Biography of Mahim Bora – Indian writer who is known as The “Ronga Jia poet”

Mahim Bora, who has enriched Assamese literature with his own creation since the Rainbow era and has been able to make Assamese literature a place in the bosom of world literature, has been an eminent personality of Assamese literature. Mahim Bora, the poet of “Ronga Jia” and the creator of “Kathanibari Ghat” in the Assamese literary world, has occupied a unique place in the field of Assamese literature.

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Mahim Bora’s creation, which is able to touch the hearts of the reader community with subtle insights, deep observations and distinctive writings, describes the colorful experience and rural environment of the rural life of rich Assam.

Biography of Mahim Bora

Biography of Mahim Bora

NameMahim Bora[1]
Date of Birth6 July 1924
Place of BirthGhopesadharu, a tea estate in Sonitpur district
Father’s NameGajendra Nath Bora
Mother’s NameChandrakanti Bora
Education1. Hatbar Primary School, Nagaon

2. Combined M.V. School, Kuwarital.

3. Kaliabar Secondary School

4. Nagaon College

5. Cotton College

6. Guwahati University
Awards1. Sahityacharyya Samman of Assam Sahitya Sabha

2. Assam Publishing Council Award, 1980

3. Chhagan Lal Jain Award, 1996

4. Assam Valley Literature Award, 1998

5. Sahitya Akademi Award, 2001

6. Ganesh Gogoi Award, 2015

7. Padma Shri Samman, 2011
Death3 August 2016

Early Life of Mahim Bora

One of the strongest talk artists of the Rainbow era, poet, storyteller, novelist, essayist, playwright, biographer, translator Mahim Bora was born on July 6,1924 at Ghopesadharu, a tea estate in Sonitpur district. His father’s name is Gajendra Nath Bora of Ram Tamuli dynasty and his mother’s name is Chandrakanti Bora. He spent his childhood in his home village Ramtamuli Chuk, Hatbar.

Mahim Bora, who started his formal education at Hatbar Primary L.P School in Nagaon district, took secondary education at the Combined M.V. School in Kuwarital. He later passed the entrance examination with distinction in 1944 from Secondary School in Kaliabar and enrolled in Nagaon College. Importantly, Mahim Bora was a student of the first team of Nagaon College. Mahim Bora, who passed the intermediate examination in 1946 and enrolled in Cotton College, graduated from Cotton College in 1948. He later enrolled in Guwahati University and post graduated with a master’s degree in Assamese subject in 1952.

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It may be recalled that Bora, who joined J.B. College as a professor in 1953, was appointed professor of Assamese department of Nagaon College in 1954 and retired as head professor of Assamese department from Nagaon College in 1987.

Bora, who has been focusing on literary practice since childhood, published a handwritten magazine called “Malaya” while studying in class VII. He also served as co-editor/assistant editor of Dr° Birinchi Kumar Baruah’s edited children’s magazine ‘Rangghar Children Magazine’. Mahim Bora was also involved in editing the “Notun Asomia Batori Kakot/New Assamese newspaper.”

It may be recalled that Bora also worked as conductor of Gaonlia Raijole in All India Radio, Guwahati.

Mahim Bora as a poet

Mahim Bora, who was engaged in poetry writing since childhood, has been few in number but has managed to occupy a distinct place in the Assamese poetry world. His poem’s are the poem’s of life. He is a painter even if the language of poetry is unspoken. His poems have found a place in various topics like The Second Great War, India’s independence, India’s temporary state after independence, the civil problem, the problem of floods, etc. The female character is also seen gaining a special place in the poetry of Mahim Bora. Moreover, through poetry, Bora portrays the surroundings of rural society in a simple way. In the midst of grief, Bora’s poetry is filled with optimism. It may be recalled that he later became known as the “Ronga Jia poet” for the poem “Ronga Jia” published in Rainbow magazine. His collection of poems is Ronga Jia (1978), Jonmonir hanhi.

As a storyteller

In parallel with poetry, Mahim Bora is also a worthwhile storyteller of the Rainbow era. Bora, who made a colourful contribution to the field of modern Assamese story literature with half a hundred story writings, made his debut as a storyteller in the journal ‘Bordoisila’ published in 1945/46. His story reflects beautiful lying humor. He beautifully reveals a story with a natural atmosphere, gestures, religion, paintings, symbols, etc. The notable features of his story are the unfolded prose, subtle psychological observation, empathy, and humanity. His story also reflects the life sense of the people and the image of the harsh reality. “Kathanibari Ghat” story published in Ramdhenu is one of the best stories he has published. The story collections published by Bora are: Kathnibari Ghat in 1961, Deha Garka Prem Moi published in 1967, Pipilly and Puja published in 1967, Bohubhuji Tribhuj published in 1967, Akhon Nadir Mrityu published in 1972, Rati Phula Phul published in 1977, Published in 1980, Borjatri, Mur Priyo Galpa published in 1987, The story published in 1993 Homogro Mahim Bora.

