Class 12 English Chapter 8 A Thing of Beauty

Class 12 English Chapter 8 A Thing of Beauty The answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters Assam Board Class 12th English Chapter 8 A Thing of Beauty and select needs one.

Class 12 English Chapter 8 A Thing of Beauty

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Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 12 English Chapter 8 A Thing of Beauty Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here…

A Thing of Beauty

Lesson – 8

Poetry Section

Question & Answers

Think as you read

Q.1. List the things of beauty mentioned in the poem.Or, Name the things that are the constant sources of beauty. 

Ans : Every big and small thing of nature is a thing of beauty and a source of pleasure. The sun, the moon, trees old and young and daffodil flowers are all things of beauty. So are small streams with clear water, mass of ferns, and the blooming musk-roses. They are constant sources of joy and enjoyment. 

Q.2. List the things that cause suffering and pain. 

Ans : (1) Our malice and disappointment. 

(2) The lack of noble qualities. 

(3) Our unhealthy and evil ways.There are the things that causes suffering and pain. 

Q.3. What does the line, “Therefore are we wreathing a flowery band to bind us to earth” – Suggest to you ? 

Ans : This line suggests that human beings are a parcel of nature. The bond between nature and man is unbroken. The things of beauty are like wreaths of beautiful flowers. We seem to wreath a flowery band that keeps us attached to the beauty of this earth. 

Q.4. What makes human beings love life in spite of troubles and sufferings ? 

Ans : Some shape of beauty brings love and happiness. A thing of beauty removes the covering of sadness and sufferings from our lives. It makes man love one another. 

Q.5. Why is ‘grandeur’ associated with the mighty dead’

Ans : The mighty deads were the forefathers who were powerful in their own days. So, we wish that they would be rewarded on the ‘day of final judgment’. Thus that sad things become a source of beauty and pleasure when they assume the status of art. As we get pleasure, memorising them, so we get pleasure looking at beautiful things. 

Q.6. Do we experience things of beauty only for short moments or do they make a lasting impression on us ? 

Ans : A thing of beauty is a joy forever. It’s loveliness goes on increasing every moment. It’s value remains undiminished. It always removes the pall of sadness that veils our dark spirits. 

Q.7. What image does the poet use to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth ? 

Ans : The poet has used various images to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth. The beauty of daffodils, streams, musk rose has been described using very suggestive and rich images. The bounty of the earth is like an endless fountain. This endless fountain of immortal drinks constantly poured from the heaven into our hearts.

Prose Section

Lesson – 1 (The Last Lesson)

Lesson – 2 (Lost Spring)

Lesson – 3 (Memories Of A Chota Sahib)

Lesson – 4 (Indigo)

Lesson – 5 (Going Places)

Poetry Section

Lesson – 1 (My Mother At Sixty-Six)

Lesson – 2 (Keeping Quiet)

Lesson – 3 (A Thing of Beauty)

Lesson – 4 (A Roadside Stand)

Supplementary Reader: Vistas

Lesson – 1 (The Tiger King)

Lesson – 2 (Journey To The End Of The Earth)

Lesson – 3 (On The Face Of It)

Lesson – 4 (Memories Of Childhood)

Lesson – 5 (Magh Bihu)

Lesson – 6 (The Enemy)

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