A text-book of the history of painting PDF

A text-book of the history of painting

A textbook of the history of painting The object of this series of textbooks is to provide concise teachable histories of art for classroom use in schools and colleges. The limited time given to the study of art in the average educational institution has not only dictated the condensed style of the volumes but has limited their scope of matter to the general features of art history.

A text-book of the history of painting Pdf Download

A text-book of the history of painting PDF

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The origin of the painting is unknown. The first important records of this art are met while in Egypt, but before the Egyptian civilization the men of the early ages probably used color in ornamentation and decoration, and they certainly scratched the outlines of men and animals upon bone and slate.

Traces of this rude primitive work still remain on the pottery, weapons, and stone implements of the cave-dwellers. But while indicating the awakening of intelligence in early man, they can be reckoned with as art in a slight archaeological way.

They show inclination rather than accomplishment—a wish to ornament or to represent, with only a crude knowledge of how to go about it. The first aim of this primitive painting was undoubtedly decoration—the using of colored forms for color and form only, as shown in the pottery designs or cross-hatchings on stone knives or spear-heads.

The second, and perhaps later aim, was to imitate the shapes and colors of men, animals, and the like, to convey an idea of the proportions and characters of such things. An outline of a cave bear or a mammoth was perhaps the cave-dweller’s way of telling his fellows what monsters he had slain.

We may assume that it was a pictorial record, a primitive picture-written history. This early method of conveying an idea is, in intent substantially the same as the later hieroglyphic writing and historical painting of the Egyptians.

The difference between them is merely one of development. Thus there is an indication in the art of Primitive Man of the two great departments of painting existent today.

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