A History of Money Pdf Book

A History of Money PDF book is a masterpiece of scholarly research that economists and bankers will find invaluable. Professor Glyn Davies enjoys the rare gift of being able to present the most complicated issues in clear and simple terms.

A History of Money Pdf Book Download

A History of Money Pdf Book Download

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First and foremost I wish to thank Sir Julian Hodge for his unfailing support and encouragement. For over a quarter of a century I have been fortunate in being able to observe at close quarters Sir Julian’s genius for making money – and for making money do good.

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As an economist, I have particularly enjoyed the opportunities provided by such experiences to analyse how far abstract theories stand up in comparison with the practical tests of the market place.

My grateful thanks are also offered to Eric Hammonds, Chairman, and Jonathan Hodge, Director, Julian Hodge Bank Ltd., and to Venetia Farrell of the Jane Hodge Foundation.

To the late and sadly missed Viscount Tonypandy I remain greatly indebted for his typically kind and prompt response in having written the Foreword in his unique, incisive style.

The academic sources on which I have drawn are widely spread over time and space and include, for more recent decades, colleagues and former students. Only to a small degree can such debts be indicated in the bibliography.

To the many librarians who have made essential material easily and pleasantly available to me, I am glad to record my thanks, especially to Ken Roberts of the University of Wales Library, Cardiff, and to my son Roy Davies, of Exeter University Library, whose mastery of the Web proved invaluable.

The staff of the Royal Mint and scores of practicing bankers, building society executives, accountants, and civil servants who have generously given their time to discuss matters of financial interest similarly deserve my gratitude.

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