Biography of Hiren Bhattacharya

Hiren Bhattacharya is a popular poet in modern Assamese poetry history. The depth of feeling, poetic lyricalness, the colorful form of meaning is one of the features of Hiren Bhattacharya’s poetry. He is known as Hiruda opposite to Hiren Bhattacharya for everyone who loves poetry. Importantly, love and humanity poet Hiren Bhattacharya contributed immensely to creating a broad readership of poetry lovers by freeing modern Assamese poetry from a kind of incomprehension.

Biography of Hiren Bhattacharya

Biography of Hiren Bhattacharya

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Name   Hiren Bhattacharya[1] 
Date of Birth 28 July 1932
Place of Birth Jorhat, Assam
Father    Tirthanath Bhattacharya
MotherSnehalata Bhattacharya
Education    1/ Dibrugarh Greham Bazar ME School

2/ Tezpur Medium School

3/ Golaghat High School

4/ Cotton Collegiate School in Guwahati

5/ B. Baruah College
Awards 1/ Raghunath Choudhary Award of Assam Sahitya Sabha (1976)

2/ Vishnu Rava Award of Assam Sahitya Sabha (1985)

3/ Balaji Sahitya Award of Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan (1985)

4/ Soviet country Nehru Award (1987)

5/ Sahitya Akademi Award (1992)

6/ Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sanstha’s Friendship Samman’

7/ ‘Bajalini Award’ of The Indian Language Council (1993)

8/ Assam Valley Sahitya Award (2000)

9/ Ganesh Gogoi Award (2009)

10/ Padmanath Vidyavinod Smriti Sahitya Award (2012)
Death  July 4, 2012

Hiren Bhattacharya, one of the best poets of modern Assamese poetry, was born in Jorhat in 1932. His father’s name was Tirthanath Bhattacharya and his mother’s name was Snehlata Bhattacharya.

Early life

Hiren Bhattacharya’s father Tirthanath Bhattacharya was a jailer. Because of his father’s job he had the opportunity to study in different parts of Assam as well as in addition to roaming around in different parts of Assam. Hiren Bhattacharya who first started his education career in Dibrugarh Graham Bazar ME school, later in Tezpur Medium School, after studying in Golaghat High School, he passed the high school education examination from Guwahati Cotton Collegiate School. Later from B. Baruah College in 1954, he passed the I.A exam.

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Hiren Bhattacharya, who started his career at a high school in Borka in 1964, also served as a salesman in a clothing store.

Importantly, he has been associated with the Gananatya Sangha since 1954 when he passed the high school education examination. He got involved with the Gana Natya Sangha soon after he came in close proximity to mass artist Hemanga Biswas. While associated with the Gana Natya Sangha, he came in contact with many progressive thinkers like – Vishnu Rava, Bhupen Hazarika, Keshav Mahanta, Dilip Sharma, Sudakshina Sharma, Hiren Chaudhary, Jayant Baruah. Importantly Hiren Bhattacharya was also a member of the Executive Committee of The Gananatya Sangha in Guwahati city.

He was also closely associated with the Assam Progressive Artists Literary Association in 1964-65. The progressive thinking and work of this Union was an inspiration for many.

A magazine called “Louit” was also published by Hiren Bhattacharya from the Assam Progressive Artists Literary Association. Importantly, he was not only confined to the responsibility of editing the magazine, He also played an important role in selling the magazine on the footpath of Panbazar.

Hiren Bhattacharya also edited and published another magazine called ‘Chitravan’ in 1955. He also edited a magazine called ‘Manan’.  

In addition to these Hiren Bhattacharya jointly edited and published a magazine called ‘Antarik’ with Hiren Gohain. However, the publication of the magazine stopped after a couple of words were published.

Hiren Bhattacharya who could not stick to anything in everyday life in a disciplined manner was singular and unique in many respects. He had an enviable popularity as a poet.


Hiren Bhattacharya’s first poem, who started writing poems from a very young age, was published in 1957. Despite gaining a sky-high popularity by writing poems, He was actually a man who wrote poems whenever and wherever. But keeping every of his poems in safely, wife Parul Devi teamed up with Hiren Bhattacharya’s brother Chunni Bhattacharya to publish Hiren Bhattacharya’s first collection of poetry books “Rudra Kamana” in 1964.Rudra Kamana” is the unique addition of modern Assamese poetry in the sixties.

Eight years after the first poem “Rudra Kamana” was published in 1972, the second book of poems by Hiren Bhattacharya was published “Mur Desh Aru Mur Premor Kobita”. Poems written between 1964 and 1970 were included in this second book of poetry.

