The Politics of the Environment PDF

The Politics of the Environment PDF, In writing a book that has been as long in gestation as this one, I have inevitably accrued many debts. Andy Dobson, Meg Huby, Andy Jordan, Sue Mendus and Chris Rootes have each read several chapters, and I know that the book is much better for their wise and helpful comments.

The Politics of the Environment

The Politics of the Environment

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Brian Doherty, Matt Paterson, and Andrew Williams have each commented on a chapter. A wide range of people has helped in small but important ways, including Keith Alderman, Riley Dunlap, Katarina Eckerberg, Dave Humphreys, Janet Jenkins, Arthur Mol, and Ben Seel.

Many others, too numerous to mention, have contributed in a less formal manner. I should, however, like to make a special fond mention for Dick Richardson, with whom I shared many discussions about green politics and whose enthusiasm and good humor is greatly missed by his many friends.

My colleagues at the University of York have provided a friendly, supportive, and stimulating working environment. Several cohorts of students who have taken my courses in ‘Green Politics’ and ‘Environmental Policy’ have also helped me to develop my ideas.

I am also grateful to Nuffield College, Oxford, where I spent the Autumn of 1997 as a Visitor. John Haslam has been a remarkably patient, supportive and encouraging editor throughout.

Finally, Charlie Burns has been an unfailing source of emotional and intellectual support throughout the often painful process of writing this book. She has read every chapter, usually several times, and offered excellent, constructive advice. I cannot thank her enough.

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