Structural Engineering – Civil, Environmental, Architectural

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering there is a fundamental difference between science and technology. Engineering or technology is the making of things that did not previously exist, whereas science is the discovering of things that have long existed.

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Structural Engineering - Civil, Environmental, Architectural

Structural Engineering – Civil, Environmental, Architectural

Technological results are forms that exist only because people want to make them, whereas scientific results are pieces of information of what exists independently of human intentions. Technology deals with the artificial, science with the natural.” (Billington 1985)

Structural Engineering
Structural engineers are responsible for the detailed analysis and design of:

Architectural structures: Buildings, houses, factories. They must work in close cooperation with an architect who will ultimately be responsible for the design.

Civil Infrastructures: Bridges, dams, pipelines, offshore structures. They work with transportation, hydraulic, nuclear and other engineers. For those structures, they play the leading role.

Aerospace, Mechanical, Naval structures: airplanes, spacecraft, cars, ships, submarines to ensure the structural safety of those important structures.



Structures and their Surroundings

    Structural design is affected by various environmental constraints:

  1. Major movements: For example, elevator shafts are usually shear walls good at resisting
    lateral load (wind, earthquake).
  2. Sound and structure interact:
  • A dome roof will concentrate the sound
  • A dish roof will diffuse the sound.

Architectural Design

    Architectural design must respect various constraints:
Functionality: Influence of the adopted structure on the purposes for which the structure was erected.

Aesthetics: The architect often imposes his aesthetic concerns on the engineer. This, in turn, can place severe limitations on the structural system.

Economy: It should be kept in mind that the two largest components of a structure are labors and materials. The design cost is comparatively negligible.


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