SEBA Class 10 English Question Paper Solved 2023

SEBA Class 10 English Question Paper Solved 2023, SEBA Class 10 English Question Paper Solved PDF Download, HSLC 2023 English Question Paper Solved 2023 to each Paper is Assam Board Exam in the list of SEBA so that you can easily browse through different subjects and select needs one. Assam Board HSLC 2023 English Previous Years Question Paper Solved can be of great value to excel in the examination.

SEBA Class 10 English Question Paper Solved 2023

SEBA Class 10 English Question Paper Solved 2023

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HSLC Old Question Paper provided is as per the 2023 Assam Board Exam and covers all the questions from the SEBA HSLC 2023 Question Paper. Access the detailed SEBA Class 10 English Old Question Paper Solved provided here and get a good grip on the subject. Access the HSLC 2023 English Old Question Paper Solved, Class X English 2023 Old Paper Question Answer of English in Page Format. Make use of them during your practice and score well in the exams.






1. Choose correct options for the following:

(i) “A plague of locusts would have left more than this ….” What does the underlined word mean?

(a) a herd of animals

(b) a swarm of bees

(c) a flock of birds

(d) a swarm of insects

Ans:- (d) a swarm of insects.

(ii) “The postmaster – a fat, amiable fellow – also broke out laughing – “. Choose from below the word that is same in meaning as ‘amiable’ –

(a) huge

(b) friendly

(c) jealous

(d) angry

Ans:- (b) friendly.

(iii) Apartheid is a political system that separates people according to their _________.

(a) religion

(b) language

(c) race

(d) gender

Ans:- (c) race.

(iv) In life, every man has twin obligations – what is another word for ‘obligations’?

(a) duty

(b) hobbies

(c) wealth

(d) livelihood

Ans:- (a) duty.

(v) Between Mysore and the coastal town of ________site a piece of heaven.

(a) Travancore

(b) Mangalore

(c) Cuddalore

(d) Bangalore

Ans:- (b) Mangalore.

(vi) Lencho hoped for help from _______.

(a) neighbours

(b) sons

(c) God

(d) wife

Ans:- (c) God.

(vii) ________has the largest concentration of tea plantations in the world.

(a) Darjeeling

(b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Assam

(d) Kerala

Ans:- (c) Assam.

(viii) Tea was first drunk in _________.

(a) China

(b) Japan

(c) England

(d) India

Ans:- (a) China.

(ix) Despite having a strong desire, what did Valli resist in the fair to save for the bus fare?

(a) merry-go-round

(b) ribbons

(c) snacks

(d) lollipops

Ans:- (a) merry-go-round.

(x) For Valli, the most fascinating thing to watch was

(a) cows grazing in the field.

(b) children playing in the street.

(c) the bus that travelled between her village and the nearest town.

(d) the bullock-carts on the village street.

Ans:- (c) the bus that travelled between her village and the nearest town.

2. Choose the correct answer of the following:

(i) The captured tiger is stalking in

(a) the stable

(b) the cage

(c) the zoo

(d) the night street

Ans:- (b) the cage.

(ii) Chocolate was harmful for Amanda’s _______.

(a) nails

(b) hair

(c) acne

(d) tummy

Ans:- (c) acne.

(iii) The word ‘rigid’ means

(a) flux

(b) soft

(c) hard

(d) dry

Ans:- (c) hard.

(iv) Custard was the name of a ________.

(a) dragon

(b) dog

(c) cat

(d) biscuit

Ans:- (a) dragon.

(v) The world, as mentioned in ‘The Ball Poem’, is one of ______

(a) ball

(b) friends

(c) fun

(d) possessions

Ans:- (d) possessions.

(vi) Griffin was a ________.

(a) teacher

(b) scientist

(c) driver

(d) trader

Ans:- (b) scientist.

(vii) The speaker in ‘The Hack Driver’ was sent to a town _____miles away in the country.

(a) twenty

(b) thirty

(c) forty

(d) fifty

Ans:- (c) forty.

(viii) Max was like a _______according to the author of ‘The Midnight Visitor’.

