Class 10 English Chapter 24 For Anne Gregory

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Class 10 English Chapter 24 For Anne Gregory

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For Anne Gregory

Chapter – 24



Thinking about the poem:

1. What does the young man mean by ‘great honey-coloured, ramparts at your ear’? Why does he say that young men are ‘thrown into despair’  by them? 

Ans:  The “great honey-coloured/Ramparts at your ear” refers to the beautiful yellow coloured hair that falls at the woman’s ear and covers it like a wall around a fort. He says that the young men are “thrown into despair” by them because they look so beautiful on the woman that her beauty gets thoroughly enhanced. He says that it is not possible that someone would love her alone and not her yellow hair.

2. What colour is the young woman’ s hair? What does she say she can change it to? Why would she want to do so? 

Ans: The colour of the young woman ‘s hair is yellow. She can change her hair to black, brown or carrot. She wants young men to look in her soul and love her for her inner beauty. 

3. Objects have qualities which make them desirable to others. Can you think of some objects (a car, a phone, a dress..) and say what qualities make one object more desirable than another? Imagine you were trying to sell an object :what qualities would you emphasise? 

Ans: We may like a car for its colour, design or speed. We may like a phone for its usefulness or utility. Similarly, we may like a dress for its comfort or its style. If we are trying to sell an object like a car, we must emphasise its running condition, its maintenance,its cheaper running cost, etc.

While selling something I shall first emphasise the get  up of the object and then its colour and design. 

4. What about people? Do we love others because we like their qualities, whether physical or mental? Or is it possible to love someone ‘for themselves alone’? Are some people ‘more lovable’ than others? Discuss this question in pairs or in groups, considering points like the following. 

i) A parent or Care given’s love for a newborn baby, for a mentally or physically challenged child, for a clever child or a prodigy. 

ii) The public’s love for a film star, a sportsperson, a politician, or a social worker. 

iii) Our love for a friend, or brother or sister. 

iv) Your love for a pet, and the pet’s love for you. 

Ans: We love others sometimes because we like their qualities, both physical and mental qualities are taken into consideration. Sometimes people love because they feel alone, sometimes you love people/family /friends /lover/pet  without any reason. There is no condition in love. Love is unconditional and pure. A father or a mother loves his/her child not for any quality but for the child itself. Some people are more lovable because of their questions. 

i) Parents ‘s love their children irrespective of their quality but for the sake of love itself. 

ii) Public love for a film star, a sports person, a politician, or a social worker is situational. Sometimes one is made a hero but at times they are forgotten or they dislike them. 

iii) My love for a friend, brother or sister is unconditional. I love them without any conditions or reasons. 

iv) I love my pet but I am not in hope or not affected by pet’s love. 

5. You have perhaps concluded that people are not objects to be valued for their qualities or riches rather than for themselves. But elsewhere Yeats asked the question. How can we separate the dancer from the dance? Is it possible to separate the person himself or herself from how the person looks. Sounds, walks and so on? Think of how you or a friend or member of your family has changed over the years. Has your relationship also changed? In what way? 

Ans: in fact, it is rather difficult to separate ‘the dancer from the dance’. But activities can change with the time and as per situations. It should be kept in mind that a person has manifold potentialities.  

Yes, a member of my family has changed over the years. It happened due to economic or financial change. Anyone can change their behaviour or habits when the situation changes. Relationships have also changed unknowingly. I think a little change is necessary in life for betterment. 

Additional Questions & Answers

1. Why do most people love others?

Ans:- Because they attract the physical qualities. Thus, the complexion of the skin and the colour of the hair may be more important for them than the ‘real’ worth of the person.

2. Why does Anne want to change her hair colour?

Ans:- Anne Gregory does not want to be liked or loved for her external beauty or her rare qualities of her beautiful yellow hair. Shallow minded people only adore physical beauty. 

3. What is Physical beauty?

Ans:-  Physical beauty is just an illusion and momentary. 

A. Choose the correct options for the following:-

1. Who is the poet of the poem “For Anne Gregory”?

(i) Walt Whitman

(ii) Robert Williams

(iii) W.B. Years

(iv) None of the above

Ans:- (iii) W.B. Years.

2. What does the speaker not like?

(i) Her style

(ii) Her voice 

(iii) Her dress

(iv) Her yellow hair

Ans:- (iv) Her yellow hair.

3. The poet says that only God loves all human on the bases of our____

(i) Look

(ii) Wealth

(iii) Soul

(iv) All of the above

Ans:- (iii) Soul.

4. Anne Gregory does not want to be liked or loved for her ____

(i) Yellow hair

(ii) Look

(iii) External qualities or her rare qualities 

(iv) Internal qualities

Ans:- (iii) External qualities or her rare qualities.

5. Most of the people are merely attracted by the____

(i) Colour of the skin hair

(ii) Dress

(iii) Everything 

(iv) Look

Ans:- (i) Colour of the skin hair.

6. Who did the speaker meet the previous night?

(i) His friend 

(ii) His family 

(iii) A religious man

(iv) His girlfriend

Ans:- (iii) A religious man

7. A man tends to love a girl for her…….

(i) Dress

(ii) Physical Beauty 

(iii) Intelligence 

(iv) Good behaviour

Ans:- (ii) Physical Beauty.

8. When did poets get the Nobel prize?

(i) 1921

(ii) 1923

(iii) 1924

(iv) 1925

Ans:- (ii) 1923.

9. William Butler Yeats was an ___ nationalist.

(i) England 

(ii) American 

(iii) Irish 

(iv) Paris

Ans:- (iii) Irish.

10. What hair colour does Anne Gregory want to dye her hair?

(i) Brown

(ii) Black

(iii) Carrot

(iv) All of the above

Ans:- (iv) All of the above.

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