Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 4 Albert Einstein at school

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Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 4 Albert Einstein at school answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 4 Albert Einstein at school, Class 11 English Snapshots Question Answer, HS 1st year English Notes and select needs one.

Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 4 Albert Einstein at school

Also, you can read the SCERT Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 4 Albert Einstein at school All Be Together” book Notes online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per AHSEC (SCERT) Book guidelines. Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 4 Albert Einstein at school Notes are part of SCERT All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 4 Albert Einstein at school Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here.

Albert Einstein at school

Chapter: 4




1. What do you understand of Einstein’s nature from his conversations with his history teacher, his mathematics teacher and the head teacher 

Ans. Einstein, from his childhood, was a person who could not be confined to restricted thinking. He could never be interested in dates and facts of historical events. His history teacher often rebuked and taunted him for his dislike and refusal to learn what was taught in class. Einstein was against parrot learning.But we see a completely different Einstein through the mathematics teacher who, in a glowing recommendation letter, wrote that there was nothing more to teach Einstein. In fact, the teacher could now learn from him. The head teacher was unable to see the genius in him. He called Einstein a nuisance in class, rebellious and a disturbing element and expelled him from school.

2. The school system often curbs individual talents Discuss.

Ans. It is an irony that despite knowing school education curbs individual talent, none of us can escape this phase of life. We would not be regarded educated if we did not go to school. It undoubtedly teaches discipline and team work. But, there is no scope for individual preference. A child’s aptitude or talent is not taken into consideration. lt, therefore, kills the natural instinct in children. People like Thomas Edison, Einstein, Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Aflison (Oracle), etc. have all faced expulsion from school. The school curriculum did not suit their individual talents. It is often seen that schools interfere with the free growth and development of children. Without freedom, ideas cannot take birth.

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3. How do you distinguish between information gathering and insight formation ?

Ans. Our education system emphasises on information gathering rather than insight formation. Information gathering is relatively easy and useless. The history teacher insisted on correct information on dates and figures. But, according to Einstein, it would be more educative to know why battles were fought and an insightful analysis of it. information can be gathered from books, but one needs to put the mind to work for insight formation. Education, as we experience today, does not teach us to analyse or go into depths. It provides superficial knowledge which geniuses like Einstein could not accept. 


LONG ANSWER TYPE (Upto 100 Words)

1. What caused Einstein’s misery in Munich and his school there ?

Ans. Albert Einstein spent five miserable years at a school in Munich.  He had an analytical bent of mind which was not understood by the teachers. He rebelled against rote learning for which he was even reprimanded, taunted and finally expelled from school.  Except for his Mathematics teacher, who understood the real genius within, he was considered a nuisance in class. His wretched dwelling often exposed him to slum violence. His landlady could not tolerate his violin. The food was not to his taste. He had no friends except Yuri. All this resulted in a misery he could bear no more.

2. Who was Yuri ? What was his role in the given extract ?

Ans. Yuri was Albet’s only friend in Munich and his close confidante. When he decided to leave school, he disclosed his plan to Yuri and sought his help. Albert needed a doctor’s certificate and Yuri assured his help. He fixed an appointment with a fresh medical graduate Doctor Ernst Weil, who readily certified Albert with nervous breakdown and six months rest. Yuri advised Albert to take a letter of recommendation from the Mathematics teacher before submitting the certificate to the head teacher. Always a well-wisher, he bade Albert goodbye and wished him happiness and luck.

3. Describe Albert’s meeting with the head teacher.

Ans. Albert acquired a medical certificate from Doctor Ernst Weil advising six months rest due to a nervous breakdown. But even before he could show it, he was summoned by the head teacher. He asked Albert to leave school as his work was terrible. He was being a nuisance in class, rebellious and averse to learning. Albert asked whether he was being expelled, to which the teacher replied that he could take it that way, but it would be better if he left on his own accord. Albert wanted to tell him what he thought of him and his school, but restrained himself. Saying that he had already decided to leave, he walked out of the room and the school.


