Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 5 Why Should We Conserve Wildlife?

Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 5 Why Should We Conserve Wildlife? is the answer to each chapter is provided in the list so that you can easily browse throughout different chapters Shankardev Shishu Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 5 Why Should We Conserve Wildlife? and select need one.

Niketan Class 6 English Chapter 5 Why Should We Conserve Wildlife?

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Also, you can read the Assam Board book online in these sections Solutions by Expert Teachers as per SCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. These solutions are part of Shankardev Sishu Niketan All Subject Solutions. Here we have given Assam Board Shankardev Vidya Niketan Class VI English Chapter 5 Why Should We Conserve Wildlife? Solutions for All Subjects, You can practice these here.

Why Should We Conserve Wildlife?

Chapter – 5




A. Match the words in column A with their meaning in Column B. 



B. Make five correct sentences from the following table:

Ans: 1. They are listening to the radio. 

2. I am cleaning my room. 

3. You are making a noise. 

4. He is doing his homework. 

5. They are making a noise. 


1. Answer the following questions :

(a)  Why do men hunt animals? 

Ans: Men hunt animals for fun. 

(b)  Name some animals that face the danger of disappearing altogether. 

Ans: Some animals that face the danger of disappearing altogether are the tigers, lions, cheetah, rhinoceroses, wild buffaloes, lion-tailed monkeys, etc. 

(c)  Where are lions found in India? 

Ans: Lions are found in Gir Forest Reserve in Gujarat, India. 

(d)  Since when has the Cheetah been extinct in India? 

Ans: The cheetah has been extinct in India since independence. 

(e)  Where are the long tailed monkeys found? 

Ans:  The long tailed monkeys are found in the silent valley in Kerala. 

2. Write the antonyms of the following words :

fast, careful, able, beautiful, wild, full, sad

Ans: fast – slow

Careful – careless 

able – unable 

beautiful  – ugly

wild – domestic 

full – empty

sad – happy 

3. Frame sentences using the following phrases :

bring up, go on, die out. 

Bring up – He was brought up by his grand mother after his mother’s death. 

Go on – Our classes are going on. 

Die out – Many animals have died out. 

4. Discuss with your friends what you will do to conserve wild life. 

Ans: We should try to conserve wildlife. We can plant trees and tell the people not to cut trees and not to kill wild animals. We can make others aware of the importance of conservation of wild life. 

Additional questions

1. What do we see in a zoo? 

Ans: We see many wild animals of the world like the lion, the tiger, the bear, the elephant etc in a zoo. 

2. What were the animals able to do when there were many great forests and open spaces? 

Ans: The animals were able to hunt, live together and bring up their young ones when there were any great forests and open spaces. 

3. Why did the wild animals have less and less space to live in? 

Ans: The wild animals had less and less space to live in because men began to cut down the forests and build cities and to start farms on the open land. 

4. Where are the rhinoceroses found in India? 

Ans: The rhinoceroses are found in the kaziranga National Park in Assam.

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