Class 12 English Chapter 5 Going Places

Class 12 English Chapter 5 Going Places The answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters Assam Board Class 12 English Chapter 5 Going Places and select needs one.

Class 12 English Chapter 5 Going Places

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Also, you can read the SCERT book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 12 English Chapter 5 Going Places Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here…

Going Places

Lesson – 5

Prose Section

Question & Answers

Think as you read

Q.1. Where was it most likely that the two girls would find work after school ? 

Ans : Both the girls were from lower middle class. After school they would have to work in some biscuit factory or shops. Jansie knew that they were both “earmarked for the biscuits factory. But Sophie dream of having a boutique. 

Q.2. What were the options that Sophie was dreaming ofWhy does jansie discourage her from having such dreams? 

Ans : Sophie lived in a dream world. She wanted to open a boutique which would be the best of her town. She also wanted to be an actress or a fashion designer. 

Jansie was practical. She knew that being so poor they could not imagine to be the owner of a boutique. She wanted Sophie to be sensible and drop all her utopian plans. 

Q.3. Why did Sophie wriggle when Geoff told her father that she had met Danny Casey? Or, What others dreams does Sophie have besides having a boutique? 

Ans : Sophie didn’t want that her father  should know about her meeting with Casey. When Geoff told his father that Sophie had met Casey., her father turned his head to look at her with disdain. Therefore Sophie wriggled where she was sitting. 

Q.4. Does Geoff believe what Sophie says about her meeting with Danny Casey ?

Ans : No, Geoff doesn’t believe Sophie. He says that it is never true. He repeats, “I dont believes this”. He asks what he looks like. So, he doesn’t seem to be convinced that Sophie met Casey. 

Q.5. Does her father believe her story ? 

Ans : No, Sophie’s father doesn’t believe her story. When Geoff tells him that Sophie had met Casey, his father turns his head to look at her. He ignores her totally. He thinks that this is another of her wild stories. 

Q.6. How does Sophie include Geoff in her fantasy of her future ? 

Ans : Geoff is an apprentice mechanic. He speaks little. Sophie is jealous of his silence. She wishes she can share those unknown areas of his life. She imagines riding behind Geoff to the world of fantasy.

Q.7. Which country did Danny Casey play for ? 

Ans : Danny Casey played for Ireland. 

Q.8. Why did not Sophie wants Jansie to know about her story with Danny ? 

Ans : Sophie was startled when she knew that Geoff had told Jansie, the story of meeting Casey. She disliked Geoff for doing so. It was not a jansie kind of thing. It was meant to be something special between ‘Geoff and her. Jansie was ‘nosey’. She would spread the news in the locality. 

Q.9. Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey ? 

Ans : No, Sophie did not really meet Casey. She was much fascinated by the young Irish footballer. She imagined that he came to meet her. She sat, waiting for him. She knew that he would never come. She felt sad and disappointed. She was always lost in a dream world where she imagined nothing but Casey. 

Q.10. Which was the only occasion when she got to see Danny Casey in person ? 

Ans : On one Saturday, the family went to watch-united. She watched how united won two-nill. Her idol Casey scored the second goal. She saw how skillfully he beat the defenders. Sophie glowed in pride. This was the only occasion when she got to see Danny in person. 

Understanding the Text

Q.1. ‘Sophie and Jansie were classmates and friends.’ What were the differences between them that show up in the story ? 

Ans : Sophie and Jansie were classmates and they were good friends. But in tastes and temperaments they were poles apart. Sophie lived in a fairy land. She was an incurable escapist. On the other hand jansie was a practical girl. 

They had different attitudes toward life and things. Sophie wanted to open a boutique. She also entertained the idea of being an actress or a fashion designer. But jansie knew that they were ear-marked for the biscuit factory. She advised Sophie to be sensible and practical. 

Sophie had no faith in jansie. According to her, she was nosey. She feared that jansie could not digest the news of her meeting with Casey. She would spread the news in the neighborhood soon. 

Q.2. How would you describe the characters and temperaments of Sophie’s father ? 

Ans : A. R. Barton has given a ‘sketchy’ picture of Sophie ‘s father’s character and temperament. He has a plumpy face looking grimy and sweaty. He doesn’t seem to be a soft or sophisticated man. Instead, he is a man aggressive temperaments. Sophie seems to fear him. He does not believe in his daughter’s wild stories. 

He knows Sophie well. He ignores her completely and goes on watching television. He is in his true element when he talks of football. He is a crazy fan of Irish football players, Tom Finny and Danny Casey. He hopes that one day Casey may be even better than Tom finny. On Saturday he wants to watch the football match. United won by two-nill goals. He goes to the pub in the evening to celebrate the victory. 

Q.3. Why did Sophie like her brother, Geoff more than any other person? From her perspective what did he symbolise ?

Ans : Sophie likes her brother more than any person. She can open her heart to him. She knows that Geoff is the only person who listens to her wild stories. Her father is very officious and aggressive. He hates Sophie’s fantastic stories. Her classmates jansey is also nosey. She can’t be trusted. But Geoff can be trusted to keep all her secrets to himself. 

