A Brief History of Ancient Greece Pdf

A Brief History of Ancient Greece

A Brief History of Ancient Greece The history of the ancient Greeks is one of the most improbable success stories in world history. A small number of people inhabiting a country poor in resources and divided into hundreds of squabbling mini-states created one of the world’s most remarkable cultures.

A Brief History of Ancient Greece Pdf Download

A Brief History of Ancient Greece Pdf

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Located on the periphery of the Bronze Age civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia, the Greeks absorbed key technical skills such as metallurgy and writing in the process of developing a culture marked by astonishing creativity, versatility, and resilience.

Finally, having spread from Spain to the borders of India, Greek culture gradually transformed as it became an integral part of other civilizations: Latin, Iranian, Arabic, and Byzantine. In the process, however, the Greeks left a rich legacy in every area of the arts and sciences that is still alive in Western and Islamic civilizations.

Almost ten years ago the authors of this book set out to write a new history of the country the English poet Byron called “the land of lost gods.” We hoped that our work, Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History, would flesh out the romantic images of Greece with the new understanding of the realities of Greek history gained from the patient scholarship of a half-century of talented Greek historians.

Thanks to their achievements, we were able to give full recognition to the significance of the Dark Age in the formation of Greek civilization and incorporate into the story of Greece the experiences of those who did not belong to the “scribbling class,” such as women and slaves.

A Brief History of Ancient Greece is not merely an abridgment of our previous work, but a new book in which greater emphasis is given to social and cultural history. At the same time, we have tried to retain all those qualities that made our first book such a success. Every paragraph and sentence has been carefully reviewed.

The suggested readings have been updated, and suggestions and corrections sent to us by our readers have been incorporated into the text. The maps have been completely redesigned and new translations selected or prepared wherever necessary.

An old saw has it that the purpose of studying Greek history is to understand Greek art and literature. We hope that the result of our efforts is a book that will prove a valuable guide for those people who wish to follow that recommendation and enable them to better appreciate the remarkable legacy of the ancient Greeks.

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