Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 11 The Golden Apples

Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 11 The Golden Apples, Sankardev Sishu Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 11 The Golden Apples Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one.

Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 11 The Golden Apples

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Sankardev Class 8 English Question Answer can be of great value to excel in the examination. Assam Board Sankardev Sishu Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 11 The Golden Apples gives you a better knowledge of all the chapters. You can get solutions to questions of both basic and advanced levels.

The Golden Apples

Chapter – 11



(a) Answer each question briefly :

Q.1. What is a legend ?

Ans :- A legend is a story coming down from the past.

Q.2. Who was Bragi ? What was he called and why ?

Ans :- Bragi was the son of Odin, the king of all gods. He sang so sweetly that he was called the god of song and poetry.

Q.3. Who was Idun ? Where did she live ?

Ans :- Idun was the daughter of a dwarf. She lived in dark caves beneath the earth.

Q.4. How was Idun different from her father and brothers ?

Ans :- Idun’s father and brothers were bent and ugly. They could never came to the earth by day, for a ray of sunlight would have turned them to stone. But Idun was beautiful, gentle and kindhearted. She could walk in the daylight also.

Q.5. How were Bragi and Idun married ?

Ans :- When Bragi saw Idun, he fell in love with her at once, took her with him to Asgard and there they were married.

Q.6. What was special about the golden apples ?

Ans :- Gold apples kept gods and goddesses everlastingly young and immortal.

Q.7. What happened when Loki hit the eagle with a stick ?

Ans :- Loki found that he could not lift the stick from the eagle’s body, nor could he let go to the end he was holding.

Q.8. Where did Loki take Idun and why ?

Ans :-  Loki took Idun to a deep forest to hand over her to Thiazi, the storm giant. Thus Loki fulfilled his promise to Thiazi.

Q.9. What happened when Idun reached the forest ?

Ans :- As Loki and Idun walked among the trees, Thiazi, indisguise of an eagle swooped down from the trees and seize her.

Q.10. How did the gods feel when Idun had gone ?

Ans :- The gods felt tired and worth out without the golden apples of youth and immortality.

Q.11. Loki had deceived Idun once. Then why did she trust him again ?

Ans :- Idun had no other way of returning to Asgard.

Q.12. What happened when Loki flew back with Idun ?

Ans :- Thiazi, in disguise of an eagle, followed the hawk, who was actually Loki.

Q.13. Who were the eagle and the hawk ? Which of the two was more powerful ?

Ans :- The eagle was Thiazi and the hawk was Loki. The eagle was more powerful.

(b) Answer each question in about 100 words :

Q.1. Describe in your own words the incident of the cooking deer.

Ans :- Once Odin, the king of gods, accompanied by two other gods Loki and Honor, came down to the earth looking for adventure. They felt tired after a long journey. They killed a deer and decided to cook and eat it before taking rest. But an evil power in the guise of an eagle was preventing the deer from cooking. Honor asked the eagle whether he was doing so. The eagle agreed to help cook. The deer if the meat is shared. The gods agreed and the meat was cooked. But the eagle wanted to have all the meat. Loki got angry and applied a blow with a stick. But he was also tied with the eagle through the stick. This way Loki became a captive of storm giant Thiazi.

Q.2. How was Thiazi able to carry away Idun and the golden apples ?

Ans :- Thiazi released Loki on the condition that the would he ensure getting Idun and her golden apples into his control. Going back to Asgard, Loki called on Idun. He said that he had seen a tree near Asgard which was covered by golden apples similar to hers. Idun wanted to see the tree herself. Loki suggested Idun to take her golden apples so that she can compare them with the fruits of the other tree. So she carried her box of golden apples and followed Loki to the forest. As they entered a dark forest, Thiazi, in disguise of an eagle, seized her with the box of golden apple.

Q.3. How did the gods come to know where Idun had gone ?

Ans :- After Idun was kidnapped and kept as captive at Jotunheim, gods had no clue about her where abouts. Gods felt depressed without the golden apples which gave them youth and immortality. At lost they held a meeting to discuss on ways to find Idun. One of the gods present in the meeting reported that he had seen Idun go out of Asgard Loki, carrying her box a golden apple. At last Loki admitted his role in disappearance of Idun and narrated the story how he handed over Idun to the storm giant Thiazi.

Q.4. How did Thiazi meet his end ?