1. Why did Albert see no point in learning dates and facts ?

Ans. Albert saw no point in learning something which was easily available in books. It did not involve any mental activity or analysis. Learning facts was not educative.

2. How did he justify his view on education ?

Ans. Albert said that ideas mattered more than facts. There was no point knowing the dates or number of soldiers killed in a battle. It would be educative to know why those soldiers killed each other.

3. Do you think Albert misbehaved with the history teacher ?

Ans. Albert had firm conviction in what he was saying and put his words in a blunt and straight forward manner. He was frustrated with the teacher’s sarcasm and lack of understanding

4. What, apart from school, made him miserable ?

Ans. Albert was miserable with his poor lodging and the atmosphere of slum violence. Compared to that, the bad food, discomfort, dirt and squalor seemed bearable.

5. Who was Elsa ? Where did she live ?

Ans. Elsa was Albert’s cousin and friend. She lived in Berlin where her father had his business. She often carne to meet Albert in Munich.

6. What was Elsa’s solution to pass examination ?

Ans. Elsa said it was not necessary to know or understärid anything to pass examination. One simply had to learn things by heart and repeat the same in the exams.

7. Why did Elsa disapprove of the book that Aibart was reading ?

Ans. Elsa found Albert with a book on geology. She asked whether it was required in school. When she learnt it was not, she asked why he was reading something that would not help him with his diploma.

8. What was Albert’s only other comfort apart from science ?

Ans. Apart from science, Albert’s only other comfort was music and he played on the violin regularly until his landlady forbade him saying there was already enough noise in the house and the wailing got on her nerves.

9. Why did Albert ask Yuri for a doctor ?

Ans. Albert sought Yuri’s help in finding a doctor who could give him a certificate stating he was suffering a nervous breakdown. That would declare him unfit to continue at school. 

10. How did Yuri help him ?

Ans. Yuri located a young doctor who was ready to help Albert. Doctor Ernst Weil had qualified as a doctor only the previous week, but Yuri had known him for years.

11. Why was Albert nervous when he met the doctor ?

Ans. Albert was so worried about what to tell the doctor that by  the time his appointment, he was quite nervous. Moreover, was very bad at lying and thus, would not be able to deceive the doctor.

12. How did the doctor know Albert had a nervous breakdown even before he said it ?

Ans. Yuri had given the doctor a history of the case. Besides, the visit to a doctor proved that Albert was in a nervous state about the school and was very close to a breakdown.

13. What was Albert’s plan after leaving school ?

Ans. Albert planned to go to Main in Italy to live with his parents. He would try to get into an italian college or institute.

14. How did he expect to do that without a diploma ?

Ans. He would request his Mathematics teacher for a recommendation. He was sure that would serve his purpose because he had learnt all the maths he was taught in school and a little more.

15. Why did Yuri suggest Albert should meet the maths teacher first ?

Ans. Yuri had anticipated an unfavourable situation might arise after the meeting with the head teacher which might make it unconducive  to meet anybody else. So, he wisely suggested getting the recommendation before submitting the medical certificate.

16. How did Mr Koch react to Albert leaving the school?

Ans. Mr Koch admitted that Albert was wasting his time in his classes there was nothing more to teach him. He wrote that Albert was ready to immediately go in for higher studies in maths.

17. What was Albert told by the head teacher ?

Ans. The head teacher told Albert to leave the school without further delay. He said Albert had been a disgrace to the school and a nuisance for the teachers. He was a bad influence on other students.

18. Describe Alberť’s final departure from school.

Ans. Albert left the school without any regret. He had spent five years of frustration, disillusionment and humiliation in the school. He walked away without even caring to give it a last fook.

19. How did Yuri bid him goodbye ?

Ans. Yuri wished him good luck. He knew Albert was going to a wonderful ul country and hoped he would find happiness there.

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