NIOS Class 10 Home Science Chapter 1 What is Home Science

NIOS Class 10 Home Science Chapter 1 What is Home Science Solutions to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters NIOS Class 10 Home Science Chapter 1 What is Home Science and select need one. NIOS Class 10 Home Science Chapter 1 What is Home Science Question Answers Download PDF. NIOS Study Material of Class 10 Home Science Notes Paper 216.

NIOS Class 10 Home Science Chapter 1 What is Home Science

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Also, you can read the NIOS book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of NIOS All Subject Solutions. Here we have given NIOS Class 10 Home Science Chapter 1 What is Home Science, NIOS Secondary Course Home Science Solutions for All Chapters, You can practice these here.

What is Home Science

Chapter: 1


Textual Question With Answers 

Intext Questions – 1.1

Q.1. select the correct alternative from those given below:

(i) Home science means _____________.

(a) learning to build inter – personal communication.

(b) the art of managing your resources.

(c) developing a skill to start an enterprise. 

(d) all the above.

Ans: (d) All the above.

(ii) Which of the following is not a specialization area in Home science?

(a) Good science.

(b) Garment designing.

(c) Nursing.

(b) Interior decoration.

Ans: (c) Nursing.

Q.2. Road section 1.1 and list any four ways by which home science can help you.

(i) ______________

(ii) _____________

(iii) _____________

(iv) _____________

(v) ______________

Ans: (i) Resources efficiently.

(ii) Beautiful, well managed.

(iii) Successful career.


Q.1. give any four examples of home -based self – employment opportunities in the area of home science.

(i) ________________

(ii) _________________

(iii) _________________

(iv) _________________

Ans: (i)Owner of a creche , play school etc.

(ii) Day care or after care in school for young children.

(iii) Conducting tuitions at home. 

(iv)Conducting short term in areas of home science courses.

Q.2. List any one wage -employment opportunity in the five specialisation areas of home science.

Specialisation Employment opportunity
1. Food and nutrition
2. Resource management and designing
3. Clothing and textiles 
4. Human development
5. Communication and Extension

Ans: (i) Catering, home based production services.

(ii) Interior decoration and furniture designer.

(iii) Dress/ Textile designing, owner of a shop or boutique.

(iv) social welfare, day-care or school after care for young children.

(v) Researcher, organisation communication consultant.

Q.3.Classify the following either as wage -employment (WE) or as self -employment (SE). Tick mark the option you choose.

(i)Pre-school teacher
(ii)Owner of a home accessories showroom
(iii)Production unit staff
(iv)Consultancy service provider
(v)Research assistants
(vi)Conducting hobby classes
(vii)Owner of a boutique
(viii)Great house manager
(ix)School teacher
(x)Development consultant

Ans: Wage Employment:

(i) Pre-school teacher.

(ii) Production and staff.

(iii) Research assistants.

(iv) Guest house manager.

(v) School teacher.

Self Employment:

(i) Owner of a home accessories showroom.

(ii) Consultancy service provider.

(iii) Conducting hobby- classes.

(iv) Owner of a boutique.

(v) Development consultant.


Q.1.Discuss in 10 lines the relevance of home science in your day -to-day life.

Ans: 1. The study of home science familiarises us with the household problem and the solve them.

2. Home science is an art and science.

3. It teacher us to do all the household jobs in a systematic and scientific manner. 

4. It teacher us the art of managing jobs like: cleanliness, washing of clothes etc.

5. It gives the person to the right direction to solve a problem.

6. It helps to manage various resources such as time, energy, skill etc.

7. The study of home science helps us to become a conscious consumer.

8. Home science teacher us about the child – development.

9. It gives us to help in human relationship.

10. The students learns to control his emotions and to adjust in the society well.

Q. 2. What are the various components or areas of home science? list areas of further specifications in any one of these areas.

Ans: (i) there are five major components or areas of specialization in home science:

(ii) List areas of further specialization:

Food and nutrition:

(a) Food science.

(b) Nutrition-Clinical Nutrition and Community nutrition.

(c) Institution food service.

Q. 3. List of various opportunities for people in wage -employment and self-employment capacity in any one area of home science.

Ans: Job opportunities in science:

Q.4. State whether the following statements regarding home science are correct or incorrect.give reasons for your answer if marked as incorrect.write T for true and F for false.

(i) Study of home science does not lead to a career.

(ii) Home science equips both girls and boys to perform their dual role as home makers and as professionals. 

Ans: (i) No.Its scope extends to activities associated with setting home based enterprises as well as constituents.

(ii)Yes, home science offers various vocational professional avenues for both and girls.



Choose the most suitable and tick mark (✓)

1. Home science means:

(a) The science of managing home.

(b) The art of managing resource efficiently. 

(c)The art of decorating our home. 

(d) The art of achieving a successful career. 

Ans: (b) The art of managing resource efficiently.

2. Career means:

(a) A chosen pursuit. 

(b) A chosen profession. 

(c) A chosen occupation.

(d) All of the above.

Ans: (d) All of the above.

3. Which of the following is not an example of self- employment:

(a) Staff hotels guest house etc.

(b) Home based craft centre. 

(c) Running NGO’s.

(d) Running guest house.

Ans: (a) staff hotels guest House etc.

4. In which area of home science manager in canteen or restaurant wage – employment.

(a) Catering.

(b) Arts and crafts.

(c) Food preservation.

(d) Interior decoration.

Ans: Catering.

5. Home science prepares you for a __________.

(a) Beautiful career. 

(b) good career.

(c) Successful career.

(d) All of the above.

Ans: (c) Successful career.

6. Something that can be used for support or help in achieving what one wants to do is known as.

(a) Resources.

(b) Vocation.

(c) Career.

(d) Wge – employment.

Ans: (a) Resources.

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