(a) deer

(b) hyena

(c) wolf

(d) fox

Ans:- (d) fox.

(ix) Mandela’s country is rich in _______.

(a) forests and lakes

(b) agriculture

(c) gems and minerals

(d) hills and rivers

Ans:- (c) gems and minerals.

(x) The main crop of Coorg is _______.

(a) rice

(b) coffee

(c) tea

(d) peanuts

Ans:- (b) coffee.

3. Write very short answers to the following questions:1×10=10 

(i) What is Coorg home to?

Ans:- Coorg is home to evergreen rainforests, spice and coffee plantations.

(ii) Name the tea garden where Pranjol’s father was posted as a manager.

Ans:- Dhekiabari Tea Estate.

(iii) “_______there it is in water”. What does “it” refer to here? ( The ball poem)

Ans:- Here “it” refers to ‘ball”.

(iv) Who is the poet of the poem ‘Animals’.

Ans:- Walt Whitman is the poet of the poem ‘Animals’.

(v) In the first stanza of the poem ‘Amanda’, What is Amanda told not to do?

Ans:- Amanda has been told not to cut her nails.

(vi) Which place was known as the center of the theater world? (‘Foot prints without Feet’)

Ans:- Drury Lane was known as the center of the theater world.

(vii) Who was following Ausable in the corridor of the French hotel?

Ans:- Fowler was chasing Ausable down the corridor of the French hotel.

(viii) What was people’s opinion about Horace Danby?

Ans:- In people’s opinion Horace Danby was a good, upstanding citizen.

(ix) Why is the boy in ‘The Ball Poem’ upset?

Ans:- In ‘The Ball Poem’ the boy is upset because he has lost his ball.

(x) Why would the poet like to turn and live with the animals? 

Ans:- Because the animals are innocent, calm and quiet.The poet considers them superior to humans.

4. Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions in Part – A and with correct determiners in Part – B. 


(i) Put the cup _______the dish.

(a) at

(b) in

(c) on

(d) over

Ans:- (c) on.

(ii) The cows are ______the field.

(a) in

(b) to

(c) on

(d) by

Ans:- (a) in.

(iii) Lila lives _______her parents.

(a) by

(b) with

(c) upon

(d) at

Ans:- (b) with.

(iv) He is fond _______reading novels.

(a) at

(b) in

(c) of

(d) for

Ans:- (c) of.

(v) This shop deals ________stationery.

(a) at

(b) in

(c) with

(d) about

Ans:- (b) in.


(vi) My friend is ______M.A. in English.

(a) a

(b) an

(c) the

(d) that

Ans:- (b) an.

(vii) _______book you have mentioned is out-of-print.

(a) A

(b) The

(c) Many

(d) Some

Ans:- (b) The.

(viii) Kindness is _______great virtue.

(a) the

(b) much

(c) that

(d) a

Ans:-(d) a.

(ix) _______Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world.

(a) The

(b) This

(c) That

(d) A

Ans:- (a) The.

(x) Is there _______sugar in the pot?

(a) little

(b) few

(c) any

(d) much

Ans:- (c) any.

5. Answer the following questions as directed:

(i) Whom did you call? (Change into Passive)

Ans:- Who was called by you?

(ii) The glass was not broken by the boy. (Change into Active)

Ans:- The boy did not break the glass.

(iii) Shillong is colder than Simla. (Rewrite n Positive degree)

Ans:-  Simla is not as cold as Shillong.

(iv) He said, “I can do it.” (Change into Indirect)

Ans:- He said that he could do that.

(v) Rina asked him politely not to go home then. (Change into Direct)

Ans:- Rina said to him, “Sir, don’t go home now.”


6. Give short answers to the following:

(i) What were Lencho’s feelings after the hailstorm was over? 

Ans:- After the hailstorm ended, Lencho’s heart was filled with sorrow. The hailstorm had Destroyed Lencho’s field completely, not a leaf reminded on the trees. He thought the he and his family would die of hunger that year.

(ii) Why does the postmaster send money to Lencho?

