobile Phone

Class 3 English Chapter 6 I’m A Mobile Phone, answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters SEBA Class 3 English Chapter 6 I’m A Mobile Phone and select need one.

Class 3 English Chapter 6 I’m A Mobile Phone

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Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 3 English Chapter 6 I’m A Mobile Phone Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here.

(আই এম এ মোবাইল ফ’ন) মই এটা মোবাইল ফ’ন

Chapter – 6

ইংৰাজী (ENGLISH)

Let’s look at the pictures: 

How many of these have you seen or used? Tell your friend two things that you do with any of these things. 

Ans. We have seen or used all the things in the picture. 

1. We can learn new things on the computer. 

2. We can write our to- do list in a notebook, and set an alarm on our mobile phone .

Recite the poem ‘I’m a Mobile Phone: 

উচ্চাৰণ আৰু অসমীয়া ভাঙনিঃ 

I’m a mobile phone (আই এম এ মোবাইল ফ’ন) –মই এটা মোবাইল ফ’ন। 

Cute and small (কিউট এণ্ড স্মল)–সৰু আৰু মৰমীয়াল। 

Don’t you like me (ড’ণ্ট ইউ লাইক মি) –তুমি মোক ভাল পোৱানে ? 

When I call? (হ’ৱেন আই কল?) –যেতিয়া মই কথা কওঁ?

Call your friends (কল ইয়’ৰ ফ্ৰেণ্ডচ)–তোমাৰ বন্ধুসকলৰ লগত কথা পাতো।

Play new games (প্লে নিউ গেমচ) নতুন খেলবোৰ খেলোঁ।

Wish your dear ones (উইচ্ ইয়’ৰ ডিয়াৰ ওয়ানচ) –তোমাৰ মৰমৰ জনক শুভেচ্ছা জনাওঁ।

Store their names. (ষ্ট’ৰ দেয়াৰ নেমচ।) – সিহঁতৰ নামবোৰ সাঁচি থৈ ৰাখোঁ।

Word Notes (শব্দার্থ) : 

Mobile phone (মোবাইল ফ’ন)–মোবাইল ফ’ন। cute (কিউট)–সুন্দৰ, ধুনীয়া। small (স্মল)– সৰু। like ( লাইক) – পচন্দ কৰা, ভালপোৱা। call (কল)– মাতা। when (হ’ৱেন)–যেতিয়া। your (ইয়’ৰ)–তোমালোকৰ। friends (ফ্রেণ্ডচ)–বন্ধুসকল। play (প্লে)–খেলো। new (নিউ)–নতুন। games (গেমচ) – খেলবোৰ। wish (উইচ) – শুভেচ্ছা জনোৱা । dear (ডিয়াৰ)–মৰমৰ, প্রিয় । dear ones (ডিয়াৰ ওয়ানচ) – মৰমৰজন। store (ষ্ট’ৰ) – সঞ্চয় কৰা, সাঁচি ৰখা।

ACTIVITIES (একটিভিটিজ)—কার্যকলাপ

1. Choose words from the poem that rhyme with :

Ans. small . names. hear.

         call .   games. dear.

2. Work with your friend and add two more sentences to say what you can do with a mobile phone: 

1. I call my friends. 

2. I store names. 

3. I play games.

4. I write with it. 

5. I take photos.

6. I hear a song.

7. I can text.

3. Arrange the letters and find out what they are : 











4. Let’s read the telephonic conversation between the two friends Barun and Ajay. 

উচ্চাৰণ আৰু অসমীয়া ভাঙনি :

Ajay: Hello, this is Ajay here. 

Barun: Hi, Ajay !

Ajay: How are you Barun?

Barun: I’m fine. Thank you. 

Ajay: Do you know there is a football match tomorrow at Nehru Bali Field? 

Barun: Yes, I’ve heard about it. 

Ajay: Shall we go there? 

Barun:  Sure 

Ajay: I’ll come to your place at 2 p.m. 

Barun: OK. That’ll be fine 

Ajay: By.

Barun: By.

5. Let’s see how much we have understood and write

(a) What are the names of the two friends? 

Ans. The names of the two friends are Barun and Ajay. 

(b) What are they going to watch ?

Ans. They are going to watch a football match.

(c) Why did Ajay call up Barun?

Ans. Ajay, calls Barun to inform that there is a football match tomorrow at nehru bali field at 3 p.m.

6. Read the following dialogues between Barun and Ajay. The dialogues are not in the correct order. Work with a friend. Put the correct number of the dialogues in the boxes. One is done for you: 


 (i) [3] How are you, Ajay? 

(ii) [1.] Hello, is that Ajay?

(iii) [2.] Yes, Ajay’s here. 

(iv) [ 4.] I’m fine. Thank you 

7. (a) Barun read about the football match on the school notice board. Read it : 

                                            Football Match                                    M.k. Gandhi M.E. School                                                   Vs                                           Royal Academy                                  Venue : Nehru Bail Field                                    Date: 9th September                                      Time : 3 p..m.

7. (b) Now, fill in the blanks with correct words from the notice: 

Ans. (1) A football match is going to be held at Nehru Bali Field. 

(2) The match will be held between M. K. Gandhi M.E. School and Royal Academy.

(3) The match will be held on 9th September at 3 p.m. 

8. Ajay tried to write a few sentences about the football match that he watched. Help him to choose the correct word from the brackets and complete the sentences : 

(a) Yesterday I went to watch a football match. (go/went)

(b) Barun came with me. (come/came) 

(c) We loved the match (love/loved) 

(d) Royal Academy scored three goals. ( score/scored) 

(e) Royal Academy won the match. (win/won) 

9. Barun has also written a few sentences about the match. Rewrite them using capital letters, full stops (.), commas (,) and question marks (?) correctly : (বৰুণ হেজ অলচ’ ৰিটেন এ 

(a) ajay and I wanted to see a match. 

(b) the match was held at nehru bali field. 

(c) royal academy was the winner. 

(d) it scored three goals. 

Ans. (a) Ajay and I wanted to see a match.

(b) The match was held at Nehru Bali Field. 

(c) Royal Academy was the winner.

(d) It scored three goals. 

10. Anima is Barun’s sister. She told Barun what she did when Barun was not at home. Write the sentences that Anima told Barun. One is done for you 

Ans. I drew pictures on the computer screen. 

I read the newspaper. 

I talked on the mobile phone. 

I saw the television sitting in our drawing room.

11. Read the description of the picture that Anima has drawn. Read the passage and re-write the underlined words: 

Ans. Barun looked at the picture that Anima drew. 

It was a beautiful picture. 

She drew a big house, a tall tree. 

She also drew a red rose, a yellow marigold and a white lily.

There was a small girl in a purple frock.

12. Make one sentence each with the words “big” and “small”:

Ans. Big: Elephants are big animals. 

Small: I like small gardens.

13. Handwriting:

A smile can bring joy to others. 

14. Sing and enjoy this poem: 

Poem of Opposites 

Para-1 (দফা-১)

Happy and Sad,

Good and Bad,

Give and take,

Sleep and Wake 

Para-2 (দফা-২)

Hot and Cold, 

Young and Old.

Smile and Frown,

Up and Down 

Para-3 (দফা-৩)

First and Last, 

Slow and Fast, 

To and Fro, 

Come and Go.

Para-4 (দফা- 8)

Black and White,

Day and Night 

Heavy and Light 

Left and Right 

Para-5 (দফা-৫)

Long and Short 

Sold and Bought,

Big and Small

Short and Tall.

Word Notes (শব্দার্থ) :

happy (হেপি)— সুখী। sad (চেদ)— দুখী। good (গুড)—ভাল। bad (বেড)— বেয়া। give (গিভ)—দিয়া। take (টেক্)— লোৱা। sleep (স্লীপ)—টোপনি যোৱা। wake (ওৱেক) সাৰপোৱা। hot (হট)—গৰম। cold (কল্ড)—ঠাণ্ডা। young (ইয়ং)—ডেকা। old (অল্ড)—বুঢ়া। smile (স্মাইল)—মিচিকীয়া হাঁহি। frown (ফ্রাউন)—ভ্ৰূকুটি কৰা। up (আপ)—ওপৰত। down (ডাউন) তলত। first (ফাৰ্ষ্ট)—প্রথম। last (লাষ্ট)–শেষ। black (ব্লেক)—কলা। white ( হ’ৱাইট) – বগা। day (ডে)— দিন। night (নাইট)—ৰাতি। heavy (হেভি)—গধুৰ) light (লাইট)—পাতল। left (লেফট)—বাঁও ৷ right (ৰাইট)—সোঁ । long (লং)—দীঘল। short (চৰ্ট)—চুটী। sold (চ’ল্ড)—বিক্ৰী কৰা। bought (বট)— ক্ৰয় কৰা। big (বিগ)—ডাঙৰ। small (স্মল)— সৰু

15. a) Write the opposite of each of the following words from the poem : 



15. (b) Now, write at least four sentences with some of these words in your notebook.

Ans. hot : I like to drink hot milk during the winter season.

Old : Don’t throw away old clothes.

Happy : I feel happy when I spend time with my family.

Up : I like to fly kites up in the sky.

Down : hills down side were beautiful.

16. Read and draw: 

a big house

a small house 

a night sky

a day sky 

Ans. Draw yourself.

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