Web Services in Java | Introduction to web services with java

Web Services in java- Introduction to web services with java, web service java and web service development pdf free books download. Specially designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Computer Science and IT Professional.

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Web Services in Java

Introduction to Web services with java


Chapter 1 – Introduction. This chapter provides an overview of Web Services. It presents a
brief background of past enterprise integration difficulties and the benefits that a WS can
offer. This chapter introduces a beginning-level WS program using Java Web Services.

Chapter 2 – SOAP. Using the example from the previous chapter (i.e., a WS that exchanges a
complex data structure), this chapter explains how basic SOAP message exchange works.

Chapter 3 – WSDL. This chapter offers an in-depth look at how a service can be described
and understood by others. A more complex WS application is then built upon the previous
module exercise.

4 – A Sample Application

5 – Apache CXF and Tomcat Server

6 – Deployment of CXF Application on Oracle WebLogic Server 12

7 – Appendix A – Development Environment

The book focuses on the working mechanism of WS with a hands-on programming exercise using a
basic Java WS framework. This framework works on a standalone Java application, an Oracle WebLogic
Server (WLS), and an Apache Tomcat server. Thus, readers are expected to have sufficient knowledge
of Java and XML.

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1. Introduction


3. Web service Description Language (WSDL)

4. A Simple Web service Application

5. Apache CXF and Tomcat server

6. Apache CXF and Oracle Web Logic server

7. Appendix A- Development Environment

8. End notes

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