NIOS Class 10 Psychology Chapter 12 Adulthood and Ageing

NIOS Class 10 Psychology Chapter 12 Adulthood and Ageing Solutions to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters NIOS Class 10 Psychology Chapter 12 Adulthood and Ageing Notes and select need one. NIOS Class 10 Psychology Chapter 12 Adulthood and Ageing Question Answers Download PDF. NIOS Study Material of Class 10 Psychology Notes Paper 222.

NIOS Class 10 Psychology Chapter 12 Adulthood and Ageing

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Also, you can read the NIOS book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of NIOS All Subject Solutions. Here we have given NIOS Class 10 Psychology Chapter 12 Adulthood and Ageing Solutions, NIOS Secondary Course Psychology Solutions for All Chapter, You can practice these here.

Chapter: 12



Q.1. Identify the characteristics of young adulthood.

Ans: Autonomous, independent, choice of career, new tasks and challenges, intimate relationships.


Q.1. Describe any two characteristics of middle adulthood.

Ans: Two characteristics of middle adulthood:

(i) Attention on children.

(ii) Plans for old age.


State whether the following statements are true or false:

Q.1. The body organs show a decline of 0.8 to 1 percent after the age of 30. T/F

Ans: True.

Q.2. Gradual changes in sensory abilities take place with ageing. T/F

Ans: True.

Q.3. One must not accept one’s age and become younger. T/F

Ans: False.

Q.4. Developing healthy attitudes do not help in coping with age. T/F

Ans: False.

5. Aged people should be considered as treasure of the society. T/F

Ans: True.


Q.1. Describe the key to longer and healthier life.

Ans: The key to longer and healthier life:

(a) Eat healthy diet.

(b) Exercise regularly.

(c) Reduce stress level.

(d) Don’t smoke or drink alcohol and other drugs.

(e) Cultivate certain positive qualities.

(f) Engage with activities of social welfare.

(g) Develop spirituality and faith.

Q.2. What attitude is helpful to meet out the pressures and problems of old age?

Ans: The attitude is helpful to meet out the pressures and problems of old age are giving below: 

(i) Develop an attitude of flexibility so that one may adapt to the pressures and problems of old age.

(ii) Recognize that one has to explore new ways of coping with life events.

(iii) Greater use of information seeking and problem solving strategies rather than withdrawing or isolating.

(iv) Increasing self-confidence, self-reliance, developing healthy attitudes about one’s strengths and weaknesses.

(v) Learning and maintaining effective coping skills and adopting an active approach towards the environment.

Q.3. What is the main cause of today’s problems in the society?

Ans: Today many of the problems seen in the society are due to breakdown in the family system. Young couples prefer to stay alone to seek independence and doing away with the restrictions. But the repercussion of this system is largely being felt by the younger generation. The elders in the family have always been a medium of cultural transmission. Can you forget the stories told to you by your grandparents and their morals? The cultural traditions followed in our country have been passed from generation to generation. With the emerging nuclear family system, the younger generation is becoming deprived of this rich cultural transmission. It has been found that emotional expressions and values in young generation have also been affected by the absence of elders in the family.

Q.4. How can one remain healthy during old age?

Ans: One remain healthy during old age are given below: 

(i) Take care of your mental health by interacting with family and friends, trying to stay positive, and participating in activities you enjoy.

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