Mechanical Engineering Principles Pdf Download

Mechanical Engineering Principles

Mechanical Engineering Principles Engineering is among the most important of all professions. It is the authors’ opinion that engineers save more lives than medical doctors (physicians). For example, poor water or the lack of it is the second-largest cause of human death in the world, and if engineers are given the tools, they can solve this problem.

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Mechanical Engineering Principles Pdf Download

Mechanical Engineering Principles Pdf Download

The largest cause of human death is caused by the malarial mosquito, and even death due to malaria can be decreased by engineers – by providing helicopters for spraying areas infected by the mosquito and making and designing medical syringes and pills to protect people against catching all sorts of diseases. Most medicines are produced by engineers!

How does the engineer put 1 mg of ‘medicine’ precisely and individually into millions of pills, at an affordable price? Moreover, one of the biggest contributions by humankind was the design of the agricultural tractor, which was designed and built by engineers to increase food production many-fold for a human population which more-or-less quadruples every century!

It is also interesting to note that the richest countries in the world are very heavily industrialized. Engineers create wealth! Most other professions don’t! Even in blue-sky projects, engineers play a major role.



For example, most rocket scientists are chartered engineers or their equivalents and Americans call their Chartered Engineers (and their equivalents), scientists. Astronomers are space scientists and not rocket scientists; they could not design a rocket to conquer outer space.

Even modern theoretical physicists are mainly interested in astronomy and cosmology and also nuclear science. In general, a theoretical physicist cannot, without special training, design a submarine structure to dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, which is 11.52 km or 7.16 miles deep, or design a very long bridge, a tall city skyscraper or a rocket to conquer outer space.

This book presents a solid foundation for the reader in mechanical engineering principles, on which s/he can safely build tall buildings and long bridges that may last for a thousand years or more.

It is the authors’ experience that it is most unwise to attempt to build such structures on shaky foundations; they may come tumbling down – with disastrous consequences.


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