Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 1 Silver

Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 1 Silver, Sankardev Sishu Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 1 Silver Poem Question Answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select needs one.

Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 1 Silver

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Niketan Class 8 English Lesson 1 Silver can be of great value to excel in the examination. Assam Board Niketan Class 8 English Chapter 1 Silver gives you a better knowledge of all the chapters. You can get solutions to questions of both basic and advanced levels.


Chapter – 1



Working with the poem

A. Write six pair of rhyming words from the poem. Read each pair aloud. Example: Moon-Shoon

Ans :- Sees-trees; Catch-thatch; Log-dog; Peep-sleep; By-eye and Gleam-stream.


B. Answer the following questions :

Q.1. Where do you think the poet was, when he wrote the poem?

Ans :- The poet Walter De La Mare was in a garden when he composed the poem ‘Silver’.

Q.2. How do the moonbeams transform the appearance of things on which they fall?

Ans :- The moonbeams transform the appearance of things on which they fall by lending a silver tinge or hue to them.

Q.3. Where is the dog lying? How does the poet describe his paws?

Ans :- The dog is the lying in his kennel. The poet describe the dog’s paws as being of silver.

Q.4. Why does the poet call the fish ‘moveless’ ?

Ans :- The pole calls the fish ‘moveless’ because they appear so to him in the moonlight.

Q.5. Describe the effect of the moonlight on water ?

Ans :- The water looks like a silver stream due to the moonlight falling on it.

Q.6. Can you suggest another title for this poem ?

Ans :- Another title for the poem could be ‘The Moonlight Garden’.

C. The home of a bee is called ‘hive’. Find out two words from the poem that mean the home/shelter of animal/bird. Write the home/shelter of the following animals/birds :


Ans :- 

Pig Sty

Two words from the poem that mean home/shelter of bird/animal are kennel (dog) and cote (dove)

D. Make adverbs from the following adjectives:

1. Easy
2. Gloomy
3. Careful
4. Complete
5. Beautiful
6. Quick
7. Lofty
8. Angry

Ans :- 

1. EasyEasily
2. GloomyGloomily
3. CarefulCarefully
4. CompleteCompletely
5. BeautifulBeautifully
6. QuickQuickly
7. LoftyLoftily
8. AngryAngrily

E. Write a paragraph on what you saw in your garden on a moonlight evening.

Ans :- The moonlight on my garden lit up the entire area with a gleaming hue. It lent a out-of-the-world aura to the trees and flower plants that appeared magical in the silvery light. The peebles shone like little diamonds. The water fountain seemed to be overflowing with a silver stream. My garden looked like a place out of a fairy-tale book on a moonlight evening.

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