In addition, Hiren Bhattacharya’s other poetry collections published in Assamese are: ‘Bivhina Dinar Kabita/Poems of Different Days ‘ (1974), ‘Kabitar Rod’ (1977), ‘Hugondhi Pokhilaa’ (1981), ‘Shish Pathar Manuh’ (1981), ‘Mur Prio Bornomala’, ‘Vhalpuar Bukah Mati’, ‘Mur Desh Aru Mur Premor Kobita’ ‘Vhalpua Dishau Batere’, ‘Bachakaviniya Kavita’, ‘Hugondha Hipah’, ‘From roots to leaves’, etc.  In addition, Bhattacharya’s Bengali-language poetry collections are: ‘Junaki Man Aru Onyaina’, ‘Grain Fields and Others/Haishyar Mitha Aru Onyaina’.

Hiren Bhattacharya who is known as the poet of “Aromatic Butterflies/Hugondhi Pokhila” and “Prem Aru Rodali Kobi” in Assamese literary world, reflects the bright manifestation of love, youth, humanity in addition to progressive social consciousness. The use of very restrained and frugal language, the lyrical manifestation of a sensitive thought in short poems with the magical sound of choice of the world ‘Bachakvania/Eloquent’, is one of the features of Hiren Bhattacharya’s poetry. Hiren Bhattacharya’s poem reflects a strong fascination for rural life. Apart from this the pictures of the agony of the temporary era are also followed in the poems of Hiren Bhattacharya. His poetry is rich in painting, Love, death, life agony, human tranquility, mental fear – These quirky forms of life are beautifully reflected through the poems of Hiren Bhattacharya. If there are poems that people from different parts of Assam can quote on the theme, it is the poetry written by Hiren Bhattacharya. The number of lovers who use Hiren Bhattacharya’s short poems while speaking or writing letters is innumerable. In one word, every poem by Hiren Bhattacharya could be touched in the minds and hearts of the people. For Hiren Bhattacharya, ‘Poetry is A Journey of Exploration, Skillful exchange letter’.

His Popularity

Hiren Bhattacharya, who fascinated countless readers with his distinctive poetry style, won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1992 for his poem ‘Sahis Pathar Manuh’. He also received the Bajalini Award of the Indian Language Council in 1993 for his collection of poems. He won the Vishnu Rava Award of Sahitya Sabha in 1985, Balaji Sahitya Award of Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan and Soviet country Nehru Award in 1987 for his book ‘Hugondhi Pokhila’. He also won the Raghunath Choudhary Award of Assam Sahitya Sabha for his collection ‘Bibhina Dinar Kobita’ published in 1976. In addition to these Williamson Mag’s Educational Trust’s ‘Assam Valley Literature Award’, ‘Ganesh Gogoi Award’ of Government of Assam, Hiren Bhattacharya, who played an important role in making the Assamese literary culture store beautiful with his distinctive poetic style, was awarded the Padmanath Vidyavinod Smriti Sahitya Award at the Ramnath Bhattacharya Foundation in Mumbai.

Apart from poetry, the collection of songs composed by him is called ‘Tomar Gaan’ (1976) and ‘Few Songs’ (2007). In the language of Hiren Bhattacharya, he does not write songs, he writes poems, but when he tunes, poetry converts into songs. Importantly, Hiren Bhattacharya’s many poems were composed by artists like Pulak Banerjee, Zubin Garg and Anindita Pal. Which are appreciated among the audience.

He also wrote children’s books for children. The books he wrote for children are: ‘Lora Dhemali’, ‘Akon Dhemali’, ‘Roi Roi Dhemali’. In addition, the notable book edited by him are: ‘Brogen Baruah among us’, ‘Reference: Dadhi Mahanta’.

Importantly, in 2011, Bhabani Print and publications a combined collection of poems written by Bhattacharya from 1957 to 2010: Poems by Hiren Bhattacharya: From the very first All’ was published in 1957-2010.

Importantly, he also served as president of the Kobi Sanmelan/Poetry Reunion of Madhav Kandali area of Nagaon, Kampur of the 52nd Assam Sahitya Sabha held in 1986.


Hiren Bhattacharya’s personality and mind were careful and the way of life was chaotic. Yet he bound the artist’s life with a sense of interest and restraint that was not easily noticed. It was a waste of time for him to get into an argument with anyone. But he was consciously responsible for the heritage of Assamese language culture. This great personality who showed the new generation the path of creativity breathed his last at Dispur Hospital in Guwahati on July 4, 2012. Hiren Bhattacharya, who started the poetry talk in the fifties and shone with brilliant talent in the sixties and seventies, is the pride of Assam and the Assamese.


1. When and where was Hiren Bhattacharya born?

Ans: Hiren Bhattacharya was born in July 28,1932 at Jorhat, Assam.

2. By what name Hiren Bhattacharya was popularly known as?

Ans: He was popularly known as Hiruda.

3. When he was awarded with Sahitya Akademi Award?

Ans: He was awarded with Sahitya Akademi Award in 1992 for his poem ‘Sahis Pathar Manuh’.

4. Name some of the notable works of Hiren Bhattacharya?

Ans: Some of the notable works of Hiren Bhattacharya are- ‘Roudro Kamona’, ‘Kobitar Rod’, ‘Hugondhi Pokhilla’, ‘Mur Desh Aru Mur Premor Kobita’ etc.

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