A Short History of Japan Pdf

Short History of Japan PDF no book is written without a lot of support. Many Japanese friends and colleagues over the years provided valuable insights into their society. Keen Western observers of Japan also helped me to understand Japanese culture, and prominent here is Peter Gainey.

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A Short History of Japan Pdf

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A number of people provided a great deal of help in the editing stage, including my hardworking parents and Andrew MacDonald. Peter, again, proved to be invaluable at this stage. Debbie Hoad was a dedicated and creative research assistant.

I also owe a debt to Professor Colin Brown for his encouragement to undertake this task. Any errors or omissions, of course, remain the responsibility of the author. Finally, a special thank you to Blanca Balmes, for her love and unwavering support.

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F EW COUNTRIES HAVE BEEN the subject of so much scholarly attention yet remain so elusive. Who exactly are the Japanese? Are they peace-loving or war-like? Creators of stunningly beautiful art forms or destroyers of pristine natural environments? Isolationist or expansionist? Considerate of other cultures or arrogantly dismissive?

Willing members of the international community or shy and fearful of engaging with others? Wildly successful or perched on the edge of economic ruin? Newspapers over the past few decades have provided all of these images.

In the late 1980s, Japan appeared on the verge of an economic takeover of the world. The purchase of Columbia Pictures by Sony and the Rockefeller Center by Mitsubishi Real Estate at the time were two of the more dramatic examples of Japanese economic power.

In Australia residents of Queensland’s Gold Coast (with the notable exception of local real estate agents) protested the Japanese buy-up of prime real estate.

The reaction in many parts of the world was fear. Movies such as Rising Sun intimated that there was a rather sinister plot by inscrutable kingpins to make Japan the next superpower by taking control of the global economy. Yet governments around the world at the time vied for the investment opportunities held out tantalizingly by Japanese megafirms.

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