The Dictionary of Human Geography PDF

The Dictionary of Human Geography

The Dictionary of Human Geography Geographical dictionaries has a long history. A number were published in Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries: a few – mostly those with greater pretensions to providing conceptual order – were described as ‘Geographical Grammars’. The majority were compendia of geographical information, or gazetteers, some of which were truly astonishing in their scope.

The Dictionary of Human Geography

The Dictionary of Human Geography PDF

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How to Use This Dictionary

Keywords are listed alphabetically and appear on the page in bold type: in most cases, users of the Dictionary should begin their searches there. Within each entry, cross-references to other entries are shown in capital letters (these include the plural and adjectival versions of many of the terms). Readers may trace other connections through the comprehensive index at the back of the book.

Suggested readings are provided at the end of each entry in abbreviated (Harvard) form; a full Bibliography is provided between pages 818 and 956, and readers seeking particular references or the works of particular authors should begin their searches there.

In the production of this edition, we are again indebted to a large number of people. We are particularly grateful to Justin Vaughan, our publisher at Wiley-Blackwell, for his enthusiasm, support, and impeccably restrained goading, and to many others at Wiley-Blackwell (especially Liz Cremona and Tim Beuzeval) who have been involved in the management and implementation of this project.

We owe a special debt to Geoffrey Palmer, our copy editor, who performed marvels turning multiple electronic files into an accurate and coherent printed volume, and to WordCo Indexing Services, Inc., who compiled and cross-checked the Index with meticulous care.

The preparation of a large multi-authored volume such as this is dependent on the cooperation of a large number of colleagues, who accepted our invitation to contribute, our cajoling to produce the entries, our prompts over deadlines, and our editorial interventions: we are immensely grateful to them for their care, tolerance, and patience. It is with the greatest sadness that we record the deaths of two of them during the preparation of the Dictionary – Denis Cosgrove and Les Hepple – and we dedicate this edition to their memory.

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