Ans :- As promised to the gods, Loki flew to Thiazi’s castle after changing himself into a hawk. After Thiazi left, Loki met  Idun and persuaded her to join him. So Loki pronounced some magic words over her and she turned into a tiny nut. Loki, in disguise of a hawk, picked up the nut in his claws and flew back to Asgard. Thiazi saw them and changed himself to an eagle. The eagle pursued the hawk. In the meantime, gods saw Loki’s return closely chased by the eatle. They lit a big fire before the walls of Asgard. The flames rose high. Loki, being the god of fire, crossed the flames unharmed while the eagle pursuing him got his wings half burnt and fell on the ground. Gods rushed to him and killed.

B. Common and collective noun.

Say if the underlined words in the following sentences are Common or Collective nouns.

1. The crowd was very big.

2. The elephant is a huge animal.

3. He gave me a bunch of grapes.

4. She is the tallest girl in our class.

5. A committee of five was appointed.

6. Our team consists of eleven players.

7. We saw a fleet of ships in the harbour.

8. The soldiers of our army are very brave.

Ans :- 1. Crowd   –  Collective noun.

2. Elephant and animal –  Common noun.

3. Bunch  –  Collective noun, Grapes – Common noun.

4. Class   –  Collective noun.

5. Committee  –  Common noun.

6. Team   –  Collective noun.

7. Fleet    –  Collective noun ; Harbor  –  Common noun.

8. Soldiers –  Common noun ; Army  – Collective noun.

C. Choose a Collective Noun from the box to complete each phrase

1. A …………… of hay               Herb

2. A …………… of bees             Pack

3. A ……………. of sheep          Crew

4. A …………….. of sailors        Flock

5. A ……………. of stamps       Chain

6. A …………….. of thieves       Swarm

7. A ……………. of mountains  Bundle

8. A ……………. of cows          Collection

9. A …………… of fish                Shoal

Ans :- 1. A bundle of hay.

2. A swarm of bees.

3. A flock of sheep.

4. A crew of sailors.

5. A pack of stamps.

6. A pack of stamps.

7. A gang of thieves.

8. A chain of mountains.

9. A hard of cows.

10. A shoal of fish.

Grammar and Structures

Put in ‘a’/’an’ or ‘some’ where necessary :

1. I don’t need key.

Ans :- I don’t need a key.

2. Jamaica is island.

Ans :- Jamaica is an island.

3. I’ve got good idea.

Ans :- I’ve got a good idea.

4. I haven’t got watch.

Ans :- I haven’t got a watch.

5. Can you drive car ?

Ans :- Can you drive a car ?

6. Do you like cheese ?

Ans :- Do you like cheese ?

7. Ann never wears hat.

Ans :- Ann never wears a hat.

8. Mary doesn’t eat meat.

Ans :- Mary doesn’t eat meat.

9. Everybody needs food.

Ans :- Everybody needs some food.

10. Are you looking for job ?

Ans :- Are you looking for a job ?

11. We met interesting people the party.

Ans :- We met some interesting people in the party.

12. Music is wonderful thing.

Ans :- Music is a wonderful thing.

13. I’m going to party tonight.

Ans :- I’m going to a party tonight.

14. Mary eats apple everyday.

Ans :- Mary eats an apple everyday.

15. Do you want cup of coffee ?

Ans :- Do you want a cup of coffee ?

16. Don’t go out without umbrella.

Ans :- Don’t go out without an umbrella.

17. I don’t like coffee Without milk.

Ans :- I don’t like coffee Without some milk.

18. I asked him for money.

Ans :- I asked him for some money.

Asgard  – দেৱতাসকলৰ বাসস্থান, স্বর্গলোক।

Far and wide  – দিহিঙে – দিপাঙে, সৰ্বত্ৰ।

Dwarf  – বাওনা।

Beneath  –  তলত।

Mining   –  খনিজাত দ্ৰব্য নিষ্কাষণৰ বাবে কৰা খনন কাৰ্য।

Everlastingly  –  চিৰকালৰ বাবে।

Immortal   –  অমৰ।

Staring  – জুমি চোৱা।

I have you   –  আয়ওলৈ আনিলো।

Despairing   –  আশাহত হোৱা।

Wood   –  বননি, অৰণ্য।

Worn out   –  ভাগি পৰা, ভগৰুৱা।

Hawk   –  শেন চৰাই।

Long for    –  পাবলৈ হেপাহ কৰা।

Pursued    –  অনুসৰণ কৰা, খেদি যোৱা।

Gaining on   –  খেদি খেদি পলায়নৰত প্রাণীৰ ওচৰ চপা।

Swooped   –  আতৰ্কিতে আক্ৰমণ কৰা।

Singed   –  আধাপোৰা হৈ ক’লা পৰা।

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