Sophie likes and loves Geoff very much. She is eager to share even those areas of his life about which she knows nothing. She is jealous of his silence,. Words have to be prized out of him. Geoff is always the first to share her interests. In his own way he tries to tell her that Casey must have strings of girls behind him. He would never show up again. But he does so in a way that may not break the young heart of a day -dreamer. He is a good listener of her “wild stories. “

Q.4. What socio economic back-ground did Sophie belong to? What are the indicators of her family’s financial status ? 

Ans : Sophie and Jansie belong to lower middle class families. Sophie is an escapist. She dreams of things that she cannot get in real life. Sophie’s wild dreams need a lot of money for their fulfilment. Little Derek understand his unrealistic sister well. He asks, “She thinks money grows on trees? ‘

Her socio-economic background is reflected by her brother’s occupation. He is an apprentice machine. He travels to his workplace each day to the far side of the city. His jacket is shapeless. Her father lacks sophistication. He grunts and tosses one of little Derek’s shoes from his chair onto the sofa. The family doesn’t own a servant or a car. The father rides on a bicycle. 

Prose Section

Lesson – 1 (The Last Lesson)

Lesson – 2 (Lost Spring)

Lesson – 3 (Memories Of A Chota Sahib)

Lesson – 4 (Indigo)

Lesson – 5 (Going Places)

Poetry Section

Lesson – 1 (My Mother At Sixty-Six)

Lesson – 2 (Keeping Quiet)

Lesson – 3 (A Thing of Beauty)

Lesson – 4 (A Roadside Stand)

Supplementary Reader: Vistas

Lesson – 1 (The Tiger King)

Lesson – 2 (Journey To The End Of The Earth)

Lesson – 3 (On The Face Of It)

Lesson – 4 (Memories Of Childhood)

Lesson – 5 (Magh Bihu)

Lesson – 6 (The Enemy)

Talking About The Text (Discuss in pairs)

1. Sophie’s dreams and disappointments are all in her mind. 

Ans : X- Sophie has her own dreams. 

Y – And her disappointments too. 

X – But all her dreams and disappointments are her own creation. 

Y – They are the creation of her mind. 

X – Sophie is an incurable escapist. 

Y – Yes, and a dreamer too. 

X – She creates a Utopia. 

Y – She rarely touches the ground reality of practical life. 

X – She belongs to a lower middle class family. 

Y – But yet she dreams of opening a boutique. 

X – She dreams of becoming an actress. 

Y – She also dreams to be a fashion designer. 

X – She has neither money nor experience. 

Y – She likes Danny Casey. 

X – She imagines her meeting with Casey. 

Y – She waits for him, knowing that he would never come. 

X – She becomes sad. 

Y – Dreams can’t be the alternative of reality. 

X – Therefore, she is upset. 

Y – Everything is created by her. 

X – O, the burden of sadness that she always has to carry. 

2. It is natural for teenagers to have unrealistic dreams. What would you say are the benefits and disadvantages of such fantasising ? 

Ans : X – They say the young are crazy. 

Y – Youth is the period of boundless ambition. 

X – Who bothers they are real or unreal. 

Y – Some say the young shouldn’t dream but act. 

X – If the young stop dreaming, will the grey hair dream? 

Y – Every great scientist or writer is a dreamer first. 

X – But there should be a method in dreaming. 

Y – You should not cry for the moon. 

X – A young boy should not be an escapist. 

Y – Let them dream. 

X – Dreams are behind every success. 

Working with words

Notice the following expression. Explain what they mean. 

1. Words had to be prized Out of him like stones out of a ground. 

Meaning: words had to be extracted from him with force. 

2. Sophie felt a tightening in her throat. 

Meaning: She felt dryness in her throat and felt upset. 

3. …….keps his head on his shoulders. 

Meaning: He is sensible and intelligent. 

4. They made their weekly pilgrimage

Meaning: They went to see the football match every week as if they were visiting a holy place. 

5. ……ghost past

Meaning: Making a move or running to dodge or deceive. 

Noticing from

Pick out five from the story in which present participles are used in the sense that an actions is happening at the same time as another. 

Ans : 1. “Dad” said little Derek hanging on the back of his father’s chair. 

2. She was conscious of a vast world out there waiting for her. 

3. She saw herself riding there behind Geoff .

4. ‘Here I sit’ , She said to herself, wishing Danny would come. 

5. She waited, measuring in this way, the changes taking place in her. 

Thinking about Language

Notice some words that are used in an informal way in colloquial speech and makes a list. 

Gawky.Awkward, ungainly
Boutique.A shop selling fashionable clothes.
Scooping.Picking up something with a spoon.
Prized out.Extract some information with force.
Pub.A place where one can drink.
Damn.Go to hell
Ghost past.Moved unseen
Huh.Expression showing disagreement.

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