Ans:- The postmaster read Lencho’s letter, he didn’t want to break Lencho’s faith in God. So, he collected seventy pesos from his employees and gave a part of his salary and sent the money to Lencho, by writing one word ‘God’ as a signature.

(iii) What is courage according to Mandela?

Ans:- According to Mandela, courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. A brave man is not one who does not feel afraid, but one who overcomes that fear. 

(iv) Mention a few advanture sports that one can enjoy to Coorg.

Ans:- River rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing and mountain biking are some of the adventure sports that can be enjoyed in Coorg.

(v) Explain the expression ‘quite rage’ in the context of the poem ‘A Tiger in the Zoo.’

Ans:- Quiet rage,refers to the intense anger of the tiger, because there is nothing he can do from behind the bars of his cage.He keeps spinning and growling with anger, he is always angry inside the cage.

(vi) What kind of person was the bus conductor? How did he address Valli?

Ans:- The conductor of the bus was a cheerful, kind – hearted and was fond of joking .He addressed Valli as “Madam.”

(vii) Why did Rajvir prefer to look out of the train window instead of reading?

Ans:- Rajvir came to Assam with his friend pranjol, It was his first visit to Assam.He  looked out of the train because, the outside view was so mesmerizing the entire landscape was filled with green tea gardens. Soft green paddy fields gave way to tea bushes. Therefore, Rajvir preferred to look out of the train instead of reading.

(viii) Name the pets that Belinda had besides the dragon?

Ans:- Belinda had three pets beside the dragon named custard. She had a little black kitten named ink, a little grey mouse named blink, and a little yellow dog named mustard.

7. Answer any two from the following:

(i) Narrate how Ausable managed to make mix believe that there was a balcony attached to his room?

Ans :- When Ausable saw max standing in the middle of his room with a pistol pointed at him, he was not surprised. Instead, he hatched a secret plan to get rid of her. Ausable starts by expressing his frustration at someone getting into his room for the second time in a month through the balcony.

Ausable, paid no attention to max, instead he goes on to give a description of the balcony and how it could reached from two floors down to get a convenient passage into his room. While this talk was going on someone was continuously knocking at the door.Ausable said that the police were st the door came to check him and his room on a regular basis.

Ausable presented the entire story about the balcony as if it was completely natural, his attitude,manner of speaking and confidence in relating to the balcony all go towards making Max believe that there is a balcony attached to Ausable’s room.

(ii) What led Horace Danby to break open the safe containing jewellery at shot- over Grange?

Ans:- Horace Danby was good and respectable but not completely honest. He was about fifty years old and unmarried. Originally, Horace Danby was a locksmith. He was not an ordinary thief. After the theft, he used the money to collect books.

One day he prepared for the robbery at Shotover grange by studying the house, the electric wiring, paths and garden.He knew that the family normally lived in the city. As he prepared to rob a woman entered the drawing room. The house dog was also with him , they called it by its name. He was completely deceived by the lady he met at the house. He was outdone by her.

To convince him further, the woman threatened him to call the police. She regulated her tone and voice according to the situation. This was enough to scare Horace. Out of fear he lost his sanity and failed to suspect that something might be wrong with him.

In this way the woman succeeded in deceiving Horace Danby and walked away with the jewellery.

(iii) Describe, after the narrator in ‘The Hack Driver’, the character of bill?

Ans:- Oliver Lutkins was a middle – aged man from the town of new million. He was a key witness in a trial. His presence before the judge was necessary. 

A hack driver whose name was actually Oliver Lutkins introduced himself as Bill to the lawyer and befriended him. Bill provided the lawyer with valuable information about Oliver Lutkins. He takes her to Fritz’s shop and also goes to some other places in search of Lutkins. They find that Lutkins is a difficult man to catch.He is an expert in cheating people. He never returns people’s money. He likes to play poker. But he is not bad at heart.

During his first meeting Bill understood that he didn’t know he, the lawyer, was impressed by the hack driver’s pleased friendly personality.But on his second visit he learns that the hack driver is Lutkins who has fooled him under the pretext of friendship.

(iv) Write about any one incident which proves that Griffin was a lawless person.

