Environmental Biotechnology – Theory and Application

Environmental biotechnology has an exciting future. Just the thought of having microorganisms work for you – simply by feeding them with natural substrates and having hazards turned into minerals and nature’s own basic constituents – is really intriguing. Of course, we all know that it is not that simple, but nevertheless, it is both the fundamental premise and the ultimate goal, which we must bear in mind in all developments in the field.

Environmental Biotechnology - Theory and Application

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Environmental biotechnology is not an easy subject to cover, but therefore so much more important than it should be. For years, environmental technologies had a little too much tailwind because of the overwhelming sympathy for green solutions.

This often led to misuse and discredit of the technologies among some end users. In those years, too many studies underestimated the complexity of the task. The inevitable outcome was poor documentation, not giving enough credit to the processes involved and the degree of process control required.

The reputations of these technologies were also hampered by the fact that some of those who were in favor of them were too ambitious as to when these technologies should be applied and gave too little emphasis to other competing approaches that might have been more useful. Environmental biotechnology has now fully regained its reputation, due to the hard work of skilled and dedicated scientists.

Reliable documentation within a number of areas is rapidly accumulating, and new emerging approaches and tools are distinguishing the field. For these reasons, this book is extremely well-timed.

The book covers both the basic fundamentals and biochemical processes involved, as well as the technologies themselves within different areas of application.

As part of the framework, it also provides a thorough description of the character of pollution and pollution control, and there are chapters on more modern approaches to the subject, such as integrated environmental biotechnology and genetic tools – all in all, a complete introduction to the study of environmental biotechnology.

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