As a novelist, editor, translator

The novels published by Bora, who is also hailed as a novelist, are: Herua Digantar Maya (1972/73), Putola Ghar (1973), Edhani Mahir Hanhi (2001) and Banduli Phulor Raang (2007).

The plays that have also contributed to the field of Assamese drama literature are the plays that have been introduced through the radio center of Mahim Bora. Some of the Radio plays are: Laru Gopalor Prem, Laru Gopalor Bibah, Laru Gopalor Ghar Sanskar, Padum Kunwari (1951), Nirmal Bhakat (1951), Pansha Sar, Garakhia Bhim (1951), Tinir Tini Gol, Pakhi Loga Din (1989). Shankardevor Nath published in 1989 is a specially edited and compiled book by Mahim Bora.

Mahim Bora’s collection of articles, which are acclaimed as stories, poems, novels as well as magazines, is Chinta Bichitra published in 1975 and Sahitya Bisar published in 1989. Moreover, the children’s literature written by Bora is: Published in 1976 Batris Putolar Sadhu, Published in 2001 Tejimala and Cindarela, Veer Bogiram. Bora’s translation book, which has also contributed to Assamese literature through translation literature, is: Published in 1989 Raja Rammohan Rai. Moreover Published in 1975 “A Nodir Hute” and Published in 1967 “Mumai Podulit Bandhilu Ghura” is a collection of compositions of different tastes by Mahim Bora.

Award Honours

It may be recalled that Bora decorated the post of President of the Poets’ Conference of Assam Sahitya Sabha held at Golaghat in 1978 and the president seat of Dumduma session of Assam Sahitya Sabha in 1989. “Mahim, the old man of the Assamese literary world”, he also received literary recognition for his creation. Assam Publishing Council Award for Collection of Stories called Rati Phula Phul in 1980, Assam Valley Literature Award in 1998, For a novel Edhani Mahi Hanhi won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2001 Chhaganlal Jain Award for his collection of stories Galpa Samagra in 1966. Importantly, The Government of India awarded him the Padma Shri in 2011 for his outstanding contribution to the Assamese literary field.  Moreover, Mahim Bora was awarded Ganesh Gogoi Award in 2015, On February 8, 2007, the Assam Sahitya Sabha conferred the title of Sahityacharyya in to Mahim Bora.


Mahim Bora died on August 5, 2016 at the age of 93. Bora, who is free from the touch of modern life pain or complexity of the age but expresses human values in detail, was able to showcase creative skills in both poetic art and prose.

Despite facing various scarcity, problems, challenges in his personal life, Bora has enriched the intellectual and literary world of Assam by performing various tasks in various fields. He is a great man in the world of Assamese language, literature and culture.

Bora, who has a devoted pursuit of Assamese literature, is the pride of Assam and the self-respecting of Assamese. He is the path for the new generation. Mahim Bora, a strong personality and high-thinking personality, is a literary, educationist as well as a devoted social worker.

Bora, who has made a storehouse of Assamese literature with unique literary collections, has enriched Assamese literary culture in various and diverse directions and inspired the later writers of the Rainbow era.


1. When and where was Mahim Bora born?

Ans: Mahim Bora was born on 6 July 1924 at Ghopesadharu, a tea estate in Sonitpur district.

2. Who is the creator of “Kathanibari Ghat”?

Ans: Mahim Bora.

3. Who is known as the “Ronga Jia poet”?

Ans: Mahim Bora.

4. Name some of the novels published by Mahim Bora.

Ans: Some of the novels published by Bora are: Herua Digantar Maya (1972/73), Putola Ghar (1973), Edhani Mahir Hanhi (2001) and Banduli Phulor Raang (2007).

5. Name some of the Radio plays published by Mahim Bora.

Ans: Some of the Radio plays are: Laru Gopalor Prem, Laru Gopalor Bibah, Laru Gopalor Ghar Sanskar, Padum Kunwari (1951), Nirmal Bhakat (1951), Pansha Sar, Garakhia Bhim (1951), Tinir Tini Gol, Pakhi Loga Din (1989).

6. When Mahim Bora is awarded with Sahitya Akademi Award and for which novel?

Ans: He was awarded with Sahitya Akademi Award in 2001 for his novel ‘Edhani Mahir Hahi.’

7. When Mahim Bora is awarded with Padma Shri Award?

Ans: He was awarded with Padma Shri Award in 2011.

8. When did Mahim Bora died?

Ans: Mahim Bora died on August 5, 2016 at the age of 93.

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