Ans:- It is said that Griffin was a brilliant scientist, but on the other hand, he was chaotic.

Griffin, the invisible and lawless man, was wandering the streets. His landlord disliked him and tried to eject him, in revenge he set fire to his landlord’s house.He broke open boxes and wrappers and fitted himself out with warm clothes. In the kitchen of the restaurant he found cold meat and coffee, and he followed it up with sweets and wine taken from the grocery store without paying money. They also looted a theater company. Apart from this he also stole the priest’s money.

He attacked Mrs. Hall with her bedroom chair. When an attempt was made to arrest him, he hurt the villagers and made the constable unconscious.

8. write an essay on either of the following topics: 

(i) Science in daily life.

(ii) A rainy day.

(i) Science in daily life.

Ans:- Introduction:- Science is a big blessing to humanity. Science makes our life comfortable and easy with its inventions. In every walk of life, science is there to serve us.

Science impacts our health and well- being. These breakthroughs have significantly increased our life expectancy and improved the quality of lives.Even the food we consume is a product of scientific advancements in agriculture and food technology.

Computer technology is one huge benefit of science. Nowadays, it would be unimaginable to consider living without computer technology. We use cars, bikes, or bicycles to go from one place to another, these all are the invention of science. We can say that science has changed and improved the living system of lives.

Conclusion:- There is no doubt that science has brought about one of the greatest benefits to mankind, There is no area of human life which has not been touched by science.

(ii) A rainy day.

Ans:- A rainy day is a day that almost everyone loves, be it a small kid, an adult or an elderly person.It is said that God showers his blessings on earth in the form of rain and infuses everything and everyone with delight.

Rainy days give us relief from our busy schedules and help us breat again. They are useful for crops and agricultural, as good rain ensures a good harvest at the end of the year.It benefits the farmer the animals and birds seen to love it, children also enjoy and love it.

On the other hand, heavy rain can cause floods, travelling becomes problematic due to the fooled streets. If it’s excessively acidic, it can seriously damage plants and trees and rocks. Rain’s also triggers erosion which strips away the soil’s rich layer.

Conclusion:- In conclusion we can say that rain brings smile in every faces, let your worries wash away with every drop that falls. People can survive with water alone, so it is clear that rain is a blessing for everyone.


Develop a short story with the following hints. Give a suitable title. 

Two cats steal a cake — they quarrel over their share— they ask a money for making two equal divisions of the cake – cats are deceived.

Ans: The Cats and the monkey.

Once upon a time there was two cat living happily in a town. They are very good and close friend. One day they both steal a piece of cake from a shop. After that they starts quarrel over the size of the shares.

Meanwhile, they saw a monkey sitting on the tree. They told the monkey whole story and asked him to divide it into a equal piece. The monkey agree to do so. Then the monkey cut the cake into two piece one small and other bigger, then he flooded the cat by saying I will make it equal and he ate the bigger piece of cake in this way he ate all the cake. The cats were deceived, at the end they left from there.

9. Write a letter to your friend inviting him/ her to your place during the summer vacation.

Ans:- My dear Arnav.

Please accept my heartfelt love at the beginning of my letter. I am totally fine I hope you are doing well at home. You are aware that this summer vacation we had promised that we would all picnic in sivasagar, the summer vacation is near. I am writing this letter to remind you that you have to come to my house during summer vacation then we all go for a beautiful trip.

You know that the beauty of sivasagar is heartwarming. We will enjoy their play and try to record all the beautiful memories in our eyes.

Please came, and take your camera with you.


Yours loving friend



Use the following information to write a report on the prize distribution ceremony of your school.

Date: Monday, 15th March.

Time: 11am

Place: School Auditorium

President of the function: Headmaster of the school.

Details of the event: Recitations, singing of the school anthem, Songs by school students, annual report by the headmaster, distribution of prizes, address by the chief guest, president’s address, vote of thanks by school monitor.

Ans:- The prize Distribution Ceremony

Dhemaji: Monday 15 March:- Tomorrow at 11 am at the school auditorium prize distribution ceremony will be held. The president of the function will be our respected headmaster of the school.

