Class 12 English Chapter 7 Keeping Quiet

Class 12 English Chapter 7 Keeping Quiet The answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters Assam Board Class 12th English Chapter 7 Keeping Quiet and select needs one.

Class 12 English Chapter 7 Keeping Quiet

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Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 12 English Chapter 7 Keeping Quiet Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here…

Keeping Quiet

Lesson – 7

Poetry Section

Question & Answers

Think as you read

Q.1. What will counting  up to twelve and keeping still help us achieve? 

Ans : Most of the  ills and troubles of the world are caused by of our rush and hurry.  Keeping still will give us the necessary  respite for peace. 

Therefore the poet urges us to keep still till he counts up to twelve so that we may get peace. 

Q. 2. Do you think the poet advocates total inactivity  and death ? 

Ans : No,  he doesn’t advocate total inactivity and death. 

Total inactivity  means death which the pote never likes. His stillness stands for cessation of hostile and harmful human activities. 

Q. 3. What  is the ‘ sadness ‘ that the poet refers to in the poem ? 

Ans : Man’s sadness is caused by his own thinking  and actions.  He fails to understand  himself . His rush and hurry cause trouble.  Due to his thinking  and actions he is always threatening  himself  with death. 

Q. 4. What symbol from nature does the poet involve to say that there can be life under apparent stillness ? 

Ans : The poet doesn’t want us to confuse ‘stillness with total inactivity’ there can be life under apparent stillness.  The poet invokes the earth as a living symbol to prove his point.The earth never likes total inactivity.Nature remains at work even under clear stillness and it keeps the earth alive.

Prose Section

Lesson – 1 (The Last Lesson)

Lesson – 2 (Lost Spring)

Lesson – 3 (Memories Of A Chota Sahib)

Lesson – 4 (Indigo)

Lesson – 5 (Going Places)

Poetry Section

Lesson – 1 (My Mother At Sixty-Six)

Lesson – 2 (Keeping Quiet)

Lesson – 3 (A Thing of Beauty)

Lesson – 4 (A Roadside Stand)

Supplementary Reader: Vistas

Lesson – 1 (The Tiger King)

Lesson – 2 (Journey To The End Of The Earth)

Lesson – 3 (On The Face Of It)

Lesson – 4 (Memories Of Childhood)

Lesson – 5 (Magh Bihu)

Lesson – 6 (The Enemy)

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