The program was inaugurated in the school auditorium. Some chief guests were invited to the function. Many programs will be held in tomorrow’s function like, dancing, reading and singing school anthem by the school students, annual report by the principal of prize distribution, address by the chief guest, adresse by the president etc. In the end a vote of thanks was given by the school monitor.

10. (i) Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. 

The theory of Arab origin draws support from the long, back coat with an embroidered waist- belt worn by the Arabs and the Kurds.

Coorgi homes have a tradition of hospitality, and they are more than willing to recount numerous tales of valour related to their sons and fathers . The Coorg regiment is one of the most decorated in the Indian Army and the first chief of the Indian Army, General cariappa, was a Coorgi. Even now Kodavus are the only people in Indian permitted to carry firearms without a license.

The river Kaveri obtains its water from the hills and forests of Coorg.

(a) Where does kaveri get its water from?

Ans:- Kaveri gets its water from the hills and forests of Coorg.

(b) Who was the first chief of the Indian Army?

Ans:- General cariappa was the first chief of the Indian Army.

(c ) Write briefly about the valour of the people from Coorg?

Ans:- Coorgi homes have a tradition of hospitality, and they are more than willing to recount numerous tales of valour related to their sons and fathers.

(d) Why is it believed that Coorgies are of Arab origin?

Ans:- It is believed that Coorgies are of Arab origin because of the long black coat with an embroidered waist-belt worn by the Kodavus. Known as Kuppia, it resembles the Kuffia Worn by the Arabs and Kurds.

(ii) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Walking is a very good exercise. When we walk in the morning, we feel fresh and it energizes us. It is important to develop good habits and a morning walk is one habit that we should have. When we take walks regularly in the morning everyday, our daily routine will also be walk organized. As the early morning environment is suitable for walking, we will also develop the habit of rising early.

(a) What is a very good exercise?

Ans:- Walking is a very good exercise.

(b) What happens when we take morning walks everyday?

Ans:- When we take walks regularly in the morning everyday, we feel fresh and our daily routine will be also be well organised.

(c) Name two benefits we derive from a morning walk.

Ans:- The benefits we derive from a morning walk are:

(i) We feel fresh.

(ii) It makes us energetic.

(d) Which environment is suitable for walking?

Ans:- The early morning environment is suitable for walking, we will also develop the habit of rising early.

11. Translate into the language as per your MIL/(IL) Subject:

(i) Man is mortal.

Ans:- (i) Man is mortal.

मनुष्य नश्वर है।

মানুহ মৰণশীল।

(ii) We should respect our elders.

Ans:- (ii) We should respect our elders.

हमे अपने बड़ों का सम्मान करना चाहिए।

আমি আমাৰ জ্যেষ্ঠসকলোক সন্মান কৰিব লাগে।

(iii) Kashmir is known as the heaven on earth.

Ans:- (iii) Kashmir is known as the heaven on earth.

कश्मीर को धरती का स्वर्ग कहा जाता है।

কাশ্মীৰক পৃথিৱীৰ স্বৰ্গ বুলি জনা হৈ।

Write a substance for the following:-

It is easy to acquire bad habit, such as eating too much food or eating too many sweets or drinking too much fluid of any kind of smoking. The more we do a thing, the more we tend to like doing it, and if we don’t continue to do it, we feel unhappy. This is called the force of habit and the fore oh habit should be fought against. Things which may be very good when only done from time to time, tend to become harmful when done too often, too much. This applies even to such good things as work or rest. Some people always remember that this is true about himself, and he checks if he has any bad habits. He says to himself, “I am now becoming idle” or “ I smoke too much”, and then he adds, “ I will get myself out of this bad habit at once.”

Ans:- It is easy to fall into any habit rather it is good or bad. Anything that is done occasionally is good but harmful if it is done too often or too much. This also applies like work or leisure or resting too much or not resting in the proper way. Some people have a habit of working too much and some people have the habit of being idle too much. Wish man always remember that this is good or true for himself , and always check whether he has